73 + Security Guard Resume Skills For Your CV 2024

resume skills for security guard resume
security guard resume skills

Applying for a new role as a security guard requires you to demonstrate your expertise in a range of skills.

The following security guard resume skills are what employers are looking for in a professional, experienced and effective security guard in a range of job roles and security situations.

From operations and administration, to analytical thinking and safety management, we list the most important security guard skills for you to add to your CV! Let’s begin!

Feel free to copy and paste any of the below skills to your resume that apply to your experience level and skills ☺️.

 73 + Security Guard Resume Skills For Your CV 2024

security guard resume skills

#1: Security Operations and Procedure

There are many different operations that security guards will undertake. If you have extensive experience, this can help your prospects of getting hired. See the list below of the security guard resume skills to see which ones apply to you.

  • Well-versed in a range of surveillance skills
  • Managing multiple tasks within set procedures
  • Responding to alarms and emergencies in line with company procedures
  • Fire inspection procedure knowledge
  • Maintains professional standards in adhering to company standards and changing policies
  • Detection of irregular activity and reporting instantly where needed
  • Track record of working in busy, fast-paced environments 
  • Well versed in facility and premises technologies
  • Enforced state and federal laws within the context of the environment
  • Planning, adjusting and managing security operations in a large team.

#2: Reporting and Administration Skills

It’s not all physical work; security guards may also need to undertake administrative duties. Show your proficiency in organizational ‘behind the desk’ work by adding some of these resume skills to your CV.

  • Maintains daily logging of incidents and activities on shifts
  • Logging equipment and property damage, theft and other unlawful acts
  • Strong working knowledge of different commercial security operations and how to report in these systems
  • Can share relevant information about the company to visitors, clients, customer, etc
  • Investigations of the incident through reading and interpreting reports
  • Creating reporting structures and procedures for a company
  • Confidential storage of sensitive information
  • Accuracy in administrative tasks
  • Ability to perform a range of in-office tasks like scheduling, communications, and reporting
  • Can interpret a range of written and verbal information on incidents.

#3: Analytical Thinking Skills

Thinking through tough situations before acting, often in a very fast way, is necessary to show that you have the mental capacity to problem solve and find the best mode of action.

  • Objectivity in situations that feel more sensitive
  • Sound judgment when complex issues arise
  • Identify areas for improvement when new procedures are needed
  • Can offer advice on creating new security camera positioning
  • Patrolling assigned areas with attention to details often overlooked
  • Adaptability to changing priorities of job
  • Vigilance in keeping discreet around suspicious individuals
  • Resolving high-pressure situations with well-thought-out mechanisms of communication
  • Assesses the situation from afar before taking strong actions
  • Identifying safety risks with diligence before taking actions

#4: Interpersonal Skills

Working with people, especially in sensitive and sometimes risky situations, means that you need to be clear, professional, and not emotionally triggered. Your security guard resume skills list should reflect these qualities.

  • Exercises strong emotional control intense situations
  • Dependable and trustworthy work ethic
  • Strong integrity with actions matching words
  • Professional written communication skills
  • Clear, direct and kind verbal communication manner
  • High ethical standards in moral considerations while making decisions
  • Upholds professionalism when dealing with aggressive behavior
  • Demonstrates ability to handle conflicts in an effective and clear way
  • Resolves conflicts and aggression with different communication tactics
  • Courteous and polite energy to clientele, staff, customers, co-workers, etc.

#5: Physical Abilities

Security guards need a strong in-person presence, so showing you have the fitness to be on the job is vital. There are a few ways you can express this on your CV, read below for some ideas to include on the skills list.

  • Upholds and proves strong physical health in regular check-ups and exams
  • Leads an active and healthy lifestyle for minimal illness leave
  • Maintains peak physical fitness in cardiovascular and strength training
  • Agile and able to be quick on the feet where needed
  • Able to work long hours and nighttime shifts
  • Experience in handling double shifts and overtime, staying clear and focused
  • First Aid and CPR Certified
  • Willing to do physically demanding tasks on the job
  • Certified in different guard-appropriate martial arts and defense techniques
  • Can use additional safety guard equipment where needed, without relying on intimidating with tools. 

#6: Safety Management Skills

In your security guard resume skills list, it’s important to show how you adhere to safety standards and can not only work effectively but also accurately and securely.

  • Manages a safe environment by being attentive to details of the surrounds before taking actions
  • Managed the safety of others by strong observation skills
  • Knowledge of safe use of firearms and usage of other security equipment 
  • Performs regular checks of emergency call boxes
  • Performs regular safety inspections of environments
  • Excellent aptitude to judge and detect imminent threats
  • Can prioritize specific threats to make a sound decision on which to act on
  • Proven ability to act quickly and effectively in emergencies
  • Does not compromise own personal safety while in a physically demanding role
  • Adjustments of security systems to ensure the safety of workers, clientele and all people involved.

#7: Training and Managing Skills

To demonstrate your capacity to lead others, and oversee operations would give you a lot of value in the eyes of a prospective employer. If you’ve had any experience in training others or managing operations, be sure to include these skills on your CV.

  • Professionalism in work to manage environments with a sense of authority
  • Can manage small and large security teams
  • Experience in training new security personnel
  • Continual updating and training in changing procedures, and communicating/training others in these undertakings
  • Delegating roles and responsibilities within a job
  • Highly visible security presence to manage the environment and actions of clientele as preventative security
  • Detecting signs of potential threats in the environment and understanding the role of additional guards to assist
  • Trained others in threat detection methods
  • Inspecting security systems and equipment to manage the best usage on certain roles
  • Managed team scheduling to create an effective workflow.

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