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Skill Success Review 2021

SkillSuccess Home Page
SkillSuccess Online Learning Platform Review

If you are looking for a Skill Success review in 2021 from an actual user, you’re in the right place!

In this review, I will dive deep into whether or not I think Skill Success is worth it. I’ll also provide a comparison of Skill Success to some of its top competitors and highlight my favorite features.

I will also show you how you can save some money if you decide to sign up for the service. Let’s begin!

Skill Success overview: In short, Skill Success is a well rounded online course provider at an affordable price with over 2,500+ online video based courses.

For those looking to learn new skills on an easy to use platform, Skill Success is a great place to start!

Overall, Skill Success is a great all-round online course provider!

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Skill Success Review 2021

What Is Skillsuccess?

SkillSuccess Home Page

In short, Skill Success is a MOOC, also known as a “Massive Online Open Course”, which is just a fancy word for the online course provider. They have been around since mid-2015. Since then, they have attracted over 500,000 students from across the globe to their 2,500+ online video-based courses.

Skill Succes Has a Good Range Of Courses

Skill Success has a comparable course catalog compared to other course providers. Their course offerings span over 100,000 video lessons in their course library.

SkillSuccess Category Pages

The most popular categories in Professional Development include business, marketing, technology, project management, career development, design, software tutorials, accounting and bookkeeping, and soft skills training.

The most popular categories in Personal Development include languages, music, emotional intelligence, leadership, learning skills, stress management, productivity, time management, health and wellness, and much more.

Quality Of Skill Success Courses

As for the quality of Skill Success courses, I would have to say they are very in-depth and easy to follow.

Each course has an instructor profile next to it with a short bio about them. It seems that there is a level of curation and instructors have to apply and be screened before their courses can be published.

Pricing Of Skill Success

One of the major advantages of using Skill Success would definitely have to be their pricing which is $7/mo which gives access to all courses, modules, and classes. It appears that they add new classes every week, which is good to see that they are up to date on the newest trends and content.

Skill Success Includes Certificates On All Classes

When compared to their competitors like SkillShare, Skill Success does provide Certificates of Completion for all of its courses, which is a huge advantage.

Below is a sample of their Certificates. They will have your name printed on each one.

SkillSuccess Certificate of Completion

So if you plan on printing out a certificate after completion for a job interview or to add to a resume, then this is a big bonus.

Just note that some of the courses are accredited while others are not, which is quite normal for online course providers.

I have seen some people add the certificate to their LinkedIn profile to improve their qualifications. Might be a good idea to do if you are looking for a job.

Skill Success Vs Udemy Vs Skillshare

For a comparison of Skill Success to other providers to see how they stack up, below is a head-to-head with two of the top course providers in the market right now.

Skill Success

  • 2,500+ courses
  • Certificate of Completion included
  • $7/mo for all courses
  • No mobile app
  • Unable to download courses but has supplemental materials that can be downloaded.



What I Like About Skill Success

Respectable range of courses: While Skill Success does have a smaller offering of courses, their range is still quite good.

They include certificates: For those in the job market and looking for certificates, this is an awesome bonus that can’t be overlooked!

Cheap pricing: Skill Success is definitely one of the cheapest online course providers out there which is great for those on a tight budget.

30-day money-back guarantee: They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it out and get a refund if it doesn’t work for you.

What I Dislike About Skill Success

No mobile apps: If you want to learn on the go, you’ll have to access the site through your mobile device’s browser. Videos can be watched that way.

Limited range of courses compared to the competition: When compared to the competition, Skill Success has a limited range of courses but at over 2,500 courses and over 100,000 videos, there’s still a ton of content to watch.

No course preview for potential users: There are no video previews of the courses which makes it harder for new users to assess whether or not it is a right fit for them.

Would I Recommend Them?

Overall, I did have an enjoyable time using Skill Success and feel confident recommending them to those looking to learn new skills online.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this Skill Success review has helped you to make an informed decision for choosing your online education path. If you would like to see more reviews, you can check out more here.

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  1. Learning new things becomes a daily habit of mine because of All Access Pass.
    Great courses, fantastic learning experience
    and I can learn anything that comes to mind. What more could I ask for?

  2. I found about Skill Success on Facebook. I started looking around their website and saw a lot of really interesting courses. I wanted to start a podcast, but i dunno where to start. So i signed up and was very pleasantly surprised! I learned so much from their podcasting courses and it was sooooo easy! It really doesnt feel robotic. I also like the fact that there are literally thousands of other courses in there! Definitely a great recommendation to anyone who would want to learn about almost anything.

  3. That’s great Clark – the subscription is a huge value for people who want to learn several subjects.
    Any favorite courses so far?

  4. Thank you Skill Success for the All Access Pass, i pat myself on the back for my decision. I initially thought of getting just one course but hey, why not? Now i’m learning new things even in public transpo, on my smartphone. How great is that?

  5. Kay – I can’t speak to SS’s policies, but another way to deal with the issue is to set a calendar reminder 1-2 days before the next renewal. It’s a little bit more cumbersome, but it also means I don’t miss out on great content if I’m in the middle of a course. Use this with streaming services that operate as you describe.

  6. Rian – I agree. Based on the current offerings, its hard to beat $7/month for unlimited access to all their courses. Most people spend more than that on Netflix!

  7. I came to read reviews before purchasing because I always check 2 things before making a purchase online, their reviews and their refund policy. Upon searching their terms for the word refund in black and white i see:
    “We have a strict no refund policy for all subscription payments made. However, we can assist in canceling Your account to prevent additional charges. Upon ending or deactivating Your subscription to Skill Success Premium, Your access to courses will end immediately.”
    No although I feel it is very wrong that they terminate access immediately when you have paid for that access AND refuse to give at a minimum the pro-rated amount back for the time they are choosing to forfeit on the users behalf most of the reviews I read were people dissing the company because they didnt bother to check the refund policy and are mad that the company followed it. As to those who truly canceled and then their money was taken anyways I say that’s truly unfortunate but kind of not surprising when you see that they state they will terminate access you paid for prior to your paid time ending when you cancel. Now thanks to my due diligence I feel that Skillsuccess is not operating within good faith parameters and because of this I am going to have to choose not to do business with them.

  8. On a roadtrip with my cousins, I saw my younger cousin watching a video. He usually plays games on his phone but this didn’t look like a video game at all so I asked him what it was and I was surprised that he was learning about project management from his phone while on a road trip! I decided to give it a go and now I’ve been so much more productive during my free idle time like when I’m on the bus to work. The best part is that it won’t have to burn a hole through my pocket because its pretty decently priced.

  9. @Gemini – they do provide certificates of completion. I’ve looked at their software courses, some were the old version but they also have the latest version. I think that’s fine because not everyone can actually afford to keep buying the latest version of each software and are still using the old ones. Unless it’s an auto-update that doesn’t require payment for the latest version. Also, it’s so ironic that you mentioned that you’re already with Udemy for 3yrs and that it’s been working for you but then you’re here looking at Skill Success reviews. Just saying! 🙂

  10. Learned of Skill Success from an ad I saw on Facebook, so glad i registered! I have learned so much since I started, and there’re still tons of courses I have my eyes on. can’t recomend this site enough.

  11. Forgive me for chiming in, but although Skillsuccess is cheaper; offering certs of course would be a bonus! However; do you know of they offer updates to their courses to you for free if there are any or is there an additional cost? Updates to the literature if you’re one of those who decided to buy into wanting the ‘books’? That’s the deal breaker for me with online courses. It’s not entirely the cost but if you’re offering up lifetime access – but the content isn’t changing then what’s the point? Udemy at least gives me that. They also do often have discounts on their courses that I’m interested in. If I happen to not have the funds to purchase the course at the moment I can add it as a favorite and get emailed when it goes on sale. I get emails when the courses I do have access to have been updated as well with new content. That’s a better investment in my career and education in my opinion and review of an app/company. I’ve been taking selective courses from them for over 3yrs. Also Future Learn – free courses from all over the world. You pay for the certifications here or can choose to take the classes for actual credits; or just learn for free no certification.

  12. Registering on Skill Success via FB ads was super easy since its just as simple as 2 steps. After registering you can now access a wide variety of courses. Will recommend to my friends and colleague definitely.

  13. I’m happy that I signed up for Skill Success. I have the AAP so I got access to tons of courses at one cost. The site is pretty easy to navigate too. Will recommend to friends and family definitely.

  14. I was just charged $228 for an annual plan because I totally forgot about this subscription but HEY! I signed up for it in the first place. So instead of being one of the “KARENS” out there complaining about why I got a charge, why I can’t get a refund, and oh it’s Skill Success’s fault (which is ridiculous because we signed up on our own. LOL), I’m taking responsibility for my actions and will just enjoy my 1 whole year of Skill Success services. Spread love and not hate! The world needs more of that now. 🙂

  15. This is the ONLY part of Skills Success that I don’t like: “Just note that none of the courses are accredited which is quite normal for online course providers..”

    I like time spent on learning to carry more weight with a potential employer, or a client. These course, while good, are not much better than reading a technical manual. IMHO

  16. Thanks for this very helpful insights and comparisons. I’ve been weighing between Skill Success and the other e-learning websites since I’m looking for a job online. It’s very hard to find work outside now due to the pandemic and learning new technical skills will really help me land a job. I think I’ll try Skill Success since they have certificates that I may add on my resume. Hopefully I’ll find a job soon! I hope you can review sites for online jobs too.

  17. Seriously people! You did not read what needs to be read and you have the audacity to complain or even make a threat to this company??!

    It’s not a big of difference compared to other subscriptions like Netflix and Spotify to name a few. When you have their trial it automatically subscribe you to whatever plan you chose when you registered.

    Anyway, I myself am a subscriber of this company. Lands me to a very good spot in the company I work for because of the skills I learned through their platform.

    I love that they have a yearly plan which saved me a ton.

    Until now, I’m enjoying the lessons because every now and then I find new courses that I’m interested in.

    So yeah, read well and decide for yourself.

  18. I’ve seen Skill Success on a Facebook Ad. Good thing I’ve read reviews here in advance. I think they’re just like the other e-learning platforms that offers subscriptions. But seems more affordable with Skill Success . I’m gonna try their trial and see how it goes, seems they have good courses in there.

  19. I have purchased single courses for lifetime access and also activated the All Access Pass plan. Their courses are offered in a simple way for learning, I learned a lot of information. I also liked the format of the class, the lessons are explained very well and the videos are clear. Their support is also ready to help 24X7. Great resource! I highly recommend it.

  20. I really liked their Basic Bookkeeping course and found it very helpful. It really explained bookkeeping basics in an easy to understand way.

  21. They have a new website now which looks great! I tried a few courses and the experience has all been wonderful for me I learned a lot.

  22. I did a research before signing up with skills success and have read a lot of reviews (good and bad) about it but I still went ahead and signed up to their trial. I was hesitant at first but I did prepare and read their terms first. They provided enough information before I signed up. To be honest, I enjoyed their courses since they have a lot of them. If you’re looking to improve your skills or to learn a new one, I’m sure they’ve got you covered. I continued my subscription with them and I’ve had no issues so far. Skill Success is a great learning platform and it’s just sad to read a lot of negative reviews about it since I’ve never encountered any issues with them. They even have a blog that covers a variety of topics.

  23. Be careful with Skillsuccess. I cancelled my account days before the trial was to end and they said they never received my online cancellation request. Now I am fighting to get my money back on their services which I no longer want.

  24. I’m just a little confused as the pricing here as it states it $49/month then again at $7/month, but the webpage says $199 per course, which is true. And then there was the not having an app for skill success, yet there is a course on how to create an app. Confused?

  25. Do you know if the site for students is secure as I recently purchased a piano course for a different provider and the student pages were not secure so I am reluctant to pay for another course, to then find out that the site is not secure.
    Many thanks

  26. Oh boy, all over the place here on the spectrum of, “oh yeah lets get started,” to “oh he11 no, not getting my money!”
    Maybe Skillsuccess.com should have a contest using their own e-learning courses for a PR rep winner to solve this e-dilemma.
    Just saying lol. I will be watching and waiting for customer service improvements before using free vs not free.

  27. I had a great experience. Recently earned certificate in PMP. Courses were more work than I expected which is good. I enjoyed the way instructor taught using real world examples.

  28. Thanks for the review. Do you know if any of the sites this course providers and their credentials? It would be good to include more on this in the review.