In March of 2021, we purchased SkillScouter from Lewis Keegan. As the new owners of SkillScouter, we’re focused on continuing to bring the same valuable, unbiased reviews and career advice you’ve come to rely on. We also intend to use our unique backgrounds to grow the site and introduce some new content.  We hope this will help you on your journey to constantly learn and evolve.

Our view is that we’re only at the very beginning of the seismic shift in how, where, when, and from whom people can learn. And while that means there’s never been more content available to anyone with a computer, tablet, or smartphone, it also presents a huge challenge to find the most valuable courses for your specific needs. Our hope is that our reviews make that easier for you.

Quickly about us:

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Marsden (Compass, x-Google, x-Goldman Sachs) has been effectively managing complex customer relationships and global teams for nearly 20 years. She has a BSSE from the University of Virginia.

Dave (x-Bridgewater Associates, x-Moody’s Analytics, x-PwC Consulting) has run large, global strategic and operational teams for the last 2 decades. He has a BSEE from Bucknell University and an MBA from NYU’s Stern School. Find him on Twitter @dklineii or LinkedIn, writing about management tactics, leadership lessons, and the evolution of online learning.

While we’ve both benefited and enjoyed the traditional university experience, we’ve also seen firsthand how online learning can benefit people in their careers and bring day-to-day enjoyment to their lives. Whether it is learning a new skill to get the next promotion, changing career direction with a new degree, getting a certificate to come out on top of a job search, or learning a new hobby for fun, it can all be found online.

But how do you find the course that’s right for you? Should you learn alone on your schedule or join a community of like-minded peers? Should you pay extra to get a certificate? What’s the true value of an online degree? While we encourage everyone to do their research to find what’s best for them, we hope you’ll consider us a trusted partner.

Here are just a few examples of readers who’ve found exactly the courses they need through SkillScouter:

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So what can you expect from us?

If you’d like to learn more, you can see our contact page, YouTube page, Facebook page, Reddit, Instagram, LinkedIn, or contact me via the form below.

Happy learning!

Dave & Marsden

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A message from Lewis Keegan is the original creator of

Three years ago, I decided to create this website as I have started to see a big shift in how people learn things and absorb information.

I myself have attended University and Colleges (at a large price) in which I obtained various degrees including:

  • Bachelor’s Degree In Teaching
  • Advanced Diploma in Building Design
  • Diploma In Event Management
  • Cert III In Business Administration

While I thoroughly enjoyed attending these classes and interacting with others, there is a large shift in how people learn.

In this day and age, new students are finding alternatives to expensive university degrees as they are becoming increasingly easy to obtain at an ever-decreasing price. Or in some cases, nothing at all.

In recent years, and more so during COVID, people who have a hunger for gaining new skills are looking to online learning platforms such as Skillshare, Udemy, Lynda, EdX, and Coursera to gain skills at a fraction of the price.

I myself am hugely passionate about learning and have self-taught myself various skills from photography, coding, HTML, PHP, web design, and even beekeeping!

Lewis Keegan skillscouter author

Because of this, I wanted to create this website and share with readers the top courses, classes, and training programs online from creative writing, AutoCAD, photography, baking, and heaps more.

During my time running SkillScouter, it was a privilege to help hundreds of thousands of people find the right course/ MOOC for their needs and budget.

Many thanks to you all. And keep learning!