Why MasterClass Makes the Perfect Gift: A Member’s Review

Why MasterClass Makes the Perfect Gift - A Member’s Review

Supply chains are backed up and it is unclear if anything you order for the holidays on Amazon will arrive in time

A gift card often feels like a great gift choice so that we know the recipient can get something they want. But have you ever wondered how many gift cards go unused each year? Roughly 50% of Americans are sitting on an unused gift card. Now, this isn’t just an unused sweater collecting dust, it is cash that is never translated into a gift or an experience. A swing, and a miss.

Is this the year you give better gifts?

Perhaps the best gift idea this year doesn’t come in a box, but rather it is an experience they won’t soon forget. And why just one experience, when it could be many? 

Like you, we put significant, time, energy, and search cycles into reading gift guides and trying to choose the perfect gift for loved ones. I feel most confident when I am able to gift something I have truly enjoyed.

Enter the MasterClass Subscription.

Instead of trying to find the perfect book, why not gift unlimited access to inspiration from the world’s best talent. We are thankful for Netflix as it helps us to “punch out” but we love the time spent with MasterClass as it nudges us to “lean in”.

Why not give the gift of learning?

Seize the opportunity to give annual membership to a learning platform that can spark new ideas in 2022.

One bonus of gifting a MasterClass subscription around the holidays is this content’s ability to enhance almost any new year’s resolution a friend might be contemplating. Given that many forget their resolutions before Groundhog’s Day we are reminded that a goal without a plan is simply a wish.

As avid users of this platform, we break down a summary of MasterClass, the ease of sending the eGift of a MasterClass Subscription, and our thoughts on inspiring courses for family members, friends, or anyone who simply doesn’t need another “thing.”

What is MasterClass? 

In short, a MasterClass gift provides access to a curated catalog of 100+ beautifully produced online classes from celebrities and luminaries in a variety of fields.

With a MasterClass subscription, members can learn cooking from Gordon Ramsay, tennis from Serena Williams, astronomy from Neil Degrasse Tyson, and acting from Samuel L. Jackson.  

They are adding new classes and instructors almost every week. From the homepage, it is easy to see which courses are trending.

And if you want to learn more about all features plus the pros and cons, check out our in-depth MasterClass Platform Review.

New MasterClass Sessions - Learn How To Bake Like A Pro With Joanne Chang

In addition, they are releasing new formats like their MasterClass Sessions which provide 30 days of results-oriented learning and direct interaction with A-list teachers.

Think singing with Christina Aguilera or creating your own baking recipes with Johanna Chang.  

This program is designed to be hands-on and focused on specific outcomes. Instead of sitting back to listen, students are actively involved, complete the 30-day curriculum and benefit from feedback to improve their skills. 

What can you learn in one month? 

Here’s another look at what they’re building:

How Can I Give A MasterClass Gift?

There is no other online learning platform out there that makes this easier. We can walk you through the process step by step.

First, visit Masterclass.com/gift or you can select the menu option for “Gift” to arrive at the Gifting Page.

Then you’ll need to select the level of subscription you’d like to gift. “Plus” is the best value given watching offline on iOS is an important feature for most people. You can skip the “Premium” unless the whole family is getting the mix.

MasterClass level of gift subscriptions

After creating an account with your email or logging in with Google or Facebook, you’ll enter the gift recipient’s name and email address.

Give A Gift MasterClass login options

You have the option of adding a personal note to help suggest a course or two that you think they may enjoy.   It is easy to set the delivery time of the MasterClass Subscription to be today or on a delivery date of your choosing (ahem Christmas morning). 

Payment can be made by credit card. Importantly, the MasterClass subscription comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The gift recipient will receive an email that walks through setting up a new MasterClass account which makes redeeming the gift a seamless process. Your loved one can be learning within minutes.

MasterClass Subscription Buy One Get One Free: The Perfect Gift for You AND a Loved One

MasterClass will periodically run a Give One, Get One promotion for its annual subscription. In our view, this gift is head and shoulders above any Black Friday deal or a new pajama set. 

Why MasterClass Makes the Perfect Gift: A Member’s Review

Keep an eye out for this special opportunity to partner with a loved one on a year of learning and get the most out of a Masterclass All-Access pass!

With a friend and accountability partner, together you could enhance your lives, and have fun making the most of your new skills:

With a partner in learning, you can encourage one another to complete the pdf workbooks that are assigned, practice the recipes, and make time each week to learn something new.

A MasterClass Gift Guide:

Given all that we have personally learned from Masterclass, we have included the suggested gift guide below. While these suggested online classes may be a jumping-off point, a MasterClass subscription allows your gift recipient to wander the virtual halls of a college campus and pop into lectures from the world’s leading talent at any time. Imagine the impact of trading a few Netflix nights for evenings of self-improvement.

Gifts for Her

Gifts for Mom: Her To-Do List is Long and Time is Short

The juggling and multitasking skills of a mom are often unparalleled. The perfect gift for her might be an opportunity to feed her own curiosity.  

Part of the beauty of MasterClass is that you can listen to a lesson while driving, on a run, or feel incredibly productive and engaged…even as you prep dinner or fold laundry.

Give her the opportunity to focus on improving sleep, setting and achieving goals with vigor, or learning a few make-up tips and self-care from Bobbi Brown herself.

Gifts For Her: The Creative Genius

Help to encourage all of her creative talents with some insights from the best. Inspire her knack for design to go to the next level.

Gifts for Her: The Athlete

For her, movement and mindfulness are medicine. Help further her love for an aspect of her life that she values deeply.

So why not be inspired by the best? As Serena says, “This is as close to a private lesson as you can get with me.”

Gifts for Her: The Entrepreneur

Think of Masterclass as the gift of unlimited access to world-class business coaches and CEOs to help take her business to the next level.

Gifts for Him

Gifts For Him: For Dads Who Love To Dabble

Unlimited access to MasterClass is perfect for the guy who loves to dabble. Never shy about trying a new hobby, improving his Manhattan, his jump shot, or his poker game.

Gifts for Him: For the Guy who is Happiest Outside

Leisure for him always requires fresh air. Inspire him to think differently about goals and fear with Alex Honnold of Free solo, smoke better ribs that will be the envy of the neighbors, and master the prep for his next overnight hike.

Gifts for Him: For the Guy Who Has a Story to Write

Help encourage him to take his hobby into focus this year. With insights and specific exercises across a range of genres, he can take the idea from concept to manuscript.

Gifts for Couples

Learning as a team dramatically increases the chances of completing a class, or testing out your new recipes for friends. This year they can prepare new dishes alongside Michelin Star chefs, gain an appreciation for the finest ingredients, and plan for Tuesday night wine tasting.

A perfect gift for newlyweds or longtime partners.

Gifts For Teens

Gifts for Teens: Who Can’t Get Enough Music

For the teen who is often humming a tune or happiest with headphones on, give them the gift of inspiration from the best. 

Gifts For Teens: Who Love Art & Have To Create

In some cases, the typical school experience may leave limited time for students to explore the arts. The perfect gift for the artistic teen could be more time spent with leading creative minds. 

Gifts For Teens: Show Them How An Interest Can Become A Career

Stoke the fire of a teen’s passion.

Today, our teens have numerous, hobbies and interests paired with access to endless information. Help further their love for gaming by learning more about design. Introduce them to leading minds on building a fashion brand or a feature film.

Perhaps instead of asking “what do you want to be when you grow up?” instead ask about the type of work or influence they hope to contribute and what they find most rewarding. 

Gifts for Grandparents

What do you give to the person who is always on top of the news, an avid reader, and the person who freely forwards you a must-see Ted Talk?

It is challenging to come up with great gift ideas. How about a new perspective on Government Leadership or embracing the world with the critical eye of an economist?

Why MasterClass Makes the Perfect Gift: A Member’s Review

Masterclass has just launched a new series: MasterClass Presents: The White House. These lessons feature Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Bush,  & Madeline Albright speaking about leadership, diplomacy, and their experiences in government.