How To Get Udemy Courses For Free (100% Working!)

how to get udemy courses for free
how to get udemy courses for free

Are you looking to learn new skills online without spending a single $1? Well, you’re in the right place!

In this guide, I will show you how to get Udemy courses for free and also how to access some premium Udemy courses too.

As an added bonus, this guide will also show courses that already have Udemy coupons applied, so you know that you are getting all the free courses at your disposal.

Let’s begin!

Step 1. Go To

how to find free courses on udemy

First things first is to head over to where we can start to search for a given topic or category. In this example, I will search for “Photography” which will give me a list of their top-selling photography courses.

This same process can also be applied to all topics on Udemy from development, business, IT, software, design, marketing, personal development, photography, and the list goes on!

What Udemy hardly ever shows are their free courses, which we will see how to find below!

Step 2. Apply Filters To Find Free Udemy Courses

Apply filter for free courses on udemy

Once you have searched for your desired topic, the next thing is to apply some basic filters. To do this, you may have to scroll down slightly and click on the button which is labeled under “Filter”.

Once you have done this, you will then be shown a full list of filters that you can apply from ratings, duration, language, topic, and also price! This section will also show you how many free courses there are for that given category.

As for photography, there are 127 free courses to choose from! ????

After you have found the “Free” option, simply click on this and any other filters. Then click on “Done” to apply these filters (see below).

Udemy filters

Step 3. Pick Your Free Udemy Course Of Choice!

Now that you have applied the above “Free” filter, you will then be greeted with a long list of free courses to choose from!

As you might also be able to see is that these free courses are extremely popular and have been taken by thousands of people. Not to mention they also have high ratings.

how to get free courses on Udemy

For an added bonus, these free Udemy courses have all of the same inclusions that a paid course would have. This means students get access to certificates, all on-demand videos, lifetime access, and TV/ mobile access.

So if you are hunting around for a Udemy coupon to get access to premium courses, this may be a better place to start!

Another interesting thing is that Udemy users can also find premium courses that teachers have made available for free.

This is done as instructors can get 1,000’s of reviews and more eyeballs on their class. Once they have built up a good reputation, they will then start charging money for the course. So to take advantage of this opportunity, get in early before they turn into paid courses.

Other Methods To Find Free Udemy Courses

While the above method is by far one of the best to seek out free Udemy courses, there have also been other reports on how to get premium courses for free.

While I haven’t used any of these methods personally, they might be worth a try if you are seeking out premium courses.

1. Contact The Course Instructor Directly

Upon doing research for this guide, there have been several instances where potential students have reached out to the course instructor directly for a 100% discount coupon code.

As you might expect, this method has a very low conversion rate as a lot of hard work, hours, and investment go into making high-quality courses. So for an instructor to give their course away for free is very unlikely.

But if you are determined, this might be worth a shot. Just don’t be surprised if you get rejected many times.

2. Seek Out Coupons On Discount Websites

Another method on how to get Udemy courses for free is to seek out coupons on discount websites. Just be warned that from my experience, almost all of these websites provide inaccurate or outdated information.

So while they might be promoting “free coupons”, they are in fact sending to an outdated link where the course is now $10. They do this as they will receive a commission on a sale if you are to purchase a course, so there are many false statements to be aware of.

To find these websites, simply search for “Udemy coupons”.

3. Visit Udemy Instructor Forums

Last but not least on my list is to jump on the forums where Udemy instructors can be found. A good place to start is Quora and Reddit where instructors have been known to give out a limited amount of free coupons in exchange for reviews and feedback on the course.

While this is rare to come across, this is still quite a good strategy.

Final Thoughts

If you have found another way on how to get free courses on Udemy, please share down below as I plan on updating this article in the coming months. You can also check out my complete review of the Udemy and their top-rated courses. Thanks for reading!