The Best Creative Online Domestika Courses in English

The Best Creative Online Courses on Domestika in English

Whether you’re looking to boost your portfolio or pick up a new hobby, learning a new skill is at the heart of creative growth. At Domestika, the largest online creative community, curious minds from around the world enjoy professionally produced courses taught by renowned creative experts in a wide range of creative disciplines. With industry-leading teachers like Sagi Haviv in design, Karmen Loh in illustration, and Facebook’s Creative Director Ji Lee in marketing, Domestika is an ideal platform to reach new creative heights. 

The courses at Domestika range from introductory courses to area-specific niches for experienced users. So, whether you want to learn Adobe software from scratch, or explore something more specific like female character design for manga, or even boost the social media presence of your freelance portfolio with the latest marketing techniques, there’s a Domestika course waiting to be discovered.

Domestika Courses in English: Top Picks & Complete List

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Domestika Courses in English: Top Picks & Complete List

Discover the best courses in illustration, craft, design, and much more with this list of top-rated courses. Get inspired by the most popular courses on Domestika or keep reading to find the complete list of courses in English.


Illustration courses to inspire your creativity 

Illustration is a world of infinite possibilities. From the classic techniques of watercolors or drawing to the digital tools of Photoshop or Illustrator, Domestika has a vast range of courses to choose from.

Architectural Sketching with Watercolor and Ink by Alex Hillkurtz

Digital Fantasy Portraits with Photoshop by Karmen Loh (Bearbrickjia)

Artistic Watercolor Techniques for Illustrating Birds by Sarah Stokes

Lighting Principles for Digital Painting by Samuel Smith

Get crafty with the best craft courses

One of the most popular categories at Domestika is craft. From making accessories from resin to creating custom garments with embroidery, Domestika is widely known for its extensive range of craft courses. Whether you’re a professional artist with a successful shop or a new creative hobbyist, you can’t go wrong.

Realistic Embroidery Techniques by Emillie Ferris

Introduction to Kintsugi: Repair Your Pottery with Gold by Clara Graziolino

Design and Build Miniature Interiors by Jessica Dance

Resin Jewelry Design by Mia Winston-Hart

Boost your professional career with marketing and business courses

With the ever-growing popularity of social media in the world of marketing, learning the tricks of Instagram and building a strong digital marketing strategy are essential tools to learn.

Instagram Strategy for Business Growth by Dot Lung

Transforming Your Creative Ideas into Personal Projects by Ji Lee

Copywriting for Social Media by Paul Anglin

E-Commerce Fundamentals: Launching an Online Store from Scratch by Ellie Rivers

Top Design Courses

Design encompasses a wide variety of fields, and the courses at Domestika cover a great number of design areas. With courses in UX design, visual branding, packaging design, logo design, and more, bringing your design ideas to life is made simple alongside professional designers.

Logo Design: From Concept to Presentation by Sagi Haviv

Presentation Design: Create a Professional Template by Katya Kovalenko

Adobe InDesign for Beginners by Jamie Sanchez Hearn

Contemporary Brand Identity: Using Verbal and Visual Branding by Michael Johnson

Learn to make animations and 3D designs 

From making fun motion graphic stickers for social media to creating 3D CGI with the powerful tools of Cinema4D and Octane Render, there is an entire universe to explore in 3D and animation.

Psychedelic Animation with Photoshop and After Effects by Klarens Malluta

3D Animation with Cinema 4D and Redshift for Beginners by Farid Ghanbari (RenderBurger)

Motion Graphics for Social Media: Create A Sticker Pack by Laurie Rowan

Digital Animation with Experimental Techniques by Danaé Gosset

Photography and video editing courses to get creative

Capturing the world around you through a lens is an art form; but learning how to film, take photographs, and edit your work with professionals is a powerful tool to have.

Lifestyle and Travel Photography by Julia Nimke

Beginner’s Photography: Basic Camera Use and Theory by Giulia Candussi

Creative Product Photography from Start to Finish by Weekend Creative

Adobe Photoshop: Beginner’s Guide for Photographers by Mikael Eliasson

Discover the top courses in typography and calligraphy

Letters have the ability to say more than words in the world of typography and calligraphy. Whether it be a meditative experience with expressive brush strokes, or an exploratory adventure by combining typeforms and animation, there’s always something new to discover.

Custom Letter Design with Procreate by Jimbo Bernaus

Shodo: Introduction to Japanese Calligraphy by Rie Takaeda

Introduction to Brush Lettering by James Lewis

Introduction to Designing with Letters by Abraham Lule

Complete List of Domestika Courses in English

With new courses posted on a regular basis, there’s always something new to learn at Domestika. Check out the rest of their courses in English here.

Domestika courses are produced in English, Spanish, and Portuguese with subtitles in many languages, so starting your next creative project has never been easier!

If you’d like to learn more, check out our full review of Domestika.