70+ Of The Best Barista Resume Skills For Your CV [Free Guide]

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barista resume skills for jobsA barista has technical abilities beyond just simple cafe drink making. Baristas are required to handle fast-paced work, multitask, and operate complex coffee machines to create high-quality beverages.

A barista resume skills list should detail these qualities, as well as additional skills, problem solving tactic, and strong customer service orientation. Be sure to include the following points on your CV.

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70 + Barista Resume Skills For Your CV!

resume skills for barista

#1: Technical Barista Skills

An effective barista should know how to operate technical equipment. The following skills are key for all baristas to have listed on their barista resume skills section on their CV.

  • Taking orders and ringing up payment
  • Well versed in POS systems and card payment procedures
  • Grinding and restocking coffee beans
  • Preparing coffee machine at the beginning of a shift in heating up and testing pour
  • Changing grind and pour times where needed to adjust espresso shots
  • Creating specialists tea and other beverages on a machine and with tools
  • Understands different coffee types and sizes customers will order
  • Steaming various milk effectively
  • Latte art technical experience
  • Creating specialty juices and smoothies.

#2: Specific Experience and Additional Skills

Referencing your past roles and other skills that you have learned, beyond just making coffee, will be valuable for your CV.

  • Food handling in preparing and serving food and snacks
  • Creating displays for stock in front-of-house areas
  • Understands and can explain the production process of coffee and the entire process 
  • Well-versed in the roasting process and decaffeination to explain to customers 
  • Can analyze the origins and flavors of coffee, demonstrating a high-level knowledge in the industry
  • Ability to steam and create different foam configurations to top the milk of specific coffee types
  • Experience in preparing coffee, cold drinks and light food as multiple roles in one shift
  • Cleaning machine and equipment at the end of the day for sterilization
  • Ability to order and restock coffee beans and related ingredients
  • Worked in a fast-paced high volume environment where efficient and accurate service was demanded.

#3: Attention to Detail

Barista resume skills lists should also mention that you pay attention to detail in your work to ensure high-quality products are being sold, and accuracy in your creations.

  • Ability to take orders for specific drink requests and note the orders accurately
  • Careful in handling cash and processing payments 
  • Measuring and mixing additional ingredient with consistency each time
  • High level of focus whilst creating drinks to ensure the best quality every time
  • Creating personalized drinks for customers with specific orders
  • Ability to handle safely the creation of drinks for customers with allergies
  • Analyses machine performance during service to ensure correct functioning in small details
  • Notices, during service, when beans and stock are running low to refill before they empty
  • Can tell the difference between 1/4 and 1/2 shot of coffee in precise measurements
  • Ability to steam milk with high accuracy each time to create glossy (and not bubbly) foam.

#4: Barista Customer Service

Working with and for people means that your interpersonal skills should be strong. Employers are looking for a friendly person with a polite and professional disposition.

  • Enthusiastic to keep high energy for work environment
  • Friendly and approachable for customers and other staff
  • Polite and patient with slow or difficult customers
  • Ability to interact with a wide range of people (socio-economic, cultural demographics)
  • Personable and outgoing to socialize in a professional, yet comfortable way to build customer rapport
  • Strong memory skills to serve regulars their orders
  • Makes connections with customers to foster longer-term customer relations
  • Remains professional and polite in conflicts to find a resolution
  • Team player in clear and constant communication with staff
  • Listens carefully for customer’s orders and additional preferences to adhere too.

#5: Barista Multitasking Skills

Your barista resume skills list will also benefit from you mentioning that you have a strong ability to multitask. This ensures that you can efficiently handle high-volume work.

  • Experience making multiple drinks whilst operating register
  • Can communicate to customers whilst making drinks
  • Ability to work under pressure and stay calm
  • Stress management skills in maintaining composure when issues arise
  • Can take orders with presence, whilst also mid-service of creating beverages
  • Ability to assist co-workers with their tasks whilst completing own work
  • Can pour shots and steam milk at the same time
  • Ability to make multiple coffees of different kinds with grinding, steaming, pouring 
  • Strong memory to recall orders and match to customers
  • Can serve customer drinks on the floor whilst working at the machine.

#6: Barista Problem Solving

Don’t forget to demonstrate your effectiveness in solving problems as they arise on your CV, explaining past experiences and how you rectified them.

  • Understands potential issues that may occur in the use of coffee machine
  • Ability to troubleshoot machine to rectify the issue
  • Experience in simple repairs of machine or equipment for beverages
  • Ability to work with others to find solutions to issues
  • Strong product knowledge to deal with issues with coffee or ingredients
  • Well-versed in a range of operational problems including power outages, water leaks, etc.
  • Stays calm and composed in the face of problems to keep customer rapport
  • Responsible for junior staff issues and resolving their mistakes
  • Maintains customer service orientation to be sure customers are happy in problem resolution
  • Details any issues and documents problems for higher management knowledge. 

#7: Barista Management Skills

If you have previous experience in managing others and delegating roles, then your barista resume skills list should include this.

  • Dependable to be responsible for operations and overseeing staff
  • Keeping track of inventory and placing new orders
  • Can work in a team and take charge when directions are needed
  • Ability to schedule shifts and manage work roster
  • Experience in training new staff on register operations
  • Experience in training new baristas with machine operations
  • Ability to both follow and give instructions working in a team-based environment
  • Manages general daily tasks and ensures all staff are accountable for their work
  • Manages opening and closing procedures
  • Documents daily reports of cash balance and can settle totals on the register, filing information accurately.