25 Proven Server Resume Objective Samples That Will Land Your Ideal Job!

server Resume Objective Samples
server resume objectives

If you are seeking out a server position at a cafe, diner, or restaurant and want some server resume objectives to add to your CV, you’re in the right place!

Below, you will find some tested and proven server resume objective statements for you to read over and choose the most relevant statement suited to your specific context and experience.

In Addition to these objective sample statements, we’ve also included some key server skills that can be included on your resume too. Good luck with your application!

25 Server Resume Objective Samples!

Server (Food & Beverage) Resume Objective

Example 1: A competent and self-motivated individual seeking employment as a food and beverage server to perform a range of tasks involved with ingredients and food preparation. Enjoys learning about beverage preparations and looking to expand on skills to continue to be a highly valued staff member.

Example 2: Looking to work in the food and beverage industry as a server to assist with the preparation and serving of dishes. Loves to work with others and alongside a competent team to ensure the best service is given to guests, keeping customer service as the number one priority in the role.

Example 3: Highly skilled hospitality worker seeking a new role as a server to perform tasks of preparing dishes in a line cooks as per chef’s procedures. Seeking to expand my capacity in an environment that offers fine dining and luxury food and beverage experiences to guests.

Example 4: An experienced individual seeking a new server position to work at a reputable business that requires exceptional customer service skills and technical abilities to understand the role of a food and beverage server. Brings years of experience in the role to prepare food in high volume and fast-paced environments.

Example 5: Seeking to obtain work as a food and beverage server position. Taking a passion for the hospitality industry into the role, along with high grades from a recently graduated course (insert relevant qualification). Works well in a team and seeking a long-term position to grow.

Example 6: Looking for a new role in the food and beverage industry as a food and beverage server to continue to learn about high-class hospitality and offer my highly organized and multi-tasking skills to the role. Listens to instructions and loves to learn.

Example 7: A friendly and positive person seeking to obtain a food server position. Brings years of experience in sanitary, safe, and high-quality food preparation, as well as well-versed in a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage creations.

Example 8: Desiring a new food server role to offer strong customer service skills and organizational ability to coordinate the tasks of other serves and cooks and offer timely and high-quality service to guests of the establishment.

Example 9: An experienced individual with a creative passion for food preparation looking to apply skills to a production line of food for both in-house service and packaged produce. Offers a calm and focused demeanor to handle high-volume work without stress.

Example 10: Expert server looking for a new role in the food and beverage department of a reputable business to take a passion for hospitality and the best service for customers in a team-based environment. Loves to work alongside others to learn from their skills and collaborate with new ideas and modern perspectives.

Example 11: Proactive food server seeking to offer high-level leadership skills to land a managerial/supervisory role in the food and beverage service industry. Ability to oversee meal production, delivery, and service schedules with more than 10 years of experience working with teams.

Example 21: A passionate individual with a love of fine foods and wine seeking to bring creativity and experience in the hospitality industry to a food server position. Applies knowledge of food preparation and plating techniques, as well as the ability to work within a team.

Example 13: Seeking a food and beverage manager position to take more than 5 years of experience in the hospitality industry to lead a team of cooks and servers. Honed skills of budgeting, scheduling, food preparation, overseeing procedures of fast-paced work, and high volume orders.

Example 14: Critical thinker and high-level problem solver seeking a server position to add value to a food and beverage team. Customer service-oriented to bring in passion to offer the best quality food and beverages, in timely service.

Example 15: A professional individual seeking a role as a server. Results-driven and self-motivated to work efficiently individually, or as part of a team. Takes knowledge of both food and beverage preparation and aesthetics to offer high-level service to guests.

Example 16: Looking to obtain a hospitality server position to develop and implement a high level of customer service for a reputable hospitality business. Certified in the foodservice industry and seeking to enhance skills in beverage preparation and service.

Example 17: Creative and passionate food server seeking to take the experience of planning bar and food menus, creating recipes, and working with a team to offer the best customer service possible. Looking for a long-term role in developing a strong relationship with a business.

Example 18: Detail-oriented food server seeking to land a management position in the food and beverage sector of a large successful company. Experience in managing kitchen operations, maintaining safe food standards, creating and adjusting recipes, and working with seasonal ingredients.

Example 19: Seeking a server position with a company that will benefit from taking on a server with more than 10 years of experience in the food and beverage industry. Expert in coordinating special events, banquet meals, and working with seasonal menus.

Example 20: Seeking to enhance my experience in fine dining as a food server, working alongside a team of professionals. 5 years of experience in the industry and a genuine passion to continue to learn and grow.

Example 21: Highly motivated individual with flexible working availability looking to join a team of food servers. Strong ability to communicate and collaborate within a team where service demands are high volume and fast-paced.

Example 22: Energetic hospitality professional looking to find a new role as a restaurant server. Loved working with people and for people, with the goal of crafting a long-term hospitality career. Listens and learns easily and is happy to be part of a growing team of passionate individuals.

Example 23: Desires a food and beverage server role to continue to grow in the field of the hospitality industry. Experienced in fine dining, bar and lounge service, and working in a kitchen for food preparation. Strong multitasking skills and open availability to work long shifts where needed.

Example 24: Seeking a position as a Server for Marriott Hotel using my exceptional knowledge of food and beverage preparation and excellent customer service etiquette to provide an above-par guest experience.

Example 25: SA Food and Beverage Server position within Outback Steakhouse utilizing my skills in handling dining areas, food and beverage service to consistently deliver exceptional customer service.

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Server Resume Skills (Additional to Server Resume Objective Samples)
  1. A committed and dedicated worker, driven by customer service success and high-quality service results.
  2. Familiar with a range of processes of handling ingredients and food preparation techniques.
  3. Experienced in beverage preparation and recipe creation.
  4. Accuracy and attention to detail every time.
  5. A responsible server of alcohol.
  6. Responsive to the needs of guests and places the highest value and priority in customer service.
  7. Multitasking expert to handle many tasks at once.
  8. Can assist with cash handling and taking orders and seating guests where needed.
  9. Qualified professional with certificates in (insert relevant hospitality qualifications you have).
  10. Ability to problem-solve with quick thinking on the spot for the best ways to deal with in kitchen and customer service issues.
  11. High-level communication skills to speak with guests in a friendly and warm tone, as well as maintain a professional composure.