The Complete Guide To Understanding What Is ELearning In [Year]

what is e-learning
what is elearning

To answer the question what is eLearning, it help to realize that eLearning has been around since 1924. However, it seems only now with the wake of a pandemic that it has drawn everyone’s attention.

eLearning, also known as online learning, digital learning, and virtual learning, is projected to have a market size of $325 billion USD by 2025.

But how did eLearning get so big, and what is eLearning?

eLearning, also known as “Electronic Learning”, is a method of delivering educational curriculum, courses, training, and lectures over the internet without the need for a physical classroom. Institutions such as schools, universities, and corporations use eLearning for educating students and upskilling workforces remotely.

Definition Of eLearning

To further refine what eLearning is, and how it fits into our world in 2024, here are some further details of online learning.

While eLearning is known by other terms such as remote learning, computerized electronic learning, remote education, online learning, virtual learning, and many more. We define eLearning as live or prerecorded lectures, classes, courses, and training that is taught over the internet via an instructor, teacher, or professor.

How eLearning Is Taught To Students & Workers

How eLearning Is Taught

Typically, eLearning content is delivered via video, but other learning methods such as eBooks, Journals, quizzes, discussion forums, Q&A sessions, and interviews are also utilized to enhance the retention of educational material.

By following this process, this removes the need for one single physical location for students or workers to attend. This enables tutors, trainers, and teachers to reach students, hobbyists, and workers globally, whether through private or public lessons.

In some cases, eLearning is also taught live via video or audio to primary, secondary, high school, college, and university students. Live eLearning classes have also become increasingly popular as it allows for real-time interaction and communication between students and teachers which one would typically see in a classroom setting.

E-Learning In The Private Industry

eLearning In The Private Industry

While eLearning is traditionally associated with schools and universities, there is also a huge demand for independent learners and hobbyists that are looking to further their career or learn a new skill. This particular sector of the eLearning industry as grown %1500 percent in that past 10 years.

Some of the biggest MOOC’s “Massive Open Online Courses” and online course providers in the industry are Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, Skillshare, CodeCademy, FutureLearn, Coursera, edX, Khan Academy, Domestika and PluralSight to name a few. Many of these course providers are also recognized by educational institutions and typically provide a certificate of completion,

Concluding Thoughts On What Is eLearning

In conclusion, eLearning is a way of delivering educational material to students, workers, hobbyists, and independent learners via the internet.

Classes, lessons, training, and courses can be taught live to students from schools and universities, or alternatively, from on-demand online course providers like edX, LinkedIn Learning, and Udemy.