73 + Warehouse Worker Resume Skills For Your CV [Free Guide]

warehouse resume skills for jobs

warehouse worker resume skillsIf you are seeking out real-world warehouse worker resume skills, you’re in the right place!

Below, you will find 70+ in-demand skills that warehouse employers are looking for on job applications.

While there are many to choose from, it is recommended to only choose ones that apply to your skill level and experience. Let’s begin!

73 + Warehouse Worker Resume Skills

warehouse worker resume skills

#1: Warehouse Worker Operational Skills For a Resume

When it comes to working in a warehouse environment, the tasks are generally physical-based and require a certain level of mobility, strength, and physicality.

To include these physical operational skills as part of your warehouse worker resume skills, if they are relevant to you, would benefit your prospect of landing that next job.

  1. Effectively handling hazardous materials 
  2. Can work and stand for long-shifts
  3. Experience in working shifts of different/demanding hours (night shifts etc)
  4. Operated power tools and handling equipment 
  5. Moving pallets by hand, electric jacks, and manual jacks
  6. Packaging different merchandise to shipment standards
  7. Shrinkwrapping products to load and store for shipments
  8. Stocking and organizing items in storage shelves
  9. Loading and unloading trucks and containers from platforms or ground level
  10. Cleaning containers, shelves, storage areas, and general operational areas

#2: Experience On-Site

When you express specific skills that you have experience in previous roles and give more information about the process of acquiring the skill, you’ll show that you know what you’re doing.

  1. Working in various warehouse environments
  2. Using forklifts
  3. Using a pallet jack
  4. Packing and stocking in various methods
  5. Receiving and signing off on shipments and goods.
  6. Experience in organizing, scheduling, and managing road transportation
  7. Experience using other technologies and machinery 
  8. Transfer of materials and products between other warehouses
  9. Experience in understanding safety and procedures for warehouse operations
  10. Usage of other warehouse equipment, e.g. Wheel rollers, dock carts, hand-held scanners, other unloading devices.

#3: Operational Warehouse Worker Resume Skills

If you’ve been working in a warehouse for some time, then you can also demonstrate your ability to manage others in these environments.

Including your operational management skills in your warehouse resume skills, lists will show that you have a quality of leadership that they may be looking for.

  • Performed regular analysis of product quality
  • Assesses systems regularly for efficiency and effectiveness, changing systems where appropriate
  • Organizing merchandise and delegation of stacking, storage, and retrieval
  • Creating logs and maintaining documents
  • Can manage others and oversee the operations of employees
  • Can communicate instructions of new systems, and train others in operations
  • Monitoring performance of new hires on their trial/probation period
  • Ensuring correct labeling and documenting of the process is being done
  • Matching quantities and items to invoice information of those being shipped, and received.
  • Annual inventory and stocktake – both completing this and overseeing staff complete this

#4: Problem-Solving Skills

Any workplace environment encounters problems, and when a great deal of stock and money is being handled in warehouse operations, problem-solving skills are key.

The following warehouse resume skills are based on how you can handle different issues that may arise in warehouse operations.

  1. Inspected and researched discrepancies of inventory
  2. Handles tracking issues
  3. Communication between different parties and companies involved in the shipment, retrieval, delivery, etc.
  4. Customer service methods of handling complaints and issues
  5. Negotiating with third-parties to find more cost-effective solutions to operations
  6. Effectively handled employee performance, laying off people where needed
  7. Loss prevention and inventory control to safeguard against problems
  8. Ability to foresee potential problems and issues before they arise
  9. Documenting damages in products and shipments
  10. Finding accountability for when issues arise and products are lost or damaged

#5: Warehouse Worker Documentation Skills

It’s not only the front-end physical labor that prospective employers are looking for, but also the back-end documentation warehouse resume skills.

Take a look below to see which of these procedural paperwork skills are relevant to you, and include them in your CV.

  1. Damage reporting procedures
  2. Monitored incoming and outgoing goods with documentation
  3. Cross-checking invoices and received goods for financial coherence
  4. Daily, weekly, monthly, and annual inventory procedures
  5. Computer-generated labeling
  6. Quality control documentation and reporting with paperwork
  7. Analysis and documenting lost, damaged, and problematic goods
  8. Occupational safety document handling, reviewing, and adherence
  9. Handling documentation of employees
  10. Scheduling shifts, shipments, stocking, etc

#6: Special Warehouse Skills

Now there are more detailed and specific skills that won’t be relevant to everyone, though can put you apart from the rest of the applicants.

Read these special warehouse resume skills below to see if any have been relevant to your experience.

  1. Experience as back-up product picker and packer where needed
  2. Can shift from one operation to another – from stacking to back-end procedure work
  3. Entering and editing inventory in a computer program database
  4. Can understand blueprints and drawings about inventory and storage
  5. Strong mathematical skills
  6. Basic computer operations for warehouse software (Excel, MS Word, etc)
  7. Maintenance of warehouse security and overseeing security procedures
  8. Overseeing employee punctuality and work ethics
  9. Can assess the cleanliness of work areas and safeguard against health risks in a warehouse environment
  10. Can re-schedule shipments and communicate with all parties involved in the process

#7: Interpersonal/Additional Skills

Working with people in different ways requires a certain degree of people skills, so be sure to include some of these additional skills on your CV.

  1. Ability to work with others in small teams
  2. Complies with different organization policies of ethics and values
  3. Clear and direct communication to third-party companies, as well as employees
  4. Friendly and open manner to be a point of contact for people to communicate
  5. Customer service experience to handle clients and any issues that may arise
  6. Attention to detail to maintain clean and effective work environments
  7. Can understand and follow instructions when delegated different roles
  8. Happy to perform any tasks needed and communicated – whether small or large
  9. Motivated and determinate to grow in this area to managerial positions
  10. Maintains strong personal health to ensure minimal sick leave is taken

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this guide on warehouse worker resume skills has helped you! To get even more skills online, you can check out my guide on the top free course providers with free certificates.