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How Much Does Skillshare Cost? (+ Hack For FREE Skillshare Courses)

skillshare cost

how much does skillshare costIn the past year, it seems that everyone is talking about Skillshare with it’s 24,000+ online courses. But how much does Skillshare cost?

And can you get it for free?

Below you will find the pricing of Skillshare, the best plans to choose, and also how to get an exclusive 1-month free trial!

Instead of beating around the bush, here is the answer.

How much does Skillshare cost? Skillshare premium comes in two payment options. The first is the monthly plan which costs $15/mo. Alternatively, Skillshare’s annual membership costs $8.25/mo billed at $99.00 for 1 year.

If you want to test the waters before spending a single cent, Skillshare also offers a 1-month FREE trial ????for their premium membership!

Activate FREE Skillshare Trial

How Much Does Skillshare Cost? “The Real Truth”

skillshare cost

Skillshare Basic Vs Skillshare Premium

When it comes to the plans that Skillshare provides, they have two different offerings which are the basic and premium plans. Ok, but what’s the difference?

In a nutshell, Skillshare Basic is the free version of Skillshare which gives users access to around 10% of their courses for free.

While 10% might not seem like much, Skillshare has over 24,000+ courses, so 10% actually equates to 2,400 free courses ????.

Yep, you read that correctly! As for the types of classes and training on Skillshare Basic, there is surprisingly a wide range of to choose from.

Some notable categories are interior design, lifestyle photography, e-commerce, UX, Facebook ads and TONS more! To view all free Skillshare classes, you can view them by going to Filters > Select Free.

find free courses on skillshare

Skillshare Premium

While the above free option is great, it is also somewhat limiting. As there are hundreds of different learning categories, the free trial only covers one slice of the pie.

So if you wanted to learn Adobe Lightroom, Illustration, public speaking, or business management, you’d be out of luck. This is where the benefit of Skillshare premium shows its worth.

skillshare premium dashboard

As mentioned above, Skillshare Premium comes in two different pricing formats, but with one having a major advantage. Let me explain.

  • Skillshare monthly costs $15/mo or $180 annually 
  • Skillshare annual plan costs $8.25/mo with $99 to be paid upfront

As you can see, the Skillshare annual plan is almost half the price. That is if you were to use Skillshare monthly for the entire year.

But what makes the Skillshare annual plan much more appealing are the special add-on perks associated with it.

Perks you say…

With every Skillshare annual subscription, users also get access to over a dozen valuable perks with such companies as Adobe, Squarespace, Shutterstock, Harvest, Invision and more!

What makes this worthwhile is that these perks are actually beneficial to someone starting their own business. Below are just a few that are included.

skillshare premium perks

Skillshare 1-Month FREE Trial

For those who are wanting to try out Skillshare premium, but not exactly sure whether it’s right for you, then you’re in luck!

Much like Netflix, Skillshare offers a 1-month free trial with no strings attached to let potential users get a feel for the service. If you find it’s not the right fit for you, simply cancel anytime within the 1-month time frame, and it won’t cost you a cent!

The only thing you will need is a credit card to activate the trial. So as long as you cancel within the 1 months (see below), your credit card won’t be charged at all.

Activate FREE Skillshare Trial

So hypothetically, users taking the free trial could take the courses they wanted, then simply cancel.

Another advantage of using the free Skillshare trial is that users also get access to the perks mentioned above ????. So in some instances, the free trial would be putting money back in your pocket!

Is It Easy To Cancel Skillshare?

Yes it is, if you know where to look. To cancel your premium or free Skillshare membership, you can do this by clicking on the avatar icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

From there, then go to Account Settings > Payments > Cancel Membership > Continue with the cancellation of membership.

One thing to also look out for is the “Continue cancellation of membership”, which appears after you have selected “Cancel membership”.

Many users get tripped up here as they think they have canceled, but there is an extra prompt to click, which is quite sneakily placed down the bottom. Below is a screenshot of how to complete the cancellation.

cancel skillshare membership

Is Skillshare Worth It?

In my opinion, yes! I am a current paying user of Skillshare premium and love the service as a creative outlet to learn new skills, and even upskill for my own job.

For more information on this learning platform, you can see my review of Skillshare.

Hopefully, this article on how much does Skillshare cost covered all your questions. If you have anything else you would like to be answered, please let me know down below! To learn more, you can see my ultimate guide on the top online courses with free certificates.

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  1. It appears you no longer have the monthly payment option. Annual billing only. Also the trial is a week long now – used to be a month.

  2. Skillshare is a rip off. I signed up for a trial and they charged me. You can find better in almost everything they have on youtube for free.

  3. Hi Lewis, I can’t find a two month free trial! It comes up with a two week free trial instead? Do you have a link to the two month free trial please? Thanks Janine

  4. I appreciate that Lewis, I was just on skillshare but couldn’t find any prices, ANNOYING.

    SO thanks for the low down.