2024‘s 70+ Hostess Resume Skills For Your CV [Free Guide]

hostess resume skills

hostess resume skillsWhen you’re updating your hostess resume skills list for your CV, it’s vital that you include a range of different skill categories. 

This will demonstrate to prospective employers that you have a wide range of experience in areas from operations and management, to customer service and time management.

Take a look below at this helpful list of Hostess skills, and use the relevant points on your CV.

2024‘s 70+ Hostess Resume Skills For Your CV

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#1: Procedures and Physical Skills

Being well versed in different operational procedures is important for employers to read in your hostess resume skills list. Everything from opening and setting up the dining area, to closing procedures and cleaning tasks may be expected of a hostess.

  • Greeted guests and crossed checked reservations
  • Directing guests to assigned seats
  • Stocking tables with utensils and dining ware in specific display requirements
  • Liaise with kitchen staff about orders and time management
  • Manages cashiering stations and processes payments
  • Reviews daily stock levels at the end of day
  • Assessing checklists at the start of a shift for correct opening procedures
  • Dining room and common spaces preparatory work as part of the opening
  • Assisted setting up of small and large planned events
  • Skilled in reservations scheduling

#2: Certifications and Specific Experience

If you have certifications in any relevant areas in the foodservice industry, it would be valuable for you to these on your CV. Additionally, refer to specific past experiences when detailing the skills you have.

  • Certified in Hospitality and Food Service
  • Certified in Customer Service Skills
  • Certified in Restaurant Inventory Management
  • A degree or certificate in Business Management
  • Experience as Assistant Restaurant Manager
  • Experience as Hostess in luxury establishment 
  • Extensive experience in the fine dining industry
  • Alcohol serving certified and extensive knowledge in a range of beverages
  • Administrative experience and expertise in MS Office skills
  • Fluent in multiple languages.

#3: Hostess Management Skills

When working in a team, it’s important that a hostess can work with, or manage others. Below are some key management-based hostess resume skills.

  • Focus on achieving company goals and managing environment of co-workers
  • Creating shift schedules for the crew in different areas (bar, floor, kitchen)
  • Orients and trains new staff, where necessary
  • Coordinates dining staff to suitable areas of seating for their expertise
  • Conducts pre-shift meetings and post-shift debriefs
  • Schedules interviews for new applicants and runs interviews
  • Evaluates staff performance regularly
  • Promotes sales and marketing of the establishment
  • Liaises with the kitchen to create special offers
  • Manages small and large teams during shifts.

#4: Hostess Communication Skills

A polite and professional manner is required for all hostesses. Being in front of the house and welcoming guests is a key part of your role, so ensure that you express this proficiency on your CV.

  • Greeting guests with a welcoming and professional manner
  • Escorting guests to tables promptly and providing them with menu
  • Strong memory skills to communicate daily specials
  • Prepared to answer questions about the menu and specific food and beverages
  • The team focused to keep open and clear communication channels between staff
  • Ability to anticipate and address the needs of guests in a timely and friendly manner
  • Genuinely thanks guests for attending establishment upon leave
  • Adjusts to guests preferences and specific requests where possible
  • Pleasant energy and calming presence in the company of all guests in high-volume situations
  • Fosters relationships with guests to encourage returning customers by referencing names and being present throughout service.

#5: Attention to Detail

Maintaining a clean, organized and flowing environment with many guests means that a hostess resume skills list should include points about being attentive to details.

  • Inspecting dining room serving stations for sanitation
  • Assessing the dining area for consistent setup design before opening to guests
  • Checking supplies on tables throughout shift to ensure everything remains stocked
  • Conducts audits for different seating allocations and sections
  • Checks ingredient quality before and during shifts
  • Cross-checks working condition of equipment before shifts
  • Ability to multitask while keeping a high quality of service and presence
  • Thorough in scheduling reservations to ensure no double bookings
  • Accuracy in bill calculation and collection with a high level of numerical understanding 
  • Inspecting dining area floors, seats, windows, and other subtle areas for tidiness.

#6: Hostess Time Management

To schedule reservations, handle guest seating times and manage your own priorities in your tasks means that as a hostess, you need to have effective time management skills.

  • Assigning work tasks to others keeping in mind time restraints
  • Organizing dining room workers to find the most efficient use of their skills
  • Navigates areas of the dining room to be present to guests to require more urgent assistance 
  • Seats guests with reservations with haste as soon as they arrive
  • Circulates all areas to oversee timely service of food and beverages
  • Plans seating arrangements before service to ensure the most efficient flow of guest changes
  • Monitors flow and queue for walk-in guests
  • Ability to juggle multiple tasks while prioritizing most immediate
  • Providing accurate wait times to guests
  • Punctual and reliable in being early and on-time to all shifts.

#7: Memory and Analytical Thinking

Another value skillset to include on your hostess resume skills list is your ability strong analytical thinking and memory.

  • Ability to keep calm and efficient in a fast-paced environment 
  • Stays objective in the face of problems to effectively find solutions
  • Emotional maturity to remain professional when conflicts arise
  • Navigates dining area to formulate best workflow and prioritization of service
  • Goal-oriented, working with the company to reach growth-goals
  • Experience in overseeing scheduled breaks and shift times for workers
  • Customer service skills of remembering names and faces of regulars
  • Remembering orders and preferences when communicating to the kitchen 
  • Immediately addresses all concerns with customers, formulating solutions on-the-spot
  • Remembering specials, meal ingredients and other information for each shift.

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