71+ Of The Best Photography Resume Skills For Your CV [Free Guide]

resume skills for photography job

photography resume skillsPhotography is an artistic career path that needs a high-level skill set to create beautiful imagery.

When applying for jobs, you’ll need to express certain skills on your photography resume skills list so that potential clients and employers understand that you have the experience and expertise to be a great candidate.

Below is a valuable outline of different photography skills categories that will be a beneficial reference point when writing your CV.

71+ Photography Resume Skills For Your CV

photography resume skills

#1: Photography Technical Skills

Your CV should include specific photography resume skills that show your technical capacity. Outline your expertise in cameras, lighting, equipment and editing technology.

  • Digital imaging skills on various platforms
  • Well-versed in the usage of editing software
  • Understands the use of DSLR camera equipment 
  • Image manipulation in different programs for touch-ups and enhancing
  • Printing small and large, for personal or commercial imagery
  • Expert knowledge in lenses
  • High-resolution imaging and editing skills
  • Handling electronic images and storage
  • Familiar with ISO Speeds, shutter speeds and frame rates
  • Vast knowledge in hardware such as cameras, lenses, tripods, and lights.

#2: Photography Composition Skills

To have a keen eye for the composition of photos is one of the vital qualities needed for effective photographers. The points below are ways that you can express this skill to your potential employers on your application.

  • Can think deliberately and intelligently about framing a shot
  • Experienced in understanding natural light sources and composition
  • Great eyesight
  • Creates balance in imagery through understanding color and composition
  • Indoor lighting used to create different effects
  • Tasteful sense of design
  • Formatting imagery to suit a particular context of a photo
  • Understands different shapes and textures in how they translate in photos
  • Experienced in composition involving many people
  • Nature and landscape experience in the composition of natural spaces.

#3: Business and Administration Skills

Photography resume skills aren’t just based on creative and technical qualities, but also administrative skills are needed. Most photographers need an understanding of documenting and managing paperwork, especially if you’re a freelancer looking to contract your work to companies.

  • Can handle marketing tasks to promote business
  • Strong networking skills, both written and verbal
  • Well-versed in sales procedures
  • High level of customer service skills
  • Can understand and manage contracts
  • Understanding of copyright law and stores important documents
  • Very well organized to keep all contracts, documents, and agreements on file
  • The entrepreneurial mindset of self-confidence and assured energy when promoting work
  • Timely presentation of work after editing 
  • Basic accounting skills needed for freelance business handling.

#4: Attention to Detail

Precision and attention to detail are necessary for photographers to have in their work. The points in this category are different ways that you can express that you are meticulous and careful in your work.

  • Can analyze the background of locations for potential composition issues
  • Ability to take in the environment inside and outside to notice small lighting or color blocks  
  • Meticulous in retouching
  • Precise use of software to edit and reformat pictures
  • Ability to reframe pictures to ensure details are all flowing and set up well for the desired effect
  • Strong eye for colors and tones that work in photo compositions
  • Patience in editing and retouching process to be most effective
  • Listens intently to detailed requirements of the job
  • Ability to understand the finer details of the preferences of clients
  • Can find small, interesting details in environments to create and capture unique imagery.

#5: Photography Interpersonal Skills

Working with people, or for others, means that interpersonal skills need to be referenced on your photography resume skills list also. Your abilities to work in a team, communicate clearly, and maintain assertive energy are all valuable qualities to convey on your CV.

  • Confidence to self-promote and market your own work
  • Direct and clear communication to ensure the vision is understood
  • Ability to give direction to models, or the general public who are in composition
  • Strong verbal communication skills with clients to ensure everyone is involved in creating process, editing included
  • Ability to resolve conflicts or disagreements professional and in a friendly manner
  • Written communication skills
  • Consistent in keeping positive energy and communication
  • Ability to work within a team to co-operate and co-create imagery
  • Confidentiality in communications where needed
  • Assertive, yet kind manner when communicating with clients.

#6: Photography Law Knowledge

Working in a variety of settings, with marketing and models, or public spaces means that a photographer needs sound knowledge of copyright and public laws relevant to their work.

  • Understands copyright laws of different variations
  • Ability to analyze copyright laws for certain situations
  • Researches contracts suites to the context of job
  • Can create and manage disclosure agreements
  • Worked with entity establishments
  • Social media management and knowledge of policies
  • Understands different law requirements for landscape, people, public and other lifestyle shooting
  • Upholds the protection of your work, as well as clients
  • Works with agreed confidentiality of clients
  • Can re-create and agree upon different contracts for different roles within one job.

#7: Specific Photography Experience

Your photography resume skills list can also refer to past jobs and specific examples to show that you are experienced in this industry. 

These are some examples of specific skills and experience that may be relevant for you to include.

  • Experience in a range of flash photography jobs
  • Lifestyle photography experience
  • Portrait and close up photography
  • Wedding and special occasion photography
  • Studio design and imagery experience
  • Website development and imagery
  • Consulting for individuals and businesses
  • Branding for different companies
  • Price setting for individual work and consulting price setting for company imagery 
  • Moving and other digital photography experience