Top 11 Free Best Online Crochet Classes & Courses

Best Online Crochet Classes amp Courses Top 11 Free Best Online Crochet Classes & Courses

Free Best Online Crochet ClassesCrochet can look complex and difficult, but when you learn step-by-step through expert guidance, you’ll realize that anyone can learn to crochet, even you!

In this guide, I cover some of the best free online crochet classes in 2024 which are suited for complete beginners, or those with some prior experience.

As an added benefit, many of these online crochet classes can be taken for free in the comfort of your own home. Let’s begin!

Top 11 Free Best Online Crochet Classes & Courses 2024

1. Modern Crochet 101: Create a Pair of Fingerless Mitts (Skillshare)

Course: Modern Crochet 101: Create a Pair of Fingerless Mitts

First on my list is a great introductory online chrochet class that will teach you how to crochet your very own pad of fingerless mitts, from start to finish! As an added bonus, no experience is required to complete this course and welcomes all students.

Jess Coppom is your teacher for this short-course who is also the founder of the popular DIY blog site In her work, she shares her free crochet patterns for many different projects and is truly passionate about crochet.

Some of the main topics covered in this course include how to choose the yarn and hook, how to complete a basic chain and single crochet stitch, and how to complete the project of creating your own mitts. There is also a class discussion area where you can upload photos of your work to get feedback and any tips.

As for the price of this class, there is none! Currently, Skillshare is running a 1-month free trial where you can take this course and 29,000 others with no strings attached. Sign me up! Overall, one of the best online crochet classes for beginners!

  • 8 video lessons
  • 1 hour and 11 minutes of video content
  • 939 people have taken the course
  • Perfect for pure beginners
  • Class projects
  • Discussion area for students to get feedback

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2. Crochet Basics: From Skein to Scarf (Skillshare)

Crochet Basics: From Skein to Scarf

Next on my list is another great online class that will walk you through the simple stitching skills you need to create a beautiful and fun scarf. Also with this class, no prior experience with crochet is needed, just an open mind ????.

As for your teacher, you will be led by Connie Lee Lynch, who is a certified CYC crochet instructor and designer who loves all artistic forms, but particularly crochet. Connie has also helped 1,000’s of students learn to crochet and has 4 other classes available.

In total, there are 20 bite-sized modules in this 2-hour class that will guide you through how to select your yarn, understanding tools, crochet methods, holding your yarn and hook and techniques of slip knots, chain stitches, weaving, and double crochet to name a few. During these lessons, you will also be creating a scarf that brings all these skills together.

Again, being hosted on Skillshare, you can take this online crochet course plus the dozens of other crocheting classes when taking advantage of their 1-month free trial!

  • 12 video lessons
  • 2 hours and 2 minutes of content
  • 826 people have completed the course
  • Suited to beginner level students.

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3. Crochet Basics – Learn to Crochet Within a Week! (Udemy)

Course: Crochet Basics - Learn to Crochet Within a Week!

In this online crochet class, you will begin your crochet hobby by learning how to make simple shapes like a circle, flower, spiral shell, and even hearts. For those that are daunted by learning to crochet, this is a great place to start as it covers some of the easiest shapes and patterns.

Your instructor for this 2.5-hour class is Esme Liliom, who loves to share her passion for crochet, and has decades of experience which makes her a great, and patient, teacher.

In these on-demand video lessons, you will learn the basic crochet stitching, how to read chart signs, and all the methods and techniques you need to know to create a granny square, spiral shell, a flower with petals, triangle, heart and filet blocks.

Overall, this is a great starting point for those that are seeking an easy to follow and simple introduction into crocheting. There is even a certificate of completion available too!

  • Best Selling course on Udemy
  • 4.5 rating out of 5
  • 1,575 people have enrolled in the course
  • Great for beginners
  • 2 hours and 16 minutes of content
  • 25 video lectures
  • Certificate of completion


4. How to Crochet (Bluprint)

Course: How to Crochet

Moving on to my next pick is a condensed class that will walk you through the basic stitches and crochet techniques. By learning these methods, students will learn how to make flat and round designs as you learn how to create a simple crochet basket.

Meredith Crawford Cowser is your teacher for this online crochet class who loves sharing crochet skills to beginner students to pass on her passion for this craft. Meredith is also the author of the book “Crochet with One Sheepish Girl“.

In 7 short videos, you’ll be guided through a round and flat technique, how to make a cute crochet basket, and how to weave in the yarn tails to complete your design.

Hosted on the platform Bluprint, this course is among many more tutorials that focus on lifestyle topics, crafts, and arts for any level of learner who is seeking to start a new hobby, or enhance their skills.

  • Beginner level students
  • 7 video lessons
  • A short simple course at 36 minutes long
  • Free course with the Bluprint platform trial.


5. The Ultimate Course for Beginner and Intermediate Crochet (Udemy)

Course: The Ultimate Course for Beginner and Intermediate Crochet

In almost 3 hours, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of the art of crochet, without any prior experience needed at all. Intermediate crochet students can also join this course to brush up on specific stitches and skills.

Rita de Maintenon is the teacher for this short course, who has over 40 years of experience teaching various topics. She has 4 courses available online and has taught many in-person workshops, as well as authored her first crochet book “Heritage Crochet in a New Light.”

Key techniques that are covered in this online course include foundation chain, the ideal tension, single, health, double and triple crochet stitching, and how to keep edges clean and tight. Additionally, there are extra modules on practice shells, clusters, round and square patterns.

This online crochet course is currently available on Udemy for a one time purchase which includes lifetime access, download resources, and a certificate of completion. To get this class on sale, check out my guide here.

  • 4.5/5 rating from past participants
  • 1, 255 students have enrolled in the course
  • 36 video lectures
  • 2 hours and 56 minutes of content.


6. How to Crochet (Creativebug)

Course: How to Crochet

In this 2-part online crochet course, you’ll learn everything you need to understand to get started in the art of crochet, as well as have the opportunity to create new, advanced skills for students who already have a crochet hobby.

Carla Scott is the instructor of this course, and she is also the Executive Editor of Vogue Knitting International, as well as the Editor in Chief of Knit Simple. She’s been in the knitting-by-hand industry for more than 30 years.

Starting with foundational sticking skills, you’ll gain an understanding of the basics of crochet, before moving onto advanced methods of changing colors, as well as decreasing and increasing stitches when you choose. Learn how to read crochet patterns so that you can take his knowledge with you as you continue your love of crochet art.

Creativebug is an online craft learning platform that gives you unlimited access to thousands of crafting classes when you sign up for one of their subscription offerings. Overall, this is one of the best online crochet classes for those who want a quick introduction to the topic.

  • 49 minutes of content
  • 2 part-easy to follow course
  • Suited to both beginner and advanced crochet students
  • Be taught by a crochet expert who’s been in the industry +30 years.


7. Beginner Crochet Class 1 (Creativebug)

Course: Beginner Crochet 1

It’s possible to learn the basic crochet stitches under 25 minutes, which this online course gives you those exact skills to begin your crochet hobby in a simple course format.

Taught by Cal Patch, the course is one of the many artists that Creativebug highlights on their platform as an expert in her field. She’s been designing and teaching textile-based art for almost 30 years.

You’ll covet the techniques of making a slip knot, chain stitches, single, double and triple stitching, and how to finish off the crochet line of stitch, or the entire design, in a clean and effective way.

Hosted on Creativebug, this course is one of many different crochet tutorials on the online learning platform. Created to inspire all levels of craft-lovers, the platform seeks to offer high-quality tutorials in almost any artistic style you can think of.

  • Great for pure beginners
  • HD-quality video
  • Short 22-minute course
  • Need smooth yarn and crochet hook.


8. Crocheting for Beginners with Crochet Projects (Udemy)

Course: Crocheting for Beginners with Crochet Projects

Run through basic crochet methods to get ready to compete for your first crochet project of a fall/winter set of gloves, leg warmers, and a cute beret.

Agnes Ferenczi is your instructor for this online crochet class, which is one of two that she offers on Udemy. She has a passion for creating online tutorials on additional subjects like video editing and web design too.

You’ll gain the knowledge of the essential skills needed to create the project, from single, double, and triple stitching, to advance techniques of shell, moss, and raspberry stitches, plus more.

Udemy is the learning platform that hosts this course, among more than 150,000 more tutorial courses on a range of topics from arts and crafts, to technology and business skills.

  • 665 people have enrolled in the course
  • 26 video lectures
  • 2 hours and 51 minutes of content
  • Beginner level students
  • Requires yarn, crochet hook, sewing needle.


9. Crochet the Pulsing Prism Afghan (Bluprint)

Course: Crochet the Pulsing Prism Afghan

The blanket you’ll learn to create is designed by ’10 Hours or Less Designs’ and is great for pure beginners who want to create their very own crochet project.

Vanessa Vargas Wilson – also known as ‘the Crafty Gemini’ on her popular YouTube channel, teaches art-based skills from sewing to crochet to knitting and embroidery plus more. She’s been featured on the PBS show, ‘Knit and Crochet Now.’

Some of the methods you’ll learn to create the granny-inspired blanket include how to count stitches, making a chain ring and working with round and changed colors, and how to edge and weave the ends to finish.

This online course is hosted on the Bluprint online learning platform, which is a subscription-based video-on-demand learning platform for every level of a student looking to learn new skills in their area of crafting and lifestyle interest. Overall, this is one of the best online crochet classes on this list!

  • Great for beginner students
  • 3 short video lessons
  • 34 minutes of guided content
  • Create an entire blanket by the end of the course.


10. Crochet for the Absolute Beginner (Skillshare)

Course: Crochet for the Absolute Beginner

In just under an hour, you’ll work your way up through the skills you need to learn the technique of how to use gauge swatches and why they’re so important for your future crochet projects.

Your instructor is Kimberly Caldwell, an avid crochet artistic who currently offers two beginner crochet courses on Skillshare.

Methods that you’ll learn in this online crochet course include slip knots and chain stitching, single and double crochet, and eventually, explore gauge swatches as your class project.

The online learning site Skillshare hosts this course, which is one of almost 30,000 courses offered by expert-teachers on a range of topics. Learn business tools to artistic forms on Skillshare in both free and paid formats.

  • 7 video lessons
  • 59 minutes of content
  • Perfect for absolute beginners
  • 242 students have taken the course.

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11. Additional Offering – Tutorial-based website ‘Crochet School’ (Craftyminx)

Additional Offering - Tutorial-based website ‘Crochet School’

There are 23 lessons in total offered at Crochet School, which is an entirely free course (with an option to make a donation at the end if you decide).

Found on, Crochet School is led by Dana Beach, who owns this craft blog that shares tips and techniques for many different art projects, mostly based on crochet and knitting, but also offers many other styles too. Perhaps quilting is more your speed?

You’ll learn the following techniques in the course (among more):

  • Crochet hook basic methods
  • Understanding how to use yarn
  • 6 different basic chain stitches
  • How to increase and decrease
  • Working with texture, creating rounds and granny squares
  • How to read and work with patterns
  • Blocking and seaming
  • Common mistakes
  • And more!