65+ Of The Best Online Course Websites Compared

list of the best online course sites
online course websites

If you are after a MASSIVE comparison list of the best online course websites in 2024, you’re in the right place!

And when I say massive, I really mean it!

Below, you will find a huge comparison table of all the top online learning sites that offer high-quality video courses, cohort-based courses, live classes, workshops, training, and even degrees.

As an added bonus, many of these sites allow you to take many of their courses/ classes for free with no upfront cost. Let’s get started!

65+ Of The Best Online Course Websites In 2024 [Free + Paid]

list of online course websites compared

Side note: I have tried my very best to find all the online learning and course websites in 2024. However, if I have missed any, please let me know in the comments.

As for online universities such as Berkeley, MIT, eCornell, etc. These can be found in many of the below tools that combine online educational universities and colleges.

The below table compares the number of courses available, strengths, included certificates of completion, and the price of each online course website.

29,000+Design & Business30-Day Free Trial
LinkedIn Learning
15,000+Programming & Business1-Month Free Trial
Skill Success
1,000+IT & Finance $7/mo (Exclusive deal)
100,000+Design & ProgrammingFree - $249
3,500+Engineering & ProgrammingFree - $79
Synthesis School5+Ambitious Kids$127/mos for weekly sessions
80+Lifestyle & Arts$180/ year
60+Math & Science7-Day Free Trial
1,000+Art & Design$15 - $100
1,500+Arts & DesignFree - $199
2,500+Engineering & ProgrammingFree - $349
2,400IT & BusinessFree - $379
Fiverr Courses
50+Marketing & SEOFree - $300
30+IT & AIFree - $1500
Lambda School4+Data Science & Web DevelopmentFree + 17% of 2 years Salary, Capped at 30K
Khan Academy
2,000+Maths & ScienceFree
1,350+IT & ScienceFree & Paid
300+Web Design & Game Dev7-Day Free Trial
700+Coding & ProgrammingFree
Google Digital Garage
130+Digital Marketing & Business Free
860+Engineering & HumanitiesFree - $5,000
100+Python, Java, Go, C++Free - $19/mo
200+Tech & Programming10-Day Free Trial
100+Business & EconomicsFree
Shaw Academy
50+Design & Business$69/mo
100+IT & Big Data$79 - $3,500
330+Programming & Data Science $25/mo
Justin Guitar
Microsoft Learn
30+Azure & Programming Free + Paid
900+Blockchain & BusinessFree - $20
1,000+Arts & Crafts$7.95/mo
1,000+HR & Development$20/mo
100+UX & Data Science$2,000+
50+Coding & ProgrammingFree
Hubspot Academy
Career Foundry
10+UX & Data Analyst$2,000+
CBT Nuggets
270+Programming & Law$50/mo
University Of The People
100+Business & Computer ScienceFree
200+Languages $9/mo
30+Web Design & Coding$149+
10+Coding & Design$160/mo
PHP Kingdom
25+PHP & UI$400+
Facebook Blueprint
400+Facebook MarketingFree
1,200+Web Design$16.50/mo
1,200+Cake Making$29/mo
100+Web Dev & DesignFree
Academic Earth
500+Business & MarketingFree
40+Mindfulness $599/yr
Oxford Home Study
290+Business & Finance Free - $1,000
Cognitive Class
100+Data ScienceFree
Code Avengers
General Assembly
20+Web Development$1,000+
5+Web Development$1,000/mo
Maven100+Creator Economy$500-$3,000/course
Reforge12+Entrepreneur$2,000/yr for 2 courses
Section420+MBA Alternative$995/yr unlimited classes
On Deck3Founders$5,000/yr course + community
AltMBA1Leaders$4,450/ 1 mos course

My Favourite Top 5 Online Course Websites

As you can see from the above comparison table, there is an endless amount on online course sites to choose from. So if you are after some recommendations, here are my favorite picks.

1. Skillshare

Screen Shot 2020 07 20 at 4.17.40 pm 65+ Of The Best Online Course Websites Compared
  • Price: 2-week free trial 
  • Courses available: 28,000+
  • Certificate of completion: No
  • Best for: Designers, entrepreneurs, coders, creatives

First on my list is Skillshare which offers well structured and informative on-demand video classes that are made in-house and by their members. Since it’s inception in 2010, Skillshare has gained 8+ million students and hosts over 28,000 lessons.

Some of the many categories that Skillshare covers include design, writing, business, web development, knitting, photoshop, PHP, illustration, and cooking to name a few.

So whatever you are into, there is sure to be a class for you!

Currently, new users can try the service for free when activating their 2-week free trial! Overall, a great online course website that has a bit of something for everyone.

2. LinkedIn Learning

Screen Shot 2020 07 20 at 4.17.49 pm 65+ Of The Best Online Course Websites Compared
  • Price: 1-month free trial 
  • Courses available: 15,000+
  • Certificate of completion: Yes
  • Best for: Programmers, coders, business owners, management

Next on my list is LinkedIn Learning (previously known as Lynda.com) which has been educating students since 1995. Since then, they have helped to upskill millions of students from over 69 countries.

Unlike Skillshare, LinkedIn Learning only has courses taught by their handpicked teachers, with no community-driven content. While this does result in fewer classes, the overall quality is outstanding!

Some other great benefits of LinkedIn Learning are their extensive learning paths, industry-leading tutors, ability to add courses to LinkedIn profiles, and a certificate of completion.

So if you are a job seeker, or are looking to change careers, LinkedIn Learning is a great starting point.

3. MasterClass

Screen Shot 2020 07 20 at 4.18.25 pm 65+ Of The Best Online Course Websites Compared
  • Price: $180/yr
  • Courses available: 80+
  • Certificate of completion: No
  • Best for: Designers, enthusiasts, hobbyists, creatives

When compared to the other online course websites in this guide, MasterClass looks pretty average on paper. In total, they only have 80 classes and don’t provide any certificates. So what’s the deal?

What really sets MasterClass apart from the rest is that their instructors are considered the best in the world.

As of writing this, MasterClass currently has classes taught by Tony Hawk, Usher, Pen & Teller, Serena Williams, Steve Martin, Samuel L. Jackson, Natalie Portman, Martin Scorsese, and Stephen Curry to name a few.

So if you are looking to learn skills from the best of the best, you can’t go past MasterClass.

4. Udemy

Screen Shot 2020 07 20 at 4.17.57 pm 65+ Of The Best Online Course Websites Compared
  • Price: Free – $249
  • Courses available: 100,000+
  • Certificate of completion: Yes
  • Best for: Designers, programmers, coders, artists

For those looking for a massive list of online courses that cover almost every category, Udemy is the place to be. Founded in 2009, Udemy has helped 50+ million students gain new skills and jobs.

Unlike many of the other course providers on this list, Udemy courses are completely crowdsourced much like YouTube. While this does result in more courses and categories, content can sometimes be hit and miss.

However, for large categories such as programming, coding, business, and software, Udemy course content is top-notch. Even companies like Mercedes Benz, General Mills, Adidas, Booking.com, and VW use Udemy for upskilling their workforce.

So for a huge range of online courses and affordable prices, Udemy is a great contender.

5. edX

Screen Shot 2020 07 20 at 4.18.08 pm 65+ Of The Best Online Course Websites Compared
  • Price: Free – $340
  • Courses available: 2,500+
  • Certificate of completion: Yes (for a price)
  • Best for: Computer networking, IT, business, humanities, arts

Next on my list is edX which brings some of the best professors and universities in the world, and makes it accessible to anyone. To make this even better, many of their courses can be taken for free!

As of writing this, edX has partnered up with dozens of universities and businesses from MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, Boston, IMB, and Microsoft for delivering free online courses.

How it works is that many of these institutions have shared their online lectures and course curriculum to students all around the world. So anyone can receive a high standard of education.

While 1,000’s of their courses can be taken for free, if you are looking to get a certificate, you, unfortunately, will have to pay for this. Nonetheless, still one of the best online learning websites!