70+ Of The Best Office Manager Resume Skills For Your CV [Free Guide]

skills to include on office manager resume

office manager resume skills If you are seeking out in-demand office manager resume skills to add on your CV, you’re in the right place!

Below, you will find several different categories that employers look out for in the screening and interview process for office managers.

Feel free to copy and paste any of the below skills to your own resume that apply to your experience. Let’s begin!

 70 + Office Manager Resume Skills For Your CV 2024

70 + Office Manager Resume Skills For Your CV

#1: Planning and Operational skills

The following points are examples of office manager resume skills that any new employer would be looking for when it comes to operational ability.

  • Coordinated and organized office operations in high-volume working environments
  • Built daily, weekly and monthly work schedules for different teams
  • With performance feedback and annual appraises, found new approaches and systems for employees
  • Decreased turnover of staff through clear communication, operations and expressing feedback to staff
  • Delegates roles based on the individual strengths of administrative assistants
  • Office duties such as supply inventory, ordering, assessment, and organizing experience
  • Future thinking in preparation of issues and problems before they arise
  • Developing standards for short and long term goal setting
  • Analysis of current systems of work and communication, to assess the most effective operations
  • Manages daily operations to ensure employee satisfaction as well as staff in line with core company values.

#2: Financial Decision-Making Skills

As companies are geared towards growth and revenue, an office manager is expected to uphold a financial mindset when making decisions.

  • Can handle inventory management and ordering processes
  • Sources cost-effective vendors and looks for areas to save the company on expenses
  • Understands operations of cash draws and allocation of money for daily small expenses
  • Allocation of small, medium and large budgets in operations
  • Assists in the development of office sales plans
  • Executes sales plans working with a small team to increase sales
  • Expense reporting management
  • Budget preparation and management systems
  • Expense reduction techniques
  • Continual process improvement geared towards growth and cutting on expenses.

#3: Office Manager Problem-Solving Skills

A good office manager resume skills lists need to also include the ability to deal with problems. Below are ways that you could phrase your skills in handling difficult situations.

  • Coordinates office staff actions to prevent issues in the daily work environment
  • Plans and leads meetings to open discussion for problems workers may face, offering solutions as a team
  • Clear communication of large-scale issues to the entire staff, where needed
  • Screening and directing calls to ensure smooth operations
  • Responding to conflicts, complaints, and issues promptly
  • Friendly and open attitude to listen to problems of staff or customers
  • Professional written communication skills to find a resolution where company problems arise
  • Offers administrative support for staff that may need help
  • Offer feedback and solutions for travel and leave issues
  • Flexible attitude to handle diversions in the workflow when problems arise. 

#4: Office Manager Time Management Skills

Effective time management – for yourself and others – means that you are giving the company you work for the best chance of efficiency and higher revenue.

  • Creates revenue goals based on current situations
  • Job scheduling to reach revenue goals promptly
  • Responsible for scheduling work hours for assistants
  • Uses various calendar programs to clearly communicate with office staff for schedules
  • Flexible with time during on and off-hours to reach goals in creative ways
  • Overriding inefficient systems with new solutions
  • Inspection of current systems and time prioritizing of staff to develop new strategies for efficiency
  • Ability to see short and long term potential results of current systems
  • Handling appointment scheduling, overseeing staff who sets appointments
  • Database creation based on roles and timings to get clear, statistical information on the efficiency of systems.

#5: Office Manager Communication Skills

Working with people, especially in an authoritative position, requires clear and respectful communication. Be sure to include these office manager resume skills of communication in your application.

  • Professional written communication skills to staff, using clear and direct language
  • Ability to interact with customers in a friendly tone where needed
  • High level of customer/client service, aimed to increase word-of-mouth referrals
  • Focused on client relations for long-term contracts and business
  • Responds to messages and queries in a timely and professional way
  • Verbal communication between in-office staff respectful and professional
  • Uses encouraging and positive language to build rapport in an office environment
  • Ability to speak other languages (where relevant to experience)
  • Supporting promotional and marketing communication programs by overseeing projects
  • Collaborative energy to use inclusive language and communicate with many people/teams.

#6: Training and Leading Skills

As any manager is required to do, training, leading, and being responsible for staff is key. You’ll need to show that you have some of these skills listed below on your CV.

  • Overseeing administrative assistants daily
  • Responsible for scheduling and goal-setting for staff
  • Provides training and mentoring to new staff
  • Recruiting new office associates through different channels
  • Interviews prospective office administrative assistants
  • Analysis and assessment of current staff
  • Provides regular performance analysis and feedback to staff
  • Focused on employee retention by careful selection process and support of current staff
  • Ensures organizational efficiency by creating staff teams based on skills and resonance between workers
  • Can create orientation and training plans effectively.

#7: Additional Office Manager Technical Skills

Though office managers generally oversee these administrative actions, the ability to know how to use the following office manager resume skills that are technically based is important.

  • Proficiency in different email platforms for communication
  • Strong typing skills for efficiency
  • Word-processing platforms of different kinds
  • Microsoft word, office, excel as well as Mac-based programs
  • Familiar with electronic filing systems
  • Familiar with QuickBooks 
  • Correspondence between staff and clients in different online formats
  • Can use co-working team programs such as Slack
  • Record and document preparation
  • Well versed in different data entry methods.
Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article will help you to increase the relevancy of your resume and help you land that next job! To learn more about upskilling, you can see my guide here on how to get a free certificate online!

With the wake of a pandemic, many HR managers are also looking for skills for remote workers. So also including talents of software that allow you to work remotely also may be beneficial!