70 + Of The Best Mechanic Resume Skills For Your CV [Free Guide]

mechanic resume skills for jobs

mechanic resume job skillsAre you seeking out in-demand and sought-after mechanic resume skills to add to your resume? Well, look no further!

Below, you will find 70+ skills to add to your mechanical resume or CV which you can simply copy and paste.

It is also recommended to pick out skills that reflect your given experience and skills. Let’s begin!

70 + Mechanic Resume Skills For Your CV

mechanic resume skills

1: Technical skills

One of the top considerations when it comes to mechanic resume skills is the technical ability to handle tools, equipment, and repairs in a comprehensive way. Be sure to include any of the following points below that are relevant to your experience.

  1. Versatile skills in performing electrical and automotive tasks
  2. Experience in troubleshooting AC and DC electrical equipment
  3. Familiar with refrigeration, heating, air-conditioning, and low voltage systems
  4. Knowledge of reading, recording, and understanding different blueprints
  5. Ability to understand a wide array of manuals and operations documents
  6. Experience in using a wide array of hand and power tools
  7. Well versed in being able to gauge devices and test equipment in different settings
  8. For automotive experience – worked on a range of cars, trucks, SUVs, and other automobiles
  9. Understanding the most effective tools to use for different repair scenarios
  10. Worked on rare and complex machines in the past

2: Attention To Detail Skills

Repairing anything takes a keen eye for detail, so demonstrating that you have the mechanical skills of being meticulous in different areas of your work is very beneficial for your CV.

  1. Intricate assessments of the issues in troubleshooting to find the cause
  2. A keen eye for multiple problem detection 
  3. Operating precision tools and machines with a steady hand
  4. Ability to determine which tools are most suited to specific jobs to protect both tools and machinery
  5. Precision in repairs to handle complex and intricate problems with high risk
  6. Uses a range of assessment techniques
  7. Attentive to the financial restrictions of both the company and the customer, to find the best solution for all
  8. Maintaining tool cleanliness and inspecting for wear and tear that could hinder the repair process
  9. Efficiently working through repairs without compromising quality for fast repair time

3: Mechanical Resume Skills For Problem Solving

As for repairing, it is about solving a problem. So referring to your problem-solving skillset on your mechanic resume skills list is a smart idea. Take a look at different ways to word these analytical abilities in the points below.

  1. Diagnosing the root cause of the problem
  2. Creating a systematic action plan to deal with more complex issues
  3. Assessing the direction of repair based on the budget of a client
  4. Cooperating with others to assist when problems are difficult to diagnose
  5. Offering different solutions to the problem to empower client/customer to make their own decision
  6. Sound judgment to assess the safest way to solve problems
  7. Pitch optional repairs and preventative maintenance systems to the procedures of the shop/company
  8. Detailed records of past problems and their resolutions documented and filed
  9. Ability to explain issues to customers in simple terms, and how the resolution will unfold
  10. Performing routine analysis of other areas of the machinery, beyond one problem area

4: Organizational Skills

Whether you are in a leadership position, or simply demonstrating your organizational skills, the list below is what employers want in an effective Mechanic that they can trust to get the job done.

  1. Attentive to the organization of tools stored in the correct places
  2. Maintaining the use of specific procedures for in-house and off-site repairs with risky conditions
  3. Assess and implements standards of safety for workers to adhere to
  4. Prioritizes time effectively to handle multiple repair jobs at once
  5. Organized systems of cleaning work areas and tools
  6. Administrative abilities to handle the scheduling of customer repairs, payments, etc
  7. Well versed in creating computer documents and using programs to assist with repair plans
  8. Scheduling multiple consultations on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
  9. Completes and maintains personal work record logs
  10. Communicates with all parties involved to maintain clarity of daily operations

5: Physical Ability Skills

It can be hard and demanding work to be a mechanic, and employers will surely be looking for someone who has the fitness to handle the job. The physical ability mechanic resume skills listed below are good inclusions for your CV.

  1. Maintains personal health to have minimal leave for illness
  2. Mobile body to fit into tight spaces and reach into small compartments during repairs
  3. Strength to operate heavy tools and machinery where needed
  4. Harnessing tools with precision as well as strength, attentive to details
  5. Upholds personal safety in wearing protective gear 
  6. Can work on grounded and elevated platforms
  7. Experience in physically demanding roles for long hours with heavy lifting
  8. Understands safe way to deal with risky repairs with electric, water, heating, or height risks
  9. Can assist others who are less able to complete more physical jobs 
  10. Ensures that risk of injury off-site is minimal in using tools and equipment that enhance safety

6: Mechanic Resume Skills For Time Management

If you know how to prioritize your time well, you’ll be a favored employee for your efficiency in your work. Include the following skills for time management as they relate to different mechanic roles.

  1. Effectively works under high-pressure and time-sensitive situations
  2. Efficient communication in consultations to be direct and clear in what job needs to be done
  3. Ability to run by a set schedule and time frame for repairs (where possible)
  4. Flexibility in personal and professional time to be present to pressing repairs that need additional time
  5. Completes jobs in the time frame needed without compromising the quality of repairs
  6. Maintains accuracy and precision in repairs so it is correct the first time
  7. Ability to match the budget of the customer to the time given to the job
  8. Sensitive to the timing of the store’s needs in financial considerations
  9. Ability to handle multiple jobs and prioritize most needed repairs
  10. Offers additional options/resources to customers if timing preferences don’t fit repair needs

7: People Skills

Customers come first in all service industries, so be sure to express your aptitude for communicating with people professionally in your mechanic resume skills list.

  1. Negotiating with parts supplies for product deals
  2. Clearly communicates with customers the issues in layman’s terms
  3. Ability to listen to customers and tailor service to meet their preferences
  4. Dealing with companies in a professional and attentive manner
  5. Cooperating with others in small teamwork or paired repairing situations
  6. Open and welcoming manner to new customers and clients
  7. Patience with communicating complex issues about the repairs
  8. Leadership experience delegating roles of the repairs
  9. Ability to oversee other employees, whether long-term workers or trial period employees
  10. Worked alongside apprentices and handled aspects of training others

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this guide on mechanic resume skills will help you to land your next mechanic job! If you would like to upskill more, you can see my guide on the best free online course providers.