Complete Guide To Lynda Vs LinkedIn Learning “What’s The Difference?”

lynda vs LinkedIn Learning comparison
lynda vs LinkedIn Learning

As of 2019, has officially migrated over to LinkedIn Learning after the acquisition of the company for $1 billion in 2015.

However, this migration has caused some confusion about the platform and whether or not the service will remain the same…

So to shed some light on this topic, I have made this comprehensive Lynda Vs LinkedIn Learning guide so you’ll know what the difference is between the platforms. Let’s get started!

Lynda Vs LinkedIn Learning, What’s The Difference?

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What’s The Difference Between Lynda & LinkedIn Learning?

In short, has now been completely migrated over to LinkedIn Learning as of 2019.

So from a content and course perspective, they are exactly the same (with some new additions, see below).

All existing 15,000+ courses that were available on, are now found on LinkedIn Learning. This also includes the Apple and Android app with the same ability for downloading course content for offline use.

lynda now linkedIn learning

Even if users are to visit right now, they will now be redirected to LinkedIn. This also applies to those who had an existing account with

Luckily, all login credentials have been migrated over to LinkedIn Learning which has made for an easiy transition.

What’s Changed Since Migrating Lynda Over To LinkedIn?

Since the migration from Lynda to LinkedIn Learning, a lot has stayed the same. But there are now some new awesome additions to the platform.

Being integrated with the LinkedIn networking/ job portal, there are new unique benefits that come in very useful for those in the job market.

linked learning home page

Here are some of the most notable new features and benefits:

  • Get personalized course recommendations based on your job and LinkedIn profile
  • Integrate certificates of completed courses into your LinkedIn profile
  • View what others are learning in your specific industry or field
  • Easily add new skills learn to LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn Premium Is Also Included With LinkedIn Learning

As you can see from the above benefits, LinkedIn Learning offers a whole new range of tools to help those find new jobs and be more competitive in their field.

For an added bonus, those who signup for LinkedIn Learning also get access to LinkedIn Premium for even more tools! This premium access includes:

  • InMail: Ability to email hiring mangers directly over the platform
  • View who has looked at your profile for more targeted job seeking

LinkedIn is also adding new courses every week to the already massive 15,000+ classes.

So, has much changed during the swap from Lynda to LinkedIn Learning? Well, saying just yes would be a massive understatement!

For a round-up of the best LinkedIn Learning courses in 2024, check out my guide here!

Lynda Vs LinkedIn Learning Pricing & Cost

Ok, so now that we have a handle on what the difference is between Lynda and LinkedIn Learning, it’s only natural to wonder about the pricing…

In short, the price of LinkedIn Learning is exactly the same as, and in some instances, it’s actually cheaper. Let me explain.

  • Lynda’s Existing Pricing: $29.99/mo or $359.88 one time payment
  • LinkedIn Learning Pricing: $29.99/mo or $299.88 one time payment

As you can see from the above pricing, the monthly payment plan is still the same at $29.99/mo.

But when opting to pay upfront for an annual membership, LinkedIn Learning ends up being cheaper by $60 over the year. This equates to a price of $24.99/mo.

LinkedIn Learning price

LinkedIn Learning is also still offering a 1-month free trial just as Lynda did as well.

So even though the prices between the two providers are “the same”, for what LinkedIn Learning providers compared to Lynda, users are now getting a lot more for their money.

F.A.Q About Lynda & LinkedIn Learning

Amongst the transition of branding and content from Lynda to LinkedIn Learning, there are still quite a lot of unanswered questions which you can see below.

Can I Switch Back To

Unfortunately no. All existing and new members of Lynda will be redirected over to LinkedIn Learning. While the Lynda website is still operational, all visitors will automatically be taken to LinkedIn where all existing courses can be found.

Do I Need a LinkedIn Account To Use LinkedIn Learning?

Yes. As LinkedIn Learning is built on the backbone of LinkedIn, all users who signup for the service will need to create a LinkedIn account. Users can easily sign up with any existing email address or Facebook account.

Will Learning History/ Certificates Be Migrated Over To LinkedIn Learning?

Yes. All existing account information from such as billing information, courses watched, learning history, certificates, passwords with be migrated over to your LinkedIn Learning subscription.

Why Am I Being Directed From Lynda To LinkedIn Learning?

As has been acquired by LinkedIn, they have decided to merge Lynda content and courses over to where users can now view the existing courses on the website. LinkedIn Learning has now taken the place for

Is Lynda and LinkedIn Learning The Same?

Yes. As of 2019, all Lynda courses and content have now been migrated over to LinkedIn Learning. This is due to Lynda being acquired by LinkedIn in 2015 which sought to integrate the platform into theirs.

So Is LinkedIn Learning Better Than Lynda?

Well, depending on who you ask, you might receive a multitude of different answers. I have spoken to some who preferred the video layout of Lynda. On the other hand, many users love the new format as it integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn Learning.

So what do I think? In opinion, I think LinkedIn Learning has improved upon an already awesome service.

So yes, I do think that that transition from Lynda to LinkedIn Learning has drastically improved the service from price, new benefits and is great for job seekers.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this guide on Lynda Vs LinkedIn Learning has been helpful for you and shed some light on the topic. While it may seem like a somewhat confusing transition, the swap has turned out to be a massive positive for existing and new users to the platform. To learn more, check out my guide on how to get an online certificate for free.

Feel free to share your experiences down below on how you have found the transition and what you think of the new LinkedIn Learning. Thanks for reading and happy learning!