Is Canva a Skill & Should I Put It On My Resume?

canva Is Canva a Skill & Should I Put It On My Resume?

is canva a skillAfter writing dozens of articles about interview questions and resume tips. There are two common questions that I always get asked…

And these are: Is Canva a Skill? And if so, should I put it on my resume/ CV?

To get to the bottom of this, I have researched various job boards to see if Canva is an in-demand skill, and whether or not you should add it to your resume.

Also being a Canva user myself (the above graphic was done in Canva), I thought I would shed some light on this topic. Let’s get started!

Is Canva a Skill?

Yes, after analyzing multiple job boards such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Seek, Monster, Craigslist, and CareerBuilder. There are 1,000’s of instances where businesses are seeking employees that have experience with Canva. In some instances, Canva was also an essential skill to have for digital marketing and graphic design jobs.

To get a better idea of the jobs that I came across, please see the various screenshots below from multiple different job websites. I have also highlighted “Canva” so you can see it in the context of the job posting.

canva job postings Is Canva a Skill & Should I Put It On My Resume?

To my surprise, I found 1,000’s of job postings where various businesses were seeking experience in Canva.

Should I Add Canva On My Resume Or CV?

From my above research, I would definitely add Canva as a skill on your resume or CV. It seems that many businesses,  small and large, are seeing the value of this graphic design tool.

So if you plan on applying for a graphic design job, it may be worthwhile adding Canva to your resume, along with other skills such as Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator.

What Jobs Can You Get With Canva Skills?

canva Is Canva a Skill & Should I Put It On My Resume?

When it comes to the types of jobs you can obtain with Canva skills, the list is almost endless. Below are some of the job listings that I came across where Canva was considered an essential skill for the job.

  • Digital Media Executive
  • Graphic Designer / Digital Designer
  • Marketing & Product Associate
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Associate Editor
  • Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Strategist
  • HR Assistant
  • Communications and Design Consultant
  • Marketing Executive/Manager 
  • Graphic Designer

When I was looking at these job listings, businesses/ employers were typically looking for other skills on top of Canva. So you do have to take these jobs postings with a grain of salt.

These additional skills generally consist of WordPress, Photoshop, Lightroom, MailChimp, Google Analytics, Shopify, and Webflow to name a few.

How To Increase Your Canva Skills

If you have some experience with Canva, but would like to further your skills, there are 100’s of great classes and resources you can learn from.

Canva themselves actually have various online lessons that cover aspects such as personal branding, social media marketing, branding a business, classroom material, presentation, making resumes, and the list goes on!

For more learning material, you can also head over to YouTube where you can find dozens of tutorials that will help you advance your Canva skills. Here is a great tutorial to get you started!

If that’s still not enough, then you can also check out this massive 8.5-hour course on Udemy!

What Is Canva?

Canva is an online graphic design tool that allows users to create and publish beautiful presentations, posters, cards, resumes, marketing material, thumbnails, social media content, and more with their 10,000’s of templates.

what is canva Is Canva a Skill & Should I Put It On My Resume?

Unlike many other graphic design tools and software applications, Canva is incredibly simple to use thanks to its drag and drop functionality, and intuitive interface.

Canva also has integration with millions of images, shapes, graphics, fonts, and videos that allow for a seamless online graphic design tool.


In conclusion, if you are applying for a new graphic design, digital marketing, or administration position. Adding Canva as a skill on your resume is a great advantage as this is now an in-demand skill amongst various businesses.