70+ Of The Best Housekeeping Resume Skills For Your CV [Free Guide]

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housekeeping resume skillsIf you’re looking to update your CV for that next housekeeping job, know that there are key skills that employers will be looking out for.

Your housekeeping resume skills list should have a range of different elements included on it, from time management to equipment usage.

Read on to find some helpful points to include on your CV to show that you have the expertise to land your next housekeeping role.

 70+ Housekeeping Resume Skills For Your CV

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#1: Management of Housekeeping Environments

Housekeeping is a dynamic job, which is needed in a range of different environments.

 Express that you have the housekeeping resume skills that are suited to different types of spaces and needs, to ensure that you are seen as a key candidate.

  • Ensuring that rooms, public areas, and entire facilities are cleaned to the highest standards
  • Working closely with other maintenance staff of the shared duty areas
  • Following inspection systems and creating new systems for staff to follow
  • Ability to delegate roles to individuals most suited to housekeeping certain areas
  • Regularly quality checking rooms and areas for effective cleaning
  • Overseeing problematic areas and spaces and assessing how to solve these issues
  • Rearranging systems and cleaning approaches to suit new standards, changing space, etc
  • Ensuring infection control policies are upheld
  • Checking small details of restocked rooms and common areas
  • Regularly checking in with staff’s performance, sick days, and satisfaction.

#2: Varied Housekeeping Experience

When you have experience in a range of different tasks in your past roles, this will definitely look good on your CV.

  • Changing bed linens and making beds to a professional and commercial standard
  • Flipping mattresses, cleaning curtains, and dusting lampshades
  • Washing various woodwork, frames, windows, doors, and sills
  • Bathroom maintenance including shower and tile cleaning, and bath deep scrubbing
  • Familiar with cleaning common spaces, lobbies, and other interior areas
  • Outside area housekeeping, including patio, porch areas, outdoor garden seating, etc
  • Laundry and cleaning-room upkeep and deep cleaning
  • Polishing, waxing of furniture and floors
  • Light cleaning of different varieties from lamps to hanging lights and chandeliers
  • Vacuuming and mopping a range of floors, determining safe and correct cleaning products to use.

#3: Time Management Skills

Below are some of the time management skills that employers will be looking for on your housekeeping resume skills list. Be sure to list some of these points on your CV.

  • Flawless results even in short time frame
  • Can handle fast-paced and busy environments in day-to-day schedules
  • Can give accurate and timely room service to guests
  • Ability to work long shift hours on feet
  • Flexible with working schedule changes and last-minute call-ins
  • Can work night shift and irregular hours when needed
  • Can follow scheduling of checkouts and turnovers for new guests
  • Turnover of common areas, with restocking and cleaning efficiently performed
  • Adjusts timing when needed to seasonal guest volume increases
  • Can adjust to different needs of low-season staffing and shorter hours.

#4: Handling Products, Tools, and Equipment

Housekeeping requires the use of many different products and equipment. Employers want to know whether you can work with different cleaning products, tools, and sometimes even commercial machinery. 

The following points express different handling skills relevant to housekeepers.

  • Extensive knowledge of various cleaning chemicals and how to use
  • Experience in using non-toxic eco-cleaning solutions
  • Can operate/learn fast how to operate modern cleaning equipment
  • Commercial equipment use such as large vacuumed and floor polishers
  • Assesses which type of carpet shampoos are needed
  • Knowledge of different cleaning supply usage to recommend the best products for spaces
  • Can work in health care settings in disinfecting spaces to a high standard
  • Have basic knowledge on how to repair some small cleaning equipment issues
  • Attentive to keeping spare parts and additions to cleaning equipment when replacements are needed
  • Can suggest best brands for value for money and effective usage for new companies.

#5: Detail-Oriented Approach

Taking a very keen eye for detail into your role as a housekeeper means you are serious about your job. See which points below match your experience to include them on your housekeeping resume skills list.

  • Strong track record of maintaining rooms to the highest standard
  • Accuracy in detailed cleaning jobs that require a steady hand
  • Can assess entire spaces to see if additional cleaning in some areas is needed, beyond regular labor
  • Maintains a clean and safe working environment
  • Entering each space respectively, always saying ‘housekeeping’ for guests knowledge 
  • High ratings on past customer exit surveys
  • Reports any issues, whether cleanliness or security-wise, to manager
  • Adheres to the standard of creating clutter-free, luxurious and inviting spaces
  • Carrying out additional requests by guests for customer satisfaction, where appropriate
  • Experience in detailed décor arrangements (towel art, napkin folding, etc).

#6: Inventory and Supply Management

To manage all of the products and supplies that you use is necessary to stay organized in your work. All housekeepers should have some skills in inventory and supply management. 

Below are some good examples of skills that employers are searching for.

  • Ability to maintain set inventories of cleaning supplies
  • Instantly restocks cleaning supplies where needed
  • Competent at replenishing supplies in different systems of restroom resources
  • Taking inventory and replenishing consumables and sales in rooms and common areas
  • Ensuring any properties that have been misplaced or lost are taken through careful procedure of lost-and-found
  • Can suggest alternatives to current inventory levels based on guest usage and key trends
  • Safely stores toxic or sensitive cleaning chemicals
  • Efficient in restocking supplies of the room instantly, upon guests request 
  • Regularly monitors levels of back-up stock to ensure orders are placed before supplies run out
  • Experience at taking regular inventory checks – daily, weekly, monthly.

#7: Housekeeping People Skills

Any service industry requires that you have impeccable people skills. Be sure to list these on your housekeeping resume list on your CV to show that you have a professional and friendly manner with people.

  • Maintains a professional and respectable appearance
  • A friendly and welcoming approach to other staff and all guests
  • Can offer additional information on the establishment when guests ask
  • Excellent written communication skills where needed
  • Willing to assist others – guests or staff – when needed
  • Friendly attitude at all hours, including during longer-shifts 
  • Monitoring performance of other room attendees and professional suggesting different communication approaches
  • Managing guest requests with haste, but not ‘rushing’
  • Team player, with strong ability to work with small or large groups to clean and find solutions where needed
  • Customer-oriented approach, especially when handling sensitive requests or complaints.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this guide will help you to land your next housekeeping job or interview. To further upskill, check out this guide on online courses with certificates.