23+ Best Hobbies For Introverts To Keep To Themselves

list of Hobbies For Introverts
Hobbies For Introverts

Being an introverted person myself, I sometimes find it hard to find hobbies that fit within my personality and comfort zone. They either require large groups of people or require huge amounts of interaction.

Because of this, I have rounded up some fantastic hobbies for introverts and shy people that you can do inside or outdoors.

Some of my favorite hobbies on this list are 4, 8, and 13. Let’s get started!

Best Hobbies For Introverts To Keep To Themselves

Best Hobbies For Introverts To Keep To Themselves

1. Digital Photography

First up on my list is photography which is an incredibly rewarding hobby that almost anyone can undertake with even a smartphone camera.

Suitable for beginners all the way up to advanced hobbyists, this creative medium is suitable for introverts since you can immerse yourself in the process while learning to navigate your area. This hobby can also overflow into other areas such as photographic editing using Lightroom and Photoshop.

As for the gear needed, you can get started in photography with your smartphone or with low-cost entry-level camera kits.  Adorama is a great source of equipment and instruction.

Top Course: Beginner’s Photography: Basic Camera Use and Theory (Domestika) 
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2. Creative Writing

If you have a desire to create something that can inspire or share ideas, creative writing is a great place to start, especially for introverts.

With creative writing, there really are no bounds to what you can create and where. This makes it ideal for those looking to stay in their own spaces, or venture out to parks or cafes.

To get started, you will need a pen and paper or a computer with preloaded word processing software is all that’s necessary to get the creative juices flowing. edX.com has lots of instructions for creative writing.

Top Rated Course: Creative Writing for Beginners: Bringing Your Story to Life (Domestika)
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3. Painting

painting relaxing hobby for introverts

While many think of painting as a difficult hobby to learn, it’s actually easy than ever to learn with many great online resources.

Painting is also a great hobby for introverted personalities as you get to control the environment in which you paint. Whether that’s a sunlit studio, bedroom, or even in a park.

Before your first painting, gather up some simple materials, paint, a canvas or art paper, and a comfortable spot. Artsy.net has good articles to get you going.

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4. Baking

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, then baking is right up your alley! While this hobby can be done alone or with others, there’s no denying that baking is fun! Not to mention the reward of eating delicious treats after.

An oven and access to raw ingredients are all you need to begin, most items are available at your local grocery stores. SkillShare has several good classes for beginners.

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5. Yoga

Yoga can be used for meditation and as a form of exercise, the contemplative mood of yoga makes it a natural hobby for introverts conscious of their emotional and physical health needs.

Anyone can engage in Yoga, as you get more and more into it, your level will naturally advance. Online yoga courses are available from several providers.

Accredited Course: Internationally Accredited Diploma in Yoga Training (Udemy)

6. Nature Walks

nature walks

Walks in nature can be refreshing for the mind, body, and spirit. Introverts such as Robert Frost, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, and others all found poetic inspiration in nature walks.

If you love the outdoors and seek out time to consider your own thoughts, this is a great hobby for you. For a more physically vigorous endeavor, try the related hobby of hiking which is more of a challenge while also having the benefits of nature walks. This is a great place to start on how to turn any walk into a nature walk.

Add-on Course: Nature and Landscape Photography (CreativeLive)

7. Knitting

Knitting is fun for people of all ages, genders, and personality traits, especially if you enjoy creating physical items and enjoy patterns and repetition.

Beginners can enjoy this hobby alone or as part of a club, more advanced knitters can even make some cash as a side hustle if so inclined. To learn more, you can see my full guide on online knitting classes.

Course List: The Art Of Knitting (Skillshare)
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8. Biking

Physical exercise and quality alone time are draws for pursuing biking as a hobby, whether that includes road biking or riding trails.

Suitable for all ages and physical levels, biking can be started with second-hand bicycles or the latest high-tech machines. If you have yet to learn how to ride a bike, several resources can get you going.

9. Gardening

Next on my list of hobbies for introverts is gardening which is a deeply satisfying undertaking that is perfect for those who enjoy their own company with nature.

You can start out small and work your way up to larger plots if you wish, but even a few potted plants can provide you with enjoyment. The big box stores and local hardware stores can provide you with the equipment and seeds or starter plants. Masterclass star gardener Ron Finely has excellent resources to get you started. 

Highly Rated Course: Fundamentals Of Garden Design (Udemy)

10. Computer programming

If you have the focus and energy plus enjoyment of computer code, computer programming can be a great hobby for introverts and also for furthering a career.

Programming and computer languages aren’t for the timid as it can get complicated, but that’s part of what makes it enjoyable for some. Code Academy offers free online instruction on computer programming.

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11. Gaming

Gaming Introvert Hobbies

Gaming can vary from high speed and high intensity to slow and deliberate, but either way, it requires concentration and brainpower. Also with the nature of playing video games from home, it makes it ideal for introverts.

In order to get started in online gaming, you will need to have a fairly up-to-date computer, the faster the better, and broadband internet. Learn gaming and the popular Twitch gaming platform from own3d.tv.

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12. Puzzles

Concentration and pattern recognition are instrumental for enjoying most types of puzzles, from jigsaw puzzles to word games.

Any level and all ages can have a lot of fun with puzzles, which can be played on computers and tablets, online, or with physical puzzles. An excellent source of puzzles and ideas is Amazon.

Free Logic Puzzles: Logic Puzzles - Basic Warmup (Brilliant)  

13. Sketching

An art form that can be engaging throughout various settings is sketching, a relaxed form of drawing. Even if you’re not that realistic in your drawing, sketching is a great way to relax while creating art.

A pencil or pen and a sketchbook are all you need, though there are also tablet apps and computer programs that allow sketching. To learn more, check out my guide on online drawing classes.

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14. Poetry

Everyone is a poet, or at least everyone could be a poet if they simply chose to put their thoughts and feelings into words. The words don’t even have to rhyme. 

Anyone can write poetry, all you need is some time to put thoughts in order and turn them into something meaningful, even if the meaning is only known to you yourself. The Poetry Foundation is full of helpful hints and ideas for poets of all types.

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15. Blogging

Blogging hobbies for introverts

Online sharing of ideas is at the heart of blogging, which is one of the most popular forms of personal expression in the modern era.

All you need is access to the internet and a device to input words and pictures and you’re a blogger. You won’t even need to have any special programming skills if you use established blog hosting sites.

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16. Travel

An adventurous spirit, some time and energy, and a little money are the ingredients for making travel a successful example of hobbies for introverts.

Travel destinations can be very near your local area all the way to international excursions. Solo Travel has a lot of excellent ideas for travelers.

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17. D-I-Y

Do It Yourself is a mantra of sorts for anyone wishing to save money on home repairs or remodel as well as get involved with the crafts surrounding these works.

In order to get started in D-I-Y, you will need the tools for certain processes plus a knowledge of how to work with them safely and properly. Some things are available for beginners to tackle, some work will require more skill and experience. The magazine Popular Mechanics, which has been published for over 100 years, has a lot of instruction and ideas.

18. Video Editing

Since we can make a video with anything from a smartphone to high-end cameras, if we find ourselves making a lot of them, we might want to learn how to creatively edit them into something better.

A camera, a computer or tablet, and an editing program can assist beginners or more advanced videographers to make great finished videos. The online learning platform Lynda has courses teaching beginning video editing.

Learning Path: Become A Video Editor (LinkedIn Learning)
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19. Animation

If you have the creativity and enthusiasm for video editing or computer programming, then the world of animation may be a hobby that works for you.

Advanced computer skills and a creative flair are prerequisites for successfully making animation. The company for creative computer art, Adobe, has tutorials that teach animation for all levels of skill and experience.

Top Rated Course: Mixed Media Animation in Procreate (Domestika)  
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20. Collecting

collecting best hobbies for introverts

If there is something physical that interests you, and you enjoy handling those things, learning about them, and sharing that with others, then collecting is a good choice of hobby for you.

You can start collecting anything, at any time, for any reason, so it’s a good hobby for beginners.  If camera collecting is your chosen hobby, KEH has information to help you out.

21. Kite Making / Flying

If running outdoors on a windy day is your idea of fun, the art of making and flying your own kites is a hobby you will enjoy. 

The flying part can be done by anyone, in order to make your own kite, you will need to access your creative and crafty side. Some knowledge or aeronautics and woodworking or paper arts are additional skills that will make this one of the better hobbies for introverts. My Best Kite has some fun patterns and instructions for making kites.

Free Course: Making A Sled Kite (CreativeLive)

22. Fishing

fishing outdoor introvert hobby

A love of the outdoors, a little patience, and some good techniques are essential for the enjoyment of this hobby that is a combination of sport and food preparation.

This is a hobby that is very welcoming to beginners but never disappoints experienced longtime fishermen either. Boys Life has helpful hints and ideas to get you into this fun hobby that is a fun shared or engaged in alone.

Highest Rated Course: How To Fly Fish: A Life Long Hobby (Udemy)

23. Genealogy

Would you have guessed that tracing back your family through the generations, a practice known as genealogy, is the fastest-growing hobby? Introverts tend to love this activity because they can take advantage of all new data sources available on the internet from the comfort of their own.

We suggest starting with one of the well-known websites like Genealogy.com or Ancestry.com. They offer free registration and some basic tools like building custom family trees. You can upgrade for additional support but you’d be surprised just how far along you can get yourself.

Beginner Course: The Organized Genealogiest (Udemy)

24. Crime / Mystery Solving

We’re not suggesting taking the law into your own hands, we’re talking about the game playing a form of mystery solving.

A lot of real-life venues host mystery games and there are more and more online sources of this gameplay. Master Class has a course that teaches this for your enjoyment.

Free Course Collecton: True Crime Lovers Collection (FutureLearn)

We hope you found this list inspiring and informative. And perhaps you’ve signed up for a free course to start your new passion.

If you’re still looking for inspiration, an insider tip is to search Reddit introvert hobbies. New trends are always popping up there and you may just find your perfect introvert hobby!