All 531+ Free Online Ivy League Courses | Updated for 2024

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Free Online Ivy League Courses

If you are seeking a list of ALL the free online Ivy League courses in 2024, you’re in the right place!

In this guide, I have included every free course from all 8 of the Ivy League universities/ colleges which include Cornell, Princeton, Brown, Yale, Harvard, Dartmouth, Columbia, and Pennsylvania.

From this list, you will be able to find various fields of study from programming, economics, blockchain, humanities, art, architecture, and many more!

So if you want to learn from some of the best professors and universities/ colleges in the world. Look no further!

Side note: Both Coursera and edX provide all course material for FREE. They may opt you in for a paid certificate, but you can still access all lessons without this. Happy learning! ????

ALL 531+ Free Online Ivy League Courses In 2024

Cornell University

cornell university

American Capitalism: A History [Free] [4 Weeks] [English]

An Introduction to Evidence-Based Undergraduate STEM Teaching [Free] [8 Weeks] [English]

A Hands-on Introduction to Engineering Simulations [Free] [4-6 Hours] [6 Weeks] [Engineering]

Networks, Crowds and Markets [Free] [4–5 Hours] [10 Weeks] [Computer Science]

Reclaiming Broken Places: Introduction to Civic Ecology [Free] [6 Weeks] [Biology & Life Sciences]

Relativity and Astrophysics [Free] [4-8 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Math]

Sharks! [Free] [4-6 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Biology & Life Sciences]

Structuring Business Agreements for Success [Free] [2-3 Hours] [5 Weeks] [Business & Management]

The Computing Technology Inside Your Smartphone [Free] [10 Weeks] [Computer Science]

The Ethics of Eating [Free] [4 Weeks] [Philosophy & Ethics]

Teaching & Learning in the Diverse Classroom [Free] [2-4 Hours] [5 Weeks] [Education & Teacher Training]

The Science and Politics of the GMO [Free] [3–4 Hours] [5 Weeks] [Social Sciences]

Wiretaps to Big Data: Privacy and Surveillance in the Age of Interconnection [Free] [3–4 Hours] [6 Weeks] [Social Sciences]

Princeton University

prineton university

Analysis of Algorithms [Free] [15 Hours] [Computer Science]

Analytic Combinatorics [Free] [13 Hours] [Math & Logic]

Algorithms, Part I [Free] [53 Hours] [Computer Science]

Algorithms, Part II [Free] [58 Hours] [Computer Science]

Bats, Ducks, and Pandemics: An Introduction to One Health Policy [Free] [10 Hours] [Health]

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies [Free] [23 Hours] [Computer Science]

Buddhism and Modern Psychology [Free] [18 Hours] [Health]

Computer Architecture [Free] [50 Hours] [Physical Science and Engineering]

Computer Science: Algorithms, Theory, and Machines [Free] [16 Hours] [Computer Science]

Computer Science: Programming with a Purpose [Free] [88 Hours] [Computer Science]

Effective Altruism [Free] [12 Hours] [Arts and Humanities]

Imagining Other Earths [Free] [27 Hours] [Physical Science and Engineering]

Networks: Friends, Money, and Bytes [Free] [37 Hours] [Computer Science]

Networks Illustrated: Principles without Calculus [Free] [24 Hours] [Computer Science]

Paradoxes of War [Free] [15 Hours] [Social Science]

Brown University

brown university

Artful Medicine: Art’s Power to Enrich Patient Care [Free] [2-3 Hours] [3 Weeks] [Humanities]

Beyond Medical Histories: Gaining Insight from Patient Stories [Free][2-3 Hours] [3 Weeks] [Medicine]

Fantastic Places, Unhuman Humans: Exploring Humanity Through Literature [Free] [2-3 Hours] [3 Weeks] [Literature]

– Introduction to Engineering and Design [Free] [2-3 Hours] [3 Weeks] [Engineering]

The Ethics of Memory [Free] [2-3 Hours] [3 Weeks] [Humanities]

Yale University

yale university

American Contract Law I [Free] [20 Hours] [Law]

American Contract Law II [Free] [20 Hours] [Law]

A Journey through Western Christianity [Free] [44 Hours] [History]

A Law Student’s Toolkit [Free] [21 Hours] [Law]

America’s Written Constitution [Free] [21 Hours] [Governance and Society]

Age of Cathedrals [Free] [17 Hours] [History]

Anatomy of the Chest, Abdomen, and Pelvis [Free] [13 Hours] [Basic Science]

America’s Unwritten Constitution [Free] [18 Hours] [Law]

Addiction Treatment: Clinical Skills for Healthcare Providers [Free] [14 Hours] [Patient Care]

Climate Change and Health: From Science to Action Specialization [Free] [3 Months] [Health]

Essentials of Global Health [Free] [56 Hours] [Public Health]

Everyday Parenting: The ABCs of Child Rearing [Free] [13 Hours] [Psychology]

Financial Markets [Free] [27 Hours] [Finance]

Health Behavior Change: From Evidence to Action [Free] [16 Hours] [Public Health]

Introduction to Classical Music [Free] [40 Hours] [Music and Arts]

Introduction to Psychology [Free] [15 Hours] [Psychology]

Introduction to Breast Cance [Free] [13 Hours] [Basic Science]

Introduction to Negotiation [Free] [30 Hours] [Business Essentials]

Journey of the Universe: A Story for Our Times [Free] [5 Months] [Arts and Humanities]

Moral Foundations of Politics [Free] [44 Hours] [Governance and Society]

Moralities of Everyday Life [Free] [25 Hours] [Psychology]

Music and Social Action [Free] [30 Hours] [Music and Arts]

Roman Architecture [Free] [42 Hours] [History]

The Global Financial Crisis [Free] [24 Hours] [Economics]

The Science of Well-Being [Free] [ 19 Hours] [Personal Development]

Understanding Medical Research: Your Facebook Friend is Wrong [Free] [16 Hours] [Research]

Journey of the Universe: The Unfolding of Life [Free] [20 Hours] [History]

The Worldview of Thomas Berry: The Flourishing of the Earth Community [Free] [21 Hours] [History]

Journey of the Universe: Weaving Knowledge and Action [Free] [30 Hours] [Physical Science]

Harvard University

harvard university

Advanced Bioconductor [Free] [2-4 Hours] [5 Weeks] [Data Analysis & Statistic]

American Government: Constitutional Foundations [Free] [2-4 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Social Sciences]

AnatomyX: Musculoskeletal Cases [Free] [3-6 Hours] [7 Weeks] [Medicine]

Ancient Masterpieces of World Literature [Free] [3-6 Hours] [6 Weeks] [Literature]

Backyard Meteorology: The Science of Weather [3-5 Hours] [6 Weeks] [Data Analysis & Statistics]

Bioethics: Reproductive Technologies and Genetics [Free] [1-2 Hours] [10 Weeks] [Medicine]

Buddhism Through Its Scriptures [Free] [5-10 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Humanities]

Calculus Applied! [Free] [3-6 Hours] [10 Weeks] [Math]

Case Studies in Functional Genomics [2-4 Hours] [5 Weeks] [Data Analysis & Statistics]

Draw Your Assumptions Before Your Conclusions [Free] [2-3 Hours] [9 Weeks] [Data Analysis]

Cell Biology: Mitochondia [Free] [2-4 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Biology and Life Sciences]

Central Challenges of American National Security, Strategy, and the Press [Free] [4 Weeks] [Social Sciences]

Child Protection: Children’s Rights in Theory and Practice [Free] [1-3 Hours] [28 Weeks] [Social Sciencest]

China and Communism [Free] [1-3 Hours] [15 Weeks] [History]

ChinaX Book Club: Five Authors, Five Books, Five Views of China [1-2 Hours] [5 Weeks] [Literature]

China’s First Empires and the Rise of Buddhism [Free] [1-3 Hours] [15 Weeks] [History

China Humanities: The Individual in Chinese Culture [Free] [2-4 Hours] [8 Weeks] [Humanities]

China’s Political and Intellectual Foundations: From Sage Kings to Confucius [Free] [1-3 Hours] [15 Weeks] [History]

– Christianity Through Its Scriptures [Free] [5-10] [4 Weeks] [Humanities]

CitiesX: The Past, Present and Future of Urban Life [5-7 Hours] [11 Weeks] [Social Sciences]

Contemporary China: The People’s Republic, Taiwan, and Hong Kong [Free] [2-4 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Social Sciences]

Contemporary China: The People’s Republic, Taiwan, and Hong Kong [Free] [1-3 Hours] [15 Weeks] [History]

Contract Law: From Trust to Promise to Contract [Free] [3-6 Hours] [8 Weeks] [Business & Management]

Cosmopolitan Tang: Aristocratic Culture in China [Free] [1-3 Hours] [15 Weeks] [History]

Creating Modern China: The Republican Period to the Present [Free] [1-3 Hours] [15 Weeks] [History]

CS50’s Computer Science for Business Professionals [Free] [2-6 Hours] [6 Weeks] [Computer Science]

CS50’s AP® Computer Science Principles [Free] [5-6 Hours] [36 Weeks] [Computer Science]

CS50 for Lawyers [Free] [3-6 Hours] [10 Weeks] [Computer Science]

CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python [Free] [10-30 Hours] [7 Weeks] [Computer Science]

CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science [Free] [6-18 Hours] [12 Weeks] [Computer Science]

CS50’s Introduction to Game Development [Free] [6-9 Hours] [12 Weeks] [Computer Science]

CS50’s Mobile App Development with React Native [Free] [6-9 Hours] [13 Weeks] [Computer Science]

CS50’s Understanding Technology [Free] [2-6 Hours] [6 Weeks] [Computer Science]

CS50’s Web Programming with Python and JavaScript [Free] [6-9 Hours] [12 Weeks] [Computer Science]

Data Science: Capstone [Free] [15-20 Hours] [2 Weeks] [Data Analysis & Statistics]

Data Science: Inference and Modeling [Free] [1-2 Hours] [8 Weeks] [Data Analysis & Statistics]

Data Science: Linear Regression [Free] [1-2 Hours] [8 Weeks] [Data Analysis & Statistics]

Data Science: Machine Learning [Free] [2-4 Hours] [8 Weeks] [Data Analysis & Statistics]

Data Science: Probability [Free] [1-2 Hours] [8 Weeks] [Data Analysis & Statistics]

Data Science: Productivity Tools [Free] [1-2 Hours] [8 Weeks] [Data Analysis & Statistics]

Data Science: R Basics [Free] [1-2 Hours] [8 Weeks] [Data Analysis & Statistics]

Data Science: Visualization [Free] [1-2 Hours] [8 Weeks] [Data Analysis & Statistics]

Data Science: Wrangling [Free] [1-2 Hours] [8 Weeks] [Data Analysis & Statistics]

Early Christianity: The Letters of Paul [Free] [12 Weeks] [Humanities]

Energy Within Environmental Constraints [Free] [3-5 Hours] [10 Weeks] [Environmental Studies]

Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies [Free] [3-5 Hours] [6 Weeks] [Business & Management]

Exercising Leadership: Foundational Principles [Free] [2-3 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Business & Management]

Fat Chance: Probability from the Ground Up [Free] [3-5 Hours] [7 Weeks] [Math]

First Nights – Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and the 19th Century Orchestra [Free] [3-5 Hours] [3 Weeks] [Humanities]

First Nights – Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique and Program Music in the 19th Century [Free] [3-5 Hours] [3 Weeks] [Humanities]

First Nights – Handel’s Messiah and Baroque Oratorio [Free] [3-5 Hours] [3 Weeks] [Humanities]

– First Nights – Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo and the Birth of Opera [Free] [3-5 Hours] [3 Weeks] [Humanities]

First Nights – Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring: Modernism, Ballet, and Riots [Free] [3-5 Hours] [3 Weeks] [Humanities]

Fundamentals of Neuroscience, Part 3: The Brain [Free] [2-3 Hours][8 Weeks] [Biology & Life Sciences]

Fundamentals of Neuroscience, Part 1: The Electrical Properties of the Neuron [Free] [3-5 Hours][5 Weeks][Biology and Life Sciences]

Fundamentals of Neuroscience, Part 2: Neurons and Networks [Free][3-5 Hours][6 Weeks][Biology and Life Sciences]

Global China: From the Mongols to the Ming [Free] [1-3 Hours] [15 Weeks] [History]

Global Health Case Studies from a Biosocial Perspective [Free] [12 Weeks] [Social Science]

Health and Society [Free] [4 Weeks] [Social Sciences]

High-Dimensional Data Analysis [Free] [2-4 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Data Analysis & Statistics]

Hinduism Through Its Scriptures [Free] [5-10 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Humanities]

Humanitarian Response to Conflict and Disaster [Free] [3-4 Hours] [5 Weeks] [Health and Safety]

Improving Your Business Through a Culture of Health [Free] [1-3 Hours] [9 Weeks] [Business & Management]

Improving Global Health: Focusing on Quality and Safety [Free] [2-4 Hours] [10 Weeks] [Social Sciences]

Introduction to Bioconductor [Free] [2-4 Hours] [5 Weeks] [Data Analysis & Statistics]

Introduction to Data Wise: A Collaborative Process to Improve Learning & Teaching [Free] [1-2 Hours] [10 Weeks] [Education & Teacher Training]

Introduction to Digital Humanities [Free] [2-4 Hours] [7 Weeks] [Humanities]

Introduction to Linear Models and Matrix Algebra [Free] [2-4 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Math]

Introduction to American Civics: Presented by Zero-L [Free] [1-3 Hours] [1 Weeks] [Law]

Introduction to Probability [Free] [5-10 Hours] [16 Weeks] [Data Analysis & Statistics]

Invasions, Rebellions, and the Fall of Imperial China [Free] [1-3 Hours] [15 Weeks] [History]

Innovating in Health Care [Free] [6-8 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Business & Management]

Islam Through Its Scriptures [Free] [5-10 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Humanities]

Japanese Books: From Manuscript to Print [Free] [1-2 Hours] [9 Weeks] [Arts & Culture]

Judaism Through Its Scriptures [Free] [5-10 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Humanities]

JuryX: Deliberations for Social Change [Free] [2-3 Hours] [7 Weeks] [Humanities]

Justice [Free] [3-6 Hours] [12 Weeks] [Humanities]

Lessons from Ebola: Preventing the Next Pandemic [Free] [3-5 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Social Sciences]

Leaders of Learning [Free] [2-4 Hours] [10 Weeks] [Communication]

Literati China: Examinations, Neo-Confucianism, and Later Imperial China [Free] [1-3 Hours] [15 Weeks] [History]

MalariaX: Defeating Malaria from the Genes to the Globe [Free] [3-5 Hours] [8 Weeks] [Biology & Life Sciences]

Masterpieces of World Literature [Free] [5-7 Weeks] [12 Weeks] [Literature]

Mechanical Ventilation for COVID-19 [Free] [2-5 Hours] [1 Week] [Health and Safety]

Modern China’s Foundations: The Manchus and the Qing [Free] [1-3 Hours] [15 Weeks] [History]

Modern Masterpieces of World Literature [Free] [3-6 Hours] [8 Weeks] [Literature]

Poetry in America: Modernism [Free] [3-5 Hours] [8 Weeks] [Humanities]

Poetry in America: The Civil War and Its Aftermath [Free] [3-5 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Humanities]

Poetry in America: Whitman [Free] [3-5 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Humanities]

Practical Improvement Science in Health Care: A Roadmap for Getting Results [Free] [2-5 Hours] [7 Weeks] [ Business & Management]

PredictionX: John Snow and the Cholera Epidemic of 1854 [Free] [3-5 Hours] [1 Week] [History]

PredictionX: Lost Without Longitude [Free] [2-5 Hours] [1 Weeks] [History]

PredictionX: Omens, Oracles & Prophecies [Free] [3-5 Hours] [1 Week] [Social Sciences]

– Prescription Drug Regulation, Cost, and Access: Current Controversies in Context [Free] [2-5 Hours] [8 Weeks] [Medicine]

– Principles of Biochemistry [Free] [4-6 Hours] [15 Weeks] [Medicine]

– Principles, Statistical and Computational Tools for Reproducible Data Science [Free] [3-8 Hours] [8 Weeks] [Data Analysis & Statistics]

– Pyramids of Giza: Ancient Egyptian Art and Archaeology [Free] [2-4 Hours] [8 Weeks] [Art & Culture]

Readings in Global Health (2017) [Free] [3-6 Hours] [10 Weeks] [Medicine]

Religion, Conflict and Peace [Free] [4-8 Hours] [8 Weeks] [Humanities]

Rhetoric: The Art of Persuasive Writing and Public Speaking [Free] [2-3 Hours] [8 Weeks] [Humanities]

Saving Schools: Reforming the U.S. Education System [Free] [3-5 Hours] [10 Weeks] [Social Sciences]

Science & Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science (chemistry) [Free] [2-3 Hours] [16 Weeks] [Chemistry]

Science & Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science (physics) [Free] [2-3 Hours] [16 Weeks] [Physics]

Sikhism Through Its Scriptures [Free] [5-10 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Humanities]

Shakespeare’s Life and Work [Free] [5-7 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Humanities]

Shakespeare’s Othello: The Moor [Free] [5-7 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Humanities]

Shakespeare’s Hamlet: The Ghost [Free] [5-7 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Humanities]

Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice: Shylock [Free] [5-7 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Humanities]

Statistics and R [Free] [2-4 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Data Analysis & Statistics]

Strengthening Community Health Worker Programs [Free] [2-4 Hours] [6 Weeks] [Health & Safety]

Statistical Inference and Modeling for High-throughput Experiments [Free] [2-4 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Data Analysis & Statistics]

Super-Earths and Life [Free] [3-5 Hours] [15 Week] [Physics]

Tangible Things: Discovering History Through Artworks, Artifacts, Scientific Specimens, and the Stuff Around You [Free] [1-3 Hours] [10 Weeks] [Humanities]

Technology Entrepreneurship: Lab to Market [Free] [2-4 Hours] [5 Weeks] [Business & Management]

The Ancient Greek Hero [Free] [8-12 Hours] [18 Weeks] [Humanities]

The Architectural Imagination [Free] [3-5 Hours] [10 Weeks] [Architecture]

The Book: Books in the Medieval Liturgy [Free] [1-2 Hours] [3 Weeks] [Humanities]

The Book: Book Sleuthing: What 19th-Century Books Can Tell Us About the Rise of the Reading Public? [Free] [1-2 Hours] [3 Weeks] [Humanities]

The Book: The History of the Book in the 17th and 18th Century Europe [Free] [1-2 Hours] [1 Week] [Humanities]

The Book: Making and Meaning in the Medieval Manuscript [Free] [2-4 Hours] [8 Weeks] [Humanities]

The Book: The Medieval Book of Hours: Art and Devotion in the Later Middle Ages [Free] [2-4 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Literature]

The Book: Monasteries, Schools, and Notaries, Part 1: Reading the Late Medieval Marseille Archive [Free] [1-2 Hours] [3 Weeks] [Humanities]

The Book: Monasteries, Schools, and Notaries, Part 2: Introduction to the Transitional Gothic Script [Free] [2-3 Hours] [3 Weeks] [Humanities]

The Book: Print and Manuscript in Western Europe, Asia and the Middle East (1450-1650) [Free] [1-2 Hours] [3 Weeks] [Humanities]

The Book: Scrolls in the Age of the Book [Free] [2-4 Hours] [6 Weeks] [Humanities]

The Climate-Energy Challenge [Free] [4-6 Hours [9 Weeks] [Environmental Studies]

The Health Effects of Climate Change [Free] [3-5 Hours] [7 Weeks] [Environmental Studies]

The Opioid Crisis in America [Free] [1-2 Hours] [10 Weeks] [Medicine]

The Path to Happiness: What Chinese Philosophy Teaches us about the Good Life [Free] [1-2 Hours] [13 Weeks] [Philosophy & Ethics]

United States Health Policy [Free] [4 Weeks] [Social Sciences]

Using Python for Research [Free] [2-4 Hours] [12 Weeks] [Computer Science]

U.S. Political  Institutions: Congress, Presidency, Courts, and Bureaucracy [Free] [2-4 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Social Sciences]

U.S. Public Policy: Social, Economic, and Foreign Policies [Free] [2-4 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Social Sciences]

Quantitative Methods for Biology [Free] [3-5 Hours] [10 Weeks] [Computer Science]

Women Making History: Ten Objects, Many Stories [Free] [2-3 Hours] [8 Weeks] [History]

18th-Century Opera: Handel & Mozart [Free] [3-4 Hours] [5 Weeks] [Music]

19th-Century Opera: Meyerbeer, Wagner, & Verdi [Free] [3-5 Hours] [6 Weeks] [Music]

Dartmouth College

dartmouth university

Animation and CGI Motion [Free] [8-10 Hours [12 Weeks] [Computer Science]

Bipedalism: The Science of Upright Walking [Free] [2-4 Hours] [5 Weeks] [Social Sciences]

C Programming: Advanced Data Types [Free] [4-5 Hours] [7 Weeks] [Computer Science]

C Programming: Getting Started [Free] [2-4 Hours] [7 Weeks] [Computer Science]

C Programming: Language Foundations [Free] [2-4 Hours] [7 Weeks] [Computer Science]

C Programming: Modular Programming and Memory Management [Free] [2-4 Hours] [7 Weeks] [Computer Science]

C Programming: Pointers and Memory Management [Free] [2-4 Hours] [7 Weeks] [Computer Science]

C Programming: Using Linux Tools and Libraries [Free] [4-5 Hours] [7 Weeks] [Computer Science]

Demand and Supply Analytics [Free] [8-10 Hours] [12 Weeks] [Business & Management]

Developing Breakthrough Innovations with the Three Box Solution [Free] [3-5 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Business & Management]

Executing Breakthrough Innovations with the Three Box Solution [Free] [3-5 Hours] [3 Weeks] [Business & Management]

Introduction to Environmental Science [Free] [4 Weeks] [Biology & Life Sciences]

Introduction to Italian Opera [Free] [3-4 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Art & Culture]

Introduction to German Opera [Free] [3-4 Weeks] [4 Weeks] [Art & Culture]

John Milton: Paradise Lost [Free] [2-8 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Literature]

Libertarian Free Will: Neuroscientific and Philosophical Evidence [Free] [4-6 Hours] [6 Weeks] [Philosophy & Ethics]

Linux Basics: The Command Line Interface [Free] [3-5 Hours] [7 Weeks] [Computer Science]

Omnichannel Strategy and Management [Free] [3-5 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Business & Management]

Retail Fundamentals [Free] [3-5 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Business Management]

The American Renaissance: Classic Literature of the 19th Century [Free] [3-5 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Humanities]

The Engineering of Structures Around Us [Free] [3-6 Hours] [5 Weeks] [Engineering]

Question Reality! Science, philosophy, and the search for meaning [2-4 Hours] [6 Weeks] [Humanities]

Columbia University

columbia university

Analytics in Python [Free] [8-10 Hours] [12 Weeks] [Business & Management]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) [Free] [8-10 Hours] [12 Weeks] [Computer Science]

Attaining Higher Education [Free] [3-5 Hours] [5 Weeks] [Education & Teacher Training]

Data, Models and Decisions in Business Analytics [Free] [8-10 Hours] [12 Weeks] [Business & Management]

Enabling Technologies for Data Science and Analytics: The Internet of Things [Free] [7-10 Hours] [5 Weeks]

Fighting for Equality: 1950–2018 [Free] [2-3 Hours] [10 Weeks] [History]

Fighting HIV with Antiretroviral Therapy: Implementing the Treat-All Approach [Free] [2-3 Hours] [6 Weeks] [Medicine]

Find Your Calling: Career Transition Principles for Returning Veterans [Free] [1-3 Hours] [6 Weeks] [Philosophy & Ethics]

Free Cash Flow Analysis [Free] [3-4 Hours] [5 Weeks] [Business & Management]

Freedom of Expression and Information in the Time of Globalization: Advanced Course [Free] [4-12 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Law]

Freedom of Expression and Information in the Time of Globalization: Foundational Course [Free] [5-12 Hours] [ 5 Weeks] [Law]

Global Muckraking: Investigative Journalism and Global Media [Free] [3-5 Hours] [5 Weeks] [Communication]

Inclusive Teaching: Supporting All Students in the College Classroom [Free] [2-3 Hours] [6 Weeks] [Education & Teacher Training]

Indian & Tibetan River of Buddhism [Free] [2-4 Hours] [12 Weeks] [Humanities]

Introduction to Corporate Finance [Free] [3-4 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Business & Management]

Machine Learning [Free] [8-10 Hours] [12 Weeks] [Computer Science]

Machine Learning for Data Science and Analytics [Free] [7-10 Hours] [5 Weeks] [Computer Science]

Marketing Analytics [Free] [8-10 Hours] [12 Weeks] [Business & Management]

Negotiating a Changing World: 1920-1950 [Free] [2-3 Hours] [10 Weeks] [History]

Pediatric HIV Nursing [Free] [2-3 Hours] [8 Weeks] [Medicine]

Protecting Children in Humanitarian Settings [Free] [3-5 Hours] [12 Weeks] [Social Sciences]

Risk & Return [Free] [3-4 Hours] [4 Weeks] [Business & Management]

Robotics [Free] [8-10 Hours] [10 Weeks] [Computer Science]

Seeking Women’s Rights: Colonial Period to the Civil War [Free] [2-3 Hours] [10 Weeks] [History]

Statistical Thinking for Data Science and Analytics [Free] [7-10 Hours] [5 Weeks] [Computer Science]

Soins infirmiers en VIH pédiatrique [Free] [2-3 Hours] [8 Weeks] [Medicine]

The Civil War and Reconstruction – 1865-1890: The Unfinished Revolution [Free] [6-8 Hours] [15 Weeks] [Humanities]

The Civil War and Reconstruction – 1861 – 1865: A New Birth of Freedom [Free] [6-8 Hours] [12 Weeks] [History]

The Civil War and Reconstruction – 1850-1861: A House Divided [Free] [6-8 Hours] [15 Weeks] [History]

Traitement antirétroviral pour lutter contre le VIH : mise en œuvre de l’approche « traiter tout le monde » [Free] [2-3 Hours] [10 Weeks] [Medicine]

University Studies for Student Veterans [Free] [3-4 Hours] [6 Weeks] [Education & Teacher Training]

Wage Work for Women Citizens: 1870-1920 [Free] [2-3 Hours] [10 Weeks] [History]

University of Pennsylvania

pennsylvania university

A Crash Course in Causality: Inferring Causal Effects from Observational Data [Free] [13 Hours] [Probability and Statistics]

American Education Reform: History, Policy, Practice [Free] [14 Hours] [History]

An Introduction to American Law [Free] [9 Hours] [Law]

Ancient Philosophy: Plato & His Predecessors [Free] [11 Hours] [Philosophy]

Ancient Philosophy: Aristotle and His Successors [Free] [12 Hours [Philosophy]

Applying to U.S. Universities [Free] [27 Hours] [Personal Development]

Arts and Culture Strategy [Free] [11 Hours] [Governance & Society]

Achieving Personal and Professional Success Specialization [Free] [4 Months] [Personal Development]

Business Analytics Specialization [Free] [6 Months] [Data Analysis]

Business Foundations Specialization [Free] [7 Month] [Business Essential]

Business Strategies for A Better World Specialization [Free] [4 Months] [Leadership and Management]

Business and Financial Modeling Specialization [Free] [6 Months] [Business Essential]

Calculus: Single Variable Part 1 – Functions [Free] [7 Hours] [Math & Logic]

Calculus: Single Variable Part 2 – Differentiation [Free] [6 Hours] [Math and Logic]

Calculus: Single Variable Part 3 – Integration [Free] [9 Hours] [Math and Logic]

Calculus: Single Variable Part 4 – Applications [Free] [9 Hours] [Math and Logic]

Computational Thinking for Problem Solving [Free] [17 Hours] [Algorithms]

Crowdfunding [Free] [5 Hours] [Entrepreneurship]

Culture-Driven Team Building Specialization [Free] [6 Months] [Business Essentials]

Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society [Free] [22 Hours] [Entrepreneurship]

English for Business and Entrepreneurship [Free] [30 Hours] [Learning English]

English for Career Development [Free] [40 Hours] [Learning English]

English for Journalism [Free] [42 Hours] [Learning English]

English for Media Literacy [Free] [40 Hours] [Learning English]

English for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics [Free] [34 Hours] [Learning English]

Entrepreneurship Specialization [Free] [6 Months] [Entrepreneurship]

– Exploring Renewable Energy Schemes [Free] [15 Hours] [Physical Science & Engineering]

Feeding the World [Free] [13 Hours] [Basic Science]

Finance & Quantitative Modeling for Analysts Specialization [Free] [4 Months] [Finance]

Fintech: Foundations & Applications of Financial Technology Specialization [Free] [4 Months] [Business Essential]

Foundations of Positive Psychology Specialization [Free] [5 Months] [Business Essentials]

Fundamentals of Finance [Free] [9 Hours] [Finance]

Fundamentos Empresariales Specialization [Free] [6 Months] [Business Essentials]

Gamification [Free] [20 Hours] [Computer Science]

Greek and Roman Mythology [Free] [25 Hours] [Philosophy]

Healthcare Law Specialization [Free] [4 Months] [Health]

How to Apply to College [Free] [17 Hours] [Personal Development]

Intellectual Property Law Specialization [Free] [4 Months] [Business]

Introduction to Ancient Egypt and Its Civilization [Free] [7 Hours] [History]

Introduction to Dental Medicine [Free] [9 Hours] [Basic Science]

Introduction to Key Constitutional Concepts and Supreme Court Cases [Free] [6 Hours] [Governance and Society]

Microeconomics: When Markets Fail [Free] [8 Hours] [Economics]

Microeconomics: The Power of Markets [Free] [9 Hours] [Economics]

Modern & Contemporary American Poetry (“ModPo”) [Free] [66 Hours] [Music and Arts]

More Introduction to Financial Accounting [Free] [16 Hours] [Finance]

Network Dynamics of Social Behavior [Free] [4 Hours] [Governance and Society]

Orchestrating Whole Classroom Discussion [Free] [12 Hours] [Social Science]

Positive Psychology: Martin E. P. Seligman’s Visionary Science [Free] [16 Hours] [Psychology]

Positive Psychology: Resilience Skills [Free] [13 Hours] [Psychology]

Philosophy of Science [Free] [12 Hours] [Philosophy]

Regulatory Compliance Specialization [Free] [4 Months] [Business]

Removing Barriers to Change [Free] [5 Hours] [Leadership & Management]

Robotics Specialization [Free] [7 Months] [Electrical Engineering]

Single Variable Calculus [Free] [8 Hours] [Math and Logic]

Social Impact Strategy: Tools for Entrepreneurs and Innovators [Free] [7 Hours] [Entrepreneurship]

Social Norms, Social Change I [Free] [10 Hours] [Social Science]

Social Norms, Social Change II [Free] [9 Hours] [Psychology]

The Business of Health Care Specialization [Free] [4 Months] [Healthcare Management]

The Oral Cavity: Portal to Health and Disease [Free] [11 Hours] [Basic Science]

Vital Signs: Understanding What the Body Is Telling Us [Free] [15 Hours] [Patient Care]

Wonders of Ancient Egypt [Free] [9 Hours] [History]

商务基础 (中文版) Specialization [Free] [6 Months] [Business Essentials]

Even More Degree Options

Beyond the Ivy Leagues, there are 100’s of global colleges and universities that offer degrees on Coursera.

There are also MicroBachelors Programs for Undergraduate Education as well as a MicroMasters degree programs offered from edX. Both programs create a concentrated learning experience at a fraction of the cost of a university degree.

Udacity’s NanoDegree program offer something similar, but they are partnered with large technology companies like Amazon, Apple and Google. Some graduates even get invited for advance programs and paid internships.