Follow Up Email After Verbal Job Offer (+7 Templates!)

Stress when something goes wrong

Receiving a verbal job offer is exciting news! You may think the interview process and your time as a job seeker are over. Don’t fall into this trap!

After all, a verbal offer is not the same as a formalized written offer letter. You need to send a thoughtful follow-up note requesting a written job offer.

A job offer letter from your potential employer will confirm a job title, a start date, salary, working hours, and specific next steps in the hiring process. You may hear from human resources about a benefits package, perks, or scheduling a background check and what else to expect during onboarding. For some roles, there is a formal contract of employment.

It may be appropriate to send an email to both the recruiter and the hiring manager. With this in mind, here are some quality email examples to engage in after a verbal job offer.

Remember you are still actively looking for a new job. Stay engaged in your search, continue to follow up on LinkedIn, and remain committed to your job search until you have a written job offer.

Follow Up Email After Verbal Job Offer (7 Templates!)

Follow Up Email After Verbal Job Offer templates

1. Formal follow-up email after verbal job offer (Option 1)


I’m writing to express my gratitude for receiving your verbal job offer for [ROLE] at [COMPANY NAME]. It was a pleasure to meet you and hear more about this role, and I am very eager to begin working with the team at [COMPANY NAME].

I’m also reaching out to enquire about the next steps. Shall I await your written offer? Do you need anything more from me to make a final decision?

If so, don’t hesitate to ask.

Once again, thank you,


Consider sending this follow-up two business days after you received the verbal offer.

2. Formal follow-up email after verbal job offer (Option 2)


I was very grateful to receive your offer of employment for the role of [ROLE] at [COMPANY NAME]. I’m sure you felt my enthusiasm for the role in our interview, and I’m thrilled to hear that I will be a part of the team at [COMPANY NAME].  

I’m writing now to ask what the next step is to formalize this process.

If you need more information from me, don’t hesitate to contact me via email or phone. Otherwise, I’ll await the next instructions.  

I look forward to receiving your formal offer letter.

Kind Regards,


3. Conversational follow-up email after verbal job offer


Thank you so much for the job offer! I am very happy at the prospect of joining [COMPANY NAME].

I’m excited to be part of the team and looking forward to seeing how this evolves in the future for my own career and the success of [COMPANY NAME] in my efforts to show up as the best I can possibly be for this role.

Let me know if you need anything more from me now. Otherwise, I await further news from you on how to move forward from here. I am eager to move forward and discuss plans for my first day with the team.



4. Declining position follow-up email after verbal job offer


I’m writing to inform you that although I very much appreciate your offer for the [ROLE NAME] role that I interviewed for on DATE OF INTERVIEW, I will be politely declining this position at [COMPANY NAME] at this time.  

While the opportunity at [COMPANY NAME] is valuable, no doubt, I will be making a different choice due to personal reasons.  

Once again, I appreciate the opportunity and wish you luck in finding the perfect candidate for this role.



5. Creative follow-up email after verbal job offer


I’m still on a high after our interview and receiving the job offer to join [COMPANY NAME].  

As you would have felt in our interview, I feel inspired to be a part of the team and give my all to the [ROLE TITLE] position.

What is the next step to move forward with finalizing the process now? What is your timeframe for making a final decision?

Let me know, I’ll eagerly await your response!

Thank you,  


6. Second follow-up email after verbal job offer


As it has now been a few weeks since our interview and your job offer for [ROLE NAME], I am reaching out again to confirm that we are still going ahead with this offer.

I’m still eager to work for [COMPANY NAME], and I’d be happy to come in for another meeting if that would be helpful.

Please let me know if the offer has been withdrawn or if the position has been filled. Otherwise, I’ll await your response before continuing my search for a new role, as my first choice is to join your team at [COMPANY NAME].

Let me know, please.



7. Final follow-up email after verbal job offer


I wanted to reach out to once again say thank you for hiring me for the [ROLE TITLE] position at [COMPANY NAME]. I appreciate the time you took in our interview to offer more details and to allow me to express my interest in this role.  

I am wondering if you have had some time to read my previous email and if there were anything you needed from me to move forward with a written contract.

I’m eager to begin as soon as you need. Let me know if there’s anything you require from me – I’m contactable here or via phone.  

Thank you again,


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