73+ Time Tested Data Entry Resume Skills To Get More Interviews [Free Guide]

resume skills for data entry job

data entry resume skillsFor data entry specialists, there are very specific skillsets needed to effectively work in this information technology industry.

When you are updating your data entry resume skills on your CV, include a range of categories from technical abilities to data system skills, administration and interpersonal skills, and so on.

Below is a valuable resource for you to assess and extract the data entry skills that are relevant to you for your resume.

Feel free to copy and paste any of the below skills to your resume that apply to your experience level and skills ☺️.

 73 + Data Entry Resume Skills For Your CV

data entry resume skills

#1: Technical Data Entry Skills

To be trained in how to work in data entry is a necessity in this field, so ensure that you include key technical skills as listed below on your data entry resume skills list.

  • Professional typing ability (65-79wpm)
  • Well-versed in MS Word, Outlook and Access 
  • Accurate spelling and grammar
  • Advanced MS Excel usage
  • Data input and manipulation in databases of different kinds
  • Invoicing and inventory programs and systems
  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receiving operations
  • Purchasing, shipping, and recording of all data in the process
  • Document storage on cloud-based systems
  • Administrative support on CRM Platforms.

#2: Specific Data Entry Job Experience

Refer also to previous experiences that you’ve had working in other jobs and roles. Detail specific examples and refer to how they have given you the capacity to handle jobs that may be similar in the future. Employers will like to see how you can bring past experience into your new role.

  • Worked for small businesses, as well as larger international companies
  • Entered more than 1,000 records a day on average
  • Performed data entry for invoices, mailings, and other communications
  • Entered customer orders and shipping and tracking information, updating during processes
  • Used Microsoft Office daily in a range of programs
  • Ability to adhere to specific data entry templates, or create new systems
  • Data storage, manipulation, and interpretation in a range of industries
  • Wide knowledge of methods of backing up data
  • Used QuickBooks regularly and accurately
  • Converting raw data into different formats of useful information. 

#3: Data System Skills

Some different systems and procedures are involved with data entry; refer to any that apply to your experience. The skills below are good examples of data system skills.

  • Advanced spread sheeting skills
  • Information and computer system knowledge
  • Can carry out additional administration tasks (printing, filing, etc.)
  • Verifies and updates source documents
  • Excellent capacity for complex IT work
  • Scanning of documents to convert into a database
  • Manually inputting of paper-based sources into electronic programs efficiently and accurately
  • Coding and processing information into a range of formats 
  • Manipulation of data into charts, tables, written documents, etc.
  • Can create templates for other data workers to base their entries on.

#4: Detail Oriented Data Entry Skills

When handling numerical content, or large data of any kind, the need to be detail-oriented it vital. This ensures error-free work, so mention on your data entry resume skills list that you are detail-oriented.

  • Ensuring the safety and security of data systems of all kinds
  • Checking printed and paper materials for errors before inputting
  • Auditing applications online and electronically for completeness and accuracy
  • Strong understanding of refined transcribing procedures
  • Adheres to confidentiality agreements in all stages of transcribing, inputting, manipulating and sharing
  • Creating data backup systems for contingency plans
  • Elimination of duplicate information
  • Running statistical analysis procedures on large data batches
  • Ability to assess the impact on the use of different IT systems on business
  • Cross-checks work for accuracy and completeness before sending and storing data.

#5: Problem Solving Skills

In any job, problems will arise in some form, so communicate your ability to solve problems related to your data entry experience.

  • Investigation of system errors using different methods
  • Assisting in the rectification of errors
  • Reviewing and checking documents and supporting papers to determine the specific issue
  • Managing application and data changes to ensure accuracy during changes
  • Resolving discrepancies in information by referring to different systems and documents
  • Collaborates with colleagues to assist with, and be assisted for, problems that arise
  • Attention to detail in problem-solving processes to find the real cause of an issue
  • Objectivity in assessing and refining personal work
  • Gathering all relevant information from multiple sources, clients, etc. to resolve the issue.
  • Flexibility in work balance to prioritize problems that arise.

#6: Organizational Data Entry Skills

You data entry resume skills list should also convey that you can be organized and effective in your different modes of working.

  • Responsible as the first point of contact for queries
  • Manual entering of customer records and system creation for storage
  • Discretion with confidential data and sensitive information storage
  • Editing skills on multiple IT platforms
  • Ability to work either independently, or as part of a team
  • Storing information on past clients and templates for jobs to use in future work
  • Maintaining activity logs of the entire team
  • Preparing reports for higher management
  • Clear communication to be direct and transparent in discussing work
  • Keeping a tidy working area, including room, desk, and common areas.

#7: Interpersonal Data Entry Skills

Working with people, whether co-workers, clients or management means that you need to have strong communication skills. Include some points from the below list on your CV.

  • Communication to customers and clients via telephone in a professional and friendly tone
  • Written email communication skills for clear and professional communication
  • Customer service experience in patiently and effectively handling queries
  • Communicating in person with clients in welcoming energy
  • Patience in dealing with difficult clients
  • Resolving conflicts or complaints in an objective and sensitive manner
  • Ability to follow instructions from other co-workers and management where needed
  • Retrieve information and communicate complex data in a clear way
  • Simplified data and IT language for accessibility for public knowledge 
  • Ability to work in small or large teams collaboratively.

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