70+ Caregiver Resume Skills For Your CV 2024! [Free Guide]

resume skills for caregiver job
caregiver resume skills

Being a caregiver is a dynamic role in terms of your physical job, your qualifications, your knowledge of procedure and your organizational skills.

The following points below would be wise to include on your caregiver resume skills list on your CV if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd of applicants.

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70 + Caregiver Resume Skills For Your CV 2024!

caregiver resume skills

#1: Daily Activities

It’s a good idea to detail the range of activities that you manage as a caregiver on your caregiver resume skills list.

  • Preparation of meals and cooking for individual client’s needs
  • Housekeeping throughout the day, regularly
  • Proving personal care acts such as bathing, grooming and toileting assistance
  • Additional personal grooming assistance with skin, hair, nail and oral care, where needed
  • Effective at handling multiple clients or social situations the client is in company with others
  • Well-versed in running errands such as grocery shopping and paying bills
  • Laundry management, either in-home or dropping off and picking up
  • Encourages outdoor activities, where possible, such as walking and light sports
  • Familiar at performing housekeeping work such as dusting, cleaning, vacuuming
  • Competent at proving companionship in communicating with a client and spending leisure time together.

#2: Qualifications and Specific Skills

Working with people who need assistance means that there will be specific qualifications that as a caregiver it is vital to have.

  • Current CPR and First Aid certificates
  • Clean driving record
  • Certified and experienced in Alzheimer’s care
  • Well-versed in other emergency services and procedures
  • Associate degrees in medicine
  • Caregiving certifications of a wide range (children, disabled, aged, families, etc.)
  • Physically fit and healthy with conscious efforts to remain in good health
  • Non-medical home care services – experience in personal care and companionship
  • Alternate communication methods such as sign language
  • Well-versed in basic nutrition for cooking and overseeing the client’s diet.

#3: Problem Solving Skills

Ensure that you express your ability to find solutions to common problems as a caregiver on your caregiver resume skills list.

  • Experience in emergency response procedures
  • Highly attentive to client observation to assess risks and potential issues 
  • Monitoring health for signs of problems, and working with the client to adjust issues with diet, lifestyle actions, etc.
  • Working with other carers, family and medical staff to determine the best way to proceed when problems arise
  • Ability to remain patient and calm in stressful situations
  • Takes precautions when traveling with clients and visiting unfamiliar environments
  • Notices when health is deteriorating and assessing nutrition to make adjustments in groceries and cooking
  • Monitoring blood pressure, vital signs, pulse, temperature, and respiration
  • Understanding of procedures to take when vital signs are low, determining how urgent the medical situations may be
  • Can create an action plan with family and client to readjust daily activities and care when dealing with problems. 

#4: Interpersonal Skills

Working so closely with people of different kinds require you to have strong communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Compassionate energy to make the client feel comfortable
  • Highly patient with client’s when difficulties arise, or in slow-paced environments
  • Successful at memorizing the client’s preferences, needs, interests, and unique attributes
  • Positive and happy disposition to keep a light mood for client
  • Ability to get along well with when there are diverse cultural and socioeconomic attributes of clients
  • Encouraging the client to continue with daily activities and stay engaged in life
  • Talkative nature to enjoy companionship with the client and pleasant communication
  • Can provide past recommendations of positive feedback on personality and communication from past roles 
  • Ability to manage conversations, whilst stay on track with daily jobs and procedures
  • Empowers clients with open and reflective communication, asking preferences and respecting their autonomy.

#5: Time Management Skills

Include on your caregiver resume skills list how you effectively manage time in your work, and for your client.

  • Ability to project timing for meal preparation and cooking to suit mealtime standards
  • Can follow a daily routine that the client feels most comfortable in, and be flexible when changes are needed
  • Ability to follow set schedule for activities as set by client, family or other health professionals 
  • Well-versed in monitoring time for the client taking prescribed medication 
  • Guidance during morning and night times for waking client and allowing them to wind down to rest
  • Ability to be flexible and be present for patients 24/7, every day
  • Punctual for every shift and ability to work overtime where necessary
  • Can stay open to regular schedule changes, whilst maintaining procedures and set activities for client
  • Ability to work with multiple clients and manage time effectively between all
  • Proficient in keeping track of scheduled appointments, visits, and other activities and transporting client punctually.

#6: Management and Organization

Working with set schedules and procedures demands high-level organization skills.

  • Experience in creating a plan of care for the client, working with all parties
  • Following the plan of care accurately, as set by others
  • Solid track record of effectively transporting clients to appointments, and scheduling additional appointments
  • Skilled in assisting clients with planned physical exercises and therapy
  • Creating a schedule to keep up with housekeeping tasks such as deep cleaning, lawn care, sheet washing, etc.
  • Knowledgeable about different medications and managing other carers to be consistent in dosage
  • First-hand experience in overseeing other professionals working with a client (therapist, counseled, etc.)
  • Can create social plans and schedules for the client to take outings, try new activities and be out of the home
  • Assessing the client’s recorded past and documenting present activity to ensure future informed decisions are made
  • Can follow sanitization and safety standards in activities, and schedule activities that are in line with standards.

#7: Administration Skills

Not only is a caregiver’s role hand-on in physical work, but also there are also administrative tasks that you’ll be required to know. Make sure some of these points below are on your caregiver resume skills list. You can learn more about resume skills here.

  • Skilled in information technology to use electronic programs for admin work
  • Documenting daily activities to keep on file
  • Manages files to ensure organized information easily accessible by other carers
  • Stores documents that outline problems and solutions to past issues
  • Skilled in documenting physical therapy exercise procedures and results
  • Keeps all procures and schedules in clear, organized space
  • Ensures confidentiality in client’s records in the storage system
  • Detailed and meticulous in written documentation
  • Assesses past of client and regularly refers to supporting documents to make present decisions
  • Handling medication administration work, with an accurate and detailed system.

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