Learn How To Sing With 2024‘s Top 11 Best Online Singing Lessons [Free + Paid]

Best Online Singing Courses & Classes
best online singing courses

Singing doesn’t come naturally to all of us and it’s really hard not to feel self-conscious when learning. If you have a bit of stage fright and don’t want to learn in a public setting like The Voice, why not try some of the best online singing lessons in 2024?

Online singing lessons allow you to improve your vocal skills without having to leave the comfort of your home – or your comfort zone.

This list will give you some great options. Read on to find out which online singing course could be a good fit for you!

skillshare e1633951307303 Learn How To Sing With [year]'s Top 11 Best Online Singing Lessons [Free + Paid]
Skillshare: Singing Made Easy - Complete Vocal Training System
  • Positive reviews: 78% said it exceeded their expectations
  • Popular! 1,699 students
  • Suitable for all levels
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Masterclass 3 e1633942466352 Learn How To Sing With [year]'s Top 11 Best Online Singing Lessons [Free + Paid]
Masterclass: Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing
  • Reasonably priced
  • Includes great resources
  • Masterclass classes have on average a 4.7 out of 5-star rating
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Udemy Learn How To Sing With [year]'s Top 11 Best Online Singing Lessons [Free + Paid]
Udemy: Learn to Sing (Even if you Suck)
  • Very popular! 5,139 students
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Certificate of completion
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Top 11 Best Online Singing Lessons [Free + Paid]

1. Skillshare: Singing Made Easy: Complete Vocal Training System (Skillshare)

Skillshare: Singing Made Easy: Complete Vocal Training System

Up first on my list is a fantastic Skillshare course that is suitable for all levels and the 17 video voice lessons will take you less than an hour to work through. It’s important to start with the basics and this course has you covered. You’ll learn great vocalist techniques for improving your voice and vocal range.

Instructor, Gabriel Burrafato, is an award-winning Broadway actor and singer so you can trust that you are in good hands! Not only will he share his 20 years of experience and groundbreaking vocal techniques with you, but he will also provide you with daily vocal practice exercises.

The knowledge you gain from these online singing lessons can help you to craft a sustainable singing practice. You will also learn about the fundamentals of breathing, healthy vocal placement, and how to yawn your way to the higher notes.

Gabriel also has modules on the placement of A, E, I, O, U when singing and how to sing staccato, legato, humming/lip trill, and hissing scales. These exercises are part of Gabriel’s proven vocal technique. Let this Broadway maestro help you realize your own Broadway dreams!

Being hosted on Skillshare, users can take these voice lessons and 1,000’s more on their 1-month free trial that can be canceled at any time!

  • Popular! 31,305 students
  • Positive reviews: 96% said it met or exceeded their expectations
  • Dedicated instructor who takes the time to answer student questions
  • Suitable for all levels

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2. Become a Better Singer in Only 30 Days (30 Day Singer)

30 Day Singer: Become a Better Singer in Only 30 Days

Next on my list is a complete resource of online signing courses that are taught by some of the top singers in the world. Even better is that this one platform includes dozens of classes for all skill levels. Even the shower singers out there!

Some of the courses available with 30 Day Singer include imitating vocal styles of famous singers, runs and embellishments, classical singing technique, perfect pitch and intonation, steps to better phrasing, how to master vibrato, improving vocal tone, harmonizing with another singer, and many more!

Another benefit of these online singing lessons is that the video courses are totally self-paced and are made up of step-by-step video tutorials. They cover all aspects of singing including the basics, vocal styles, and performance.

As for the price, 30 Day Singer is currently offering a 14-day free trial for new users. So don’t miss out!  Overall, this is a great starting point for beginner singers and those looking to further their skills!

  • Access Free preview lessons for free
  • Instructor help is available on the online forum
  • Can book a 1 on 1 webcam session with a vocal coach
  • All levels from beginner to advanced
  • Self-paced

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3. The Fundamentals of Singing for Complete Beginners (Skillshare)

Skillshare: The ABC of Singing: The Fundamentals of Singing for Complete Beginners

Are you totally new to singing and looking for a gentle introduction? Then this course is for you! This course is aimed at complete beginners who want to learn how to sing without being overwhelmed with more technical techniques.

Taught by a professional singing teacher, Jayne Norrie, she will teach you the proper body alignment for singing, breathing for singing using abdominal and diaphragmatic breathing, and connecting to the core muscles while singing.

After completing this course you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you are on the right track to be becoming the singer you always wanted to be.

Since this course is hosted on Skillshare, students get access to this class plus dozens of other singing courses for free on their 1-month free trial!

  • Very popular! 9,379 students
  • Aimed at complete beginners
  • Accessible for free with Skillshare’s free trial
  • Low time commitment

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4. Vocal Lessons: 1 Warm Ups and Cool Downs (LinkedIn Learning)

Vocal Lessons - 1 Warm Ups and Cool Downs - LinkedIn Learning

Next up we have our first course from LinkedIn Learning. While it may surprise you that a site you associate with corporate skills development also has online singing lessons, it turns out they have dozens and they’re very high quality. 

This course is just about the same as your first private lesson, as you’ll learn to sing with one-on-one vocal lessons from voice coach Jeannie Deva. As the founder and originator of The Deva Method®, she’s helped thousands of singers improve from pure beginners to advanced singers. 

Part 1 of your online voice lessons covers the fundamentals of voice training including basic vocal warm-up and cool-down exercises and methods to improve your range, tone, and resonance. As a seasoned voice teacher, she’ll have you searching for high notes and itching to move one to more advanced techniques. 

And that’s the best part of a LinkedIn Learning subscription. With one monthly price, you can access their full catalog of courses. So once you’ve warmed up, you can move on to additional courses like Vocal Lessons: 2 Singing Songs BetterVocal Lessons: 3 Expanding Your Range as well as Music Theory for Songwriters: The Fundamentals.   

  • Very popular! 27,732 students
  • Aimed at complete beginners
  • Accessible for free with LinkedIn Learning trial
  • Additional courses available within the monthly subscription

5. Singing Like a Pro: Exercises to Help You Find Your Unique Voice (Skillshare)

Skillshare: Singing Like a Pro: Exercises to Help You Find Your Unique Voice

Classically trained professional singer and songwriter, Eve Williams, shares her expertise in 23 awesome video lessons that will take just over an hour to work through. After you are done with this course, it will train not only your voice but also your ear.

This Skillshare course is suited for all levels, but Eve will challenge you to push yourself with three exciting course projects! The first project is to sing an easy song using a YouTube karaoke video. You’ll then try singing a moderately difficult song and finally tackle a difficult song.

Eve also covers topics such as breathing, range, projection, diction, and posture which are all ingredients of a great singer. Students will also learn how to avoid constriction when singing and to prevent common vocal problems and maintain vocal health.

This comprehensive course will also teach you how to identify vocal qualities when listening to recordings and how to apply vocal qualities such as speech, twang, sob, falsetto, opera, and belt in your own singing. Overall, a great class!

  • All levels
  • Very inclusive
  • Positive reviews
  • 3 supplementary resources
  • Exciting class projects!

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5. Masterclass: Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing (Masterclass)

Masterclass: Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing

Fans of Xtina may want to take this course just to learn more about her. Not only does the 6-time Grammy award winner, Christina Aguilera, give invaluable music lessons in this Masterclass course, she also reveals personal anecdotes and shares details about her own journey as a musician!

In this course, Christina will share some of her personal inspirations with you and you will enjoy every second of the 3.5 hours you get to spend with her. Over the course of 23 video lessons, Christina will teach you amazing singing techniques starting with ways to warm up and protect your voice. Best of all with these online courses, you can go at you own pace.

Once you’re ready to sing you’ll learn about singing essentials like range, vocal placement and posture, diction, mastering vocal techniques, playing with textures and tones, beat, tempo, and rhythm. You’ll also get a taste of how to channel Christina’s signature gritty vocals and attitude.

If you’re hoping to take your act to the stage this MasterClass course can definitely help you. It covers performance aspects such as projection and emotional connection, singing duets, using live and studio microphones, performance anxiety, singing live, and overcoming mistakes.

  • Reasonably priced: You can pay a monthly rate of around $15 per month or buy a single class for around $100
  • Includes great resources: range finder tool (come with the masterclass app) allows you to track your vocal range; 47-page workbook that includes lesson recaps and practical ways to apply your new skills
  • Masterclass online classes have on average a 4.7 out of 5-star rating

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7. Udemy: Learn to Sing (Even if you Suck) (Udemy)

Udemy: Learn to Sing (Even if you Suck)

As a learner who sucks at singing, the title of this course made me laugh. It’s a good idea to not take yourself too seriously when approaching a new skill. Luckily this is also one of the best online singing lessons for beginners who want to build a successful singing practice and grow their skills to the next level.

Piano teacher and Berklee College of Music graduate, Micah Blake, will keep the learning process fun. With his background in music education, he will help you will start by learning some crucial basics like the parts of singing and vocal exercises that teach you pitch matching and how to find your range, tone, flavor, and rhythm.

You will learn warmup and breathing exercises that you should do before singing and technical exercises that allow you to grow your vocal range and improve your singing. You’ll learn how to sing triads, octaves, solfeggios, solfeggio intervals and how to control your volume.

What makes this one of the best online singing lessons is that you will be given three practice songs. The songs are suitable for low, mid, and high ranges respectively. The instructor will demo the songs and then you can try singing these 3 hits: Drunken Sailor, Danny boy, and House of the Rising Sun.

  • Very popular! 5,368 students
  • High rating: 4.1-star rating
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Comprehensive course: 37 lessons, 2h20m
  • Lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion

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8. Masterclass: Usher Teaches the Art of Performance (Masterclass)

8-time Grammy award winner, Usher, knows a thing or two about awe-inspiring vocal performance. And now you have the chance to learn from one of the best in the business! Over the course of 16 highly informative video lessons, Usher will let you in on his secret to success and his singing voice.

The first few lessons cover finding opportunities to perform and how to use social media to grow your audience. Then Usher will teach you how to gather inspiration and apply that inspiration to your own performance without resorting to imitation.

You will also get some great singing classes such as how to identify and expand your range and how to warm up your voice. He also covers the dancing and acting aspect that goes into a performance. If you want to sing live then this is one of the best online singing courses to prepare you for that.

Usher talks about pre-show rituals, rehearsal techniques, and even how mindful meditation helps him to be a better performer. The last few lessons teach you how to captivate an audience once it’s showtime and how to maintain mental toughness.

You’ll also get insight into Usher’s own career journey. Even the superstars had to start somewhere!

  • 25-page downloadable workbook with recaps and supplemental material
  • Accessible on mobile, computer, and TV
  • High course rating
  • Focused on the performance aspect of singing

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9. Udemy: Singing Simplified #1: The Fast-Track to Singing Like a Pro (Udemy)

Udemy: Singing Simplified #1: The Fast-Track to Singing Like a Pro

In this Udemy course, professional singer and music coach, Steve Glazer, will teach you tons of great vocal exercises and techniques that will make you a confident singer! You don’t need any prior singing or musical experience to take this course, because as Steve says “if you can speak, you can sing!”

Some things you’ll learn include breath control and how to warm up your voice; singing the “ahh” vowel; understanding the muscles of the tongue and throat; singing consonants: P, F, K, T, CH, S; singing words that end with “R” or “L”; singing the vowel sound “i’; and glottal stops and diaphragm strength.

Steve will also teach vocal styles such as falsetto voice, mix voice, and blues. What makes these the very best online singing lessons is that he offers a free voice assessment! Send in a video of your singing and Steve will give you constructive feedback and ideas for ways you can keep improving.

  • High 4.8-star rating
  • Very popular! 26,775 students
  • Comprehensive course: 57 lectures, 3h8m
  • Offers a free personalized voice assessment
  • 30+ downloadable exercises
  • Certificate of completion
  • “5 shortcuts to great songwriting” ebook included with course

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10. Singing Lessons Online (Singorama)


With Singorama you can get instant access to a free mini singing course! The rest of the courses you will have to pay for, but they are well worth it, since they are designed for all skill levels and you can learn beginner tactics as well as advanced singing techniques.

The courses cover topics such as maximizing your vocal range; developing vocal strength and projection skills; developing vocal agility, vocal tone, and your mixed voice; training your voice and ear to master perfect pitch; perfecting bridged vocalization, and transitioning from head voice to chest voice.

Vocal coach Melanie Alexander gives you a truly comprehensive singing education. On top of all those skills, she will also teach you how to overcome stage fright and audition anxiety. Because after putting in all that time, effort, and practice, you shouldn’t be afraid to let your voice be heard!

  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Currently offered at a discounted rate of $67
  • Course comes with: Singorama pitch perfecting software: perfect your pitch pro; The Singorama mini recording studio (software that allows you to record and listen to yourself to chart your progress); The ultimate guide on how to read music (book)

11. Udemy: Become a Great Singer: Your Complete Vocal Training System (Udemy)

Udemy: Become a Great Singer: Your Complete Vocal Training System

This last class is one of the best online singing lessons on this list and definitely one of the best online singing courses on the internet. It’s for all levels but it’s geared towards those who want to approach singing seriously. You should be prepared to train and practice between 30 minutes and 2 hours 2-6 days a week.

This Udemy course is taught by internationally successful voice trainer, Robert Lunte. He includes a whopping 53 vocal workouts in the course material which include demonstrations that he performs himself.

There are 175 video lectures in this course as well as quizzes to test your retention. In total there are over 22 hours of course material. Just imagine how much your singing skills will improve! The list of things you’ll learn in this course is extensive but here’s a quick taste.

You’ll be taught how to train in specific vocal styles and build vocal strength; how to use vocal distortion and vowel modification; the mechanics of tongue and body positioning; microphone ergonomics; how to increase vocal range and endurance; and finding methods to bridge the vocal registers.

This comprehensive, well-rounded course covers all of those topics in-depth plus much more. It’s truly your one-stop shop for learning how to sing!

  • High rating: 4.2 stars
  • Popular! 35,466 students
  • Extensive learning material
  • Covers how to find a higher range as a baritone
  • Course completion certificate

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