Top 15+ FREE Online Interior Design Courses in 2024

Online Interior Design Courses, Training and Classes
Top 15+ FREE Online Interior Design Courses

If you are looking to learn about interior design classes, you’re in the right place!

In this guide, I cover some of the best online interior design courses in 2022 that anyone can undertake without any prior experience to improve your interior spaces.

Also, with the advent of high-quality interactive course providers like Skillshare, MasterClass, and Udemy, many of these courses can be taken for a small price, or in some cases, for free!

So if you’re wondering are online interior design classes worth it?

Whether you are looking to start your own business, furthering your career path, or just wanting more knowledge for your own home, the answer is a resounding yes!

Top 15+ FREE Best Online Interior Design Courses 2024

1. Interior Design Basics: Simple Steps to Your Perfect Space (Skillshare)

Interior Design Basics: Simple Steps to Your Perfect Space

Hosted by Skillshare, this course handles common interior design questions using simplified video lessons. Starting with creating a personal identity, it then dives deeper into the art of interior design and how to execute your ideas. All up, this course has been taken by over 8,000 students!

Presented by interior designer Lauren Cox, the course has 11 video lessons that can be followed according to the personal schedule of the student. There’s also an included free iOS and Android app for learning on the go!

Also included in this course is a series of 4 interior design principles which are followed with dedicated lessons for each to improve your design skills. These principles include color, balance, scale, and repetition which lay a strong foundation for any interior design program.

During the course, there are also two example projects that students can undertake which include laying out the design for a modern farmhouse and a coastal home.

As this course is hosted on Skillshare, new students can take advantage of a 1-month FREE trial and get full access to this course, plus 29,000 others. Highly recommended!

  • Presented by an established interior designer
  • Only includes 11 lessons
  • Teaches general design principles
  • Offers advice on finding a personal style
  • Includes 2 real-world interior design examples
  • Included references for further information

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2. Corey Damen Jenkins Teaches Interior Design (MasterClass)

Corey Damen Jenkins Teaches Interior Design Masterclass

Corey Damen Jenkins is known for using vivid colors and layered patterns to help his clients achieve “architecturally inspired spaces that are polished, inventive and unexpected.” The result is absolutely stunning – just check out his Instagram if you need proof.

You may know him as the recent winner of HGTV’s competition series Showhouse Showdown. Or perhaps from his appearances on Rachel Ray or Open House TV.

Now he reveals his approach to you in his new MasterClass. In much the same way he approaches his high-end clients, he starts by waking you through a process that defines your style, not his.

“Jenkins’ aesthetic is visible in the finished home, but it’s his clients’ personalities that shine through. “I approach design like a doctor delivering a baby: At the end of the day, it’s not my kid—it’s yours, and it should look like you,” he laughs. “After all, you’re the ones taking it home!” — House Beautiful Magazine

From there, he takes you through the design process, from the initial mood board to the final reveal and walk-through. In between, you’ll learn to select bold colors and patterns, and layout a room both functional and striking. All while maximizing your design budget.

He even devotes a chapter to those entrepreneurs who are considering starting their own interior design house.

For those of you new MasterClass, it’s one of the fastest-growing education subscription services. Think of it like Netflix for those that like binge learning. So you not only do you get one of the best online interior design courses but also hundreds of others for one monthly fee.

That includes Kelly Wrestler’s equally compelling interior design course.

  • Taught by award-winning interior designer
  • 12 lessons over roughly 2 hours
  • Subscription with access to 100’s of courses
  • Risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee

3. Interior Design For Beginners (Domestika)

Interior Design For Beginners Domestika

Next up is a highly rated class from the award-winning, design studio STUDIOLAV. Started by Loukas Angelou & Vasso Asfi more than a decade ago, their work is both modern and understated. They focus on creating environments that meld their client’s passion and way of living. Here’s a striking example of a loft in SoHo they designed.

Given that they specialize in both interior and product design, STUDIOLAV brings a unique focus to their process, concentrating on the connection between their clients, objects they collect, and their environment. This unique blend of skills makes this one of the best online interior design courses.

You’ll dive deep into the life of an interior designer and get a sense of both the work required as well as the tools necessary for bringing a concept into physical existence. Once you’re done, you’ll know how to create mood boards, select complementary colors and materials, and layout a workable space.

They also help you see the hidden aspects of the business side of interior design, from expertly handling clients throughout the design process to promoting your brand in a way that’s authentic to the type of interior designer you aspire to be.

If you’re new to Domestika, they’re hugely popular with creative professionals. So they attract amazing instructors, produce high-end videos, and offer their courses at an accessible price. This is probably your best bet for an interior design course with a certificate.

  • 17 lessons across 2 hours of content
  • Instructors are award-winning interior designer team
  • 19 exercises including a final project
  • Certificate at the completion of the couse.
  • Englsh audio and subtitles in 6 other langages.


4. Interior Design: Interior Decorate like a Boss (Skillshare)

Interior Design: Interior Decorate like a Boss

Next up on my list is another fantastic Skillshare course that teaches the fundamentals of interior design. Like the above course, these classes have no barrier of entry, and as a result, they can be a great choice for those looking to redecorate their homes or for future interior designers.

With over 6,000 enrolled students, it debuts with a space evaluation, from this point onwards, it allows students to plan seating and storage in dedicated models. It also touches on the focal point of a room and how to make it functional at the same time.

Other modules covered are natural light effects, using accessories such as wall art, mirrors, and plants. While this course is only 1 hour in length, it really is jam-packed with actionable and real use scenarios.

Being hosted on Skillshare, new students can take this course for free when activating the 1-month free trial that can be canceled at any time. You can’t go wrong with this one!

  • Based on very short easy-to-follow lessons
  • Presented by an experienced interior designer
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Includes access to personal projects from other students
  • All students should create their projects at the end of the course
  • Short lessons suitable for viewing on smartphones

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5. How to Work with Interior Design Styles Like a Pro (Udemy)

How to Work with Interior Design Styles Like a Pro

With 6 hours of video learning, this online interior design course looks over the most popular design styles throughout the world.

Some styles that this course touches on include English, French Modern, Mediterranean, coastal chic, Scandinavian, Bohemian and western styles.

Other standout topics that this class covers include retro, mid-century modern, Art Deco, industrial and Zen decoration. So for those that want to understand different styles and how to implement them, this is the course for you!

Being hosted on Udemy, students can also view video modules at their own pace and can also download them for offline viewing on the mobile app or via the desktop. There’s also a certificate of completion included!

This is hands down one of the top online interior design courses!

  • Looks at historical design styles
  • Includes 6 hours of training with 6 additional articles
  • Offers 22 downloadable resources
  • Awards a certificate of completion
  • Held by an experienced interior designer
  • Over 11.,000 enrolled students


6. How to Design a Room in 10 Easy Steps (Udemy)

How to Design a Room in 10 Easy Steps

Up next on my list is a great short course that teaches students how to design an attractive room from start to finish. With 1 1/2 hours of video training, this course can easily be completed in a day, with a certificate of completion at the end.

After a short introduction, students are guided through the pre-planning stages of interior design. They also learn the basics such as measuring the room, creating the perfect mood, and the colors which help to reach this objective.

Once done, students can move onto other modules that look at the finer details in furniture choices, wall decoration, window coverings, and lighting.

Overall, a great introductory interior design course!

  • Short to-the-point lessons split in modules
  • Presented by Erikka Fogleman, an instructor with nearly 20,000 students
  • Part of a larger interior design set from the same presenter
  • Includes 7 articles on interior design planning
  • Offers a certificate of completion at the end
  • Backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee


7. Online learning at the New York School of Interior Design (New School of Interior Design)

Online learning at the New York School of Interior Design

There are a few interesting online interior design courses to consider at the New York School of Interior Design. The Basic Interior Design Certification program accepts students with no portfolio. It also allows full-time and part-time enrolment with a curriculum based on credits.

During the first trimester of the 1-year course, students learn about historical styles, visual concepts, and color selection. The second trimester then debuts with historical styles and textile interiors while also touching on construction documents.

For those seeking a job or career in the interior design space, this online course is a great place to start which full accreditation from the school.

  • Based on such as construction documentation
  • Offers a certificate of completion
  • Doesn’t require a portfolio for enrolment
  • Split over 2 trimesters
  • Backed by the New York School of Interior design
  • Organized in trimesters


8. Interior Design Essentials: Creating A Color Palette (Skillshare)

Interior Design Essentials: Creating A Color Palette

Hosted by Sarah Jane, a New York-based interior designer, this short course can be useful for future designers or anyone looking to make their home look better.

Split into 8 modules, the course offers a distinct overlook over colors only, from all of the possible interior design topics.

The first module offers an introduction to colors shortly followed by basic color choices. Using the colors wheel is a must for anyone looking to get inspired on home interior designs.

The psychology of colors is also covered in the course, during the 4th module. Tips and tricks for picking the perfect paint color follow next. A separate model is dedicated to pulling a color palette from favorite household items. A final project is mandatory towards the end of the course.

Chosen by over 2,000 students, this online course aims to simplify colors and to introduce people to new concepts on how interior design works. Color combinations can then be chosen by students themselves. This is hands down one of the best online interior design courses!

  • Only comes with short modules of up to 7 minutes
  • The course only lasts for 26 minutes
  • No previous knowledge is required to take the course
  • Based on the real-world experience of a New York designer
  • Offers a glimpse into primary, secondary, and tertiary colors
  • Includes a final students’ project

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9. Interior Design Course at The Interior Design Institute (The Interior Design Institute)

Interior Design Course at The Interior Design Institute

Endorsed by Darren Palmer, this is a 6-month course that dives deeper into the world of interior design. Split into 12 modules, it makes everything considerably easier for the average future interior designer.

Module 1 debuts the importance of visual language and its role in communication. Module 2 looks at the history of style and how its roots shape what we know today about interior design.

The third module accentuates the various designs seen today. Module 4 looks at space planning. An example of what students learn in this course is how to draw a floor plan. Module 5 is all about lighting and how it shapes and accentuates interior designs.

Module 6 looks at paint systems. The color wheel offers a gradient look into this colorful world. Interior finishes are covered in Module 7. They represent the knowledge of quality looks which first meets the eye.

Module 8 looks at various fabrics and textile materials. Their combinations can transform any location. Further down the finer details, Module 9 looks at furniture, art, and other decorative accessories. From Module 10 onwards, students learn about the business side of interior design. From dealing with customers to set up a real business, there’s plenty of good information to go through.

The strengths of the online course

  • Covers all essential elements for future interior designers
  • Includes business advice and client communication information
  • Based on structured information from a proven interior designer
  • Offers extra modules such as Kitchen and Bathroom Design Basics
  • Can be graduated with regular payments
  • No fixed start dates for any students


10. Intro to Interior Design Course (Udemy)

Intro to Interior Design Course

Offering a better insight into the world of interior design, this course aims to make students start designing their own spaces. With over 9 hours of video presentations, there’s plenty of useful information to count on. Unlike many other courses, this Udemy offering comes with plenty of technical knowledge such as CAD basics as well.

The introduction to this course looks at definitions. All the right terms are defined from the start, especially for beginners. Interior design basic principles are covered in the first proper learning module. Advanced knowledge is covered in the following modules with topics such as measuring, scaling, and elevation.

Technical drawing enjoys its module with 13 lectures. CAD basics are then covered in the following module. A sample interior design module is covered next. Step-by-step descriptions characterize this module. Working with floorplans, clients, sketches, files, 3D modeling, and presentations are included in this final course.

The strengths of the online course

  • Offers over 9 hours of video training
  • Includes 7 downloadable files
  • Covers technical aspects and drawing basics
  • Trusted by over 2.700 students so far
  • Presented by a successful interior designer
  • Offers a certificate of completion at the end of the final lesson


11. Interior Design at Century College (Century College)

Interior Design at Century College

Over 2 years, students enrolled in the program can gain a degree, a diploma, or a certificate in Home Furnishing Sales. While it has a fixed cost, students can pay by course credits. The Interior Design course is the most comprehensive and it totals 60 credits.

A typical course over 2 years starts with presentation skills. A design and color course is added as well. Elements of design are where students learn the basics.

Lighting fundamentals is also a mandatory course with 3 credits. Furniture styles and periods is another crucial course to master in interior design. But other unique courses also include sustainable design and residential studio basics.

The strengths of the online course

  • Based on a credits system
  • It takes 2 years to complete the course
  • Various diplomas are awarded at the end
  • Includes 15 courses over the 2 years
  • Offers various financial aids
  • Only requires a computer for completion


12. Interior Design: Foundation Level at UCLA (UCLA Extension)

Interior Design: Foundation Level at UCLA

UCLA needs no further introduction. The university offers this unique certificate with 16 mandatory courses and 2 optional courses. The foundation level certificate program debuts with 2 design communication courses. Lighting communication enjoys a separate course, as many would expect. Digital presentation skills are important in the design world and this is why they have their course on the program.

A deeper look at the history of environmental arts is then taken with 4 dedicated courses. This is where the mandatory courses of the program end. But the digital presentation and elective courses are optional until they are chosen when they become mandatory.

It takes 1.5 years to complete this program with a normal full-time study. However, professionals or any other students who don’t have the time can choose part-time studies as an alternative. This is where they can complete the course at their own pace.

The strengths of the online course

  • Offers a choice between full-time and part-time learning
  • The certificate is awarded by UCLA
  • Allows international enrollment
  • Approved for the international student visa program
  • Doesn’t qualify for federal financial aid
  • Requires the purchase of textbooks


13. Certificate Program in Interior Design and Interior Architecture at UC Berkeley Extension (UC Berkeley Extension)

Certificate Program in Interior Design and Interior Architecture at UC Berkeley Extension

This course focuses on teaching how to create beautiful spaces that are also functional. Manual and digital drawing skills are what students can expect and the quality of the lectures is high as the program is under UC Berkley’s umbrella.

To enroll in the course, all students should hold a bachelor’s degree in any field. This is due to the fact the course has an academic nature. There are 21 mandatory courses split over 57-semester units. 2 to 4 electives are available as well.

At the end of the program, students are awarded a certificate of completion. However, this certificate is only awarded to students with a grade of C or above. Apart from the cost of the course, students should also expect to invest in textbooks, course materials, and the registration fee.

The strengths of the online course:

  • Teaches design principles and design theory
  • Covers CAD training
  • Includes a course on design communication
  • Covers space planning with the included drawing skills
  • Includes a module on construction documentation
  • Principles of sustainability can be chosen as an elective


14. Parsons Strategic Design and Management Ms (The New School)

Parsons Strategic Design and Management Ms

Specifically made for working professionals, this Ms program runs for 2 years under the Faculty of Strategic Design and Management. During the first year of study, there are 5 courses of focus. Strategic design and management in new economies debut the program. Sustainable business models enjoy their separate courses.

Managing creative project teams is one of the unique courses offered by the program. Design innovation and leadership debuts in the spring of the first year of learning. The second year starts with a regulatory and ethics course.

An independent project in design research follows shortly. New design firms and Integrative Studio courses conclude the program. At the end of the program, students can start looking towards careers in business sustainability and service design.

The strengths of the online course:

  • Sustains merit scholarships
  • Split into 4 semesters of learning
  • Based on a total of 36 university credits
  • The comprehensive course doesn’t accept transferable credits
  • Enjoys the help of full-time faculty staff
  • A strong business perspective on interior design


15. Master of Science in Interior Architecture at Chatham University (Chatham University)

Master of Science in Interior Architecture at Chatham University

This program is specifically designed for interior design graduates. Aiming to take their knowledge further, the program helps students research their projects, from an academic perspective.

Even if the program has a strong independent research nature, it still offers mandatory courses 30 credits. Research methods are thought at the beginning of the 1-year course. A quantitative skills course and an elective skills course can be selected further. Interior architecture enjoys its separate course.

During the spring, students learn about academic writing. They also take their issues with interior design architecture further with a separate course. During the summer months, students prepare their final thesis. This is hands down one of the best online interior design courses!

The strengths of the online course:

  • The program has academic recognition
  • Highly tailored towards individual studying
  • Based on a final thesis instead of a final exam
  • Totals 30 academic credits
  • Offers financial aid on merit basis
  • Classes can be taken entirely online


16. How to Use Color Like a Pro (Udemy)

How to Use Color Like a Pro

Next up on my list is a fantastic online interior design course that focuses strongly on color palettes, which is arguably the most important fundamental aspect of interior design.

Starting from this idea, the course takes students on a 2-hour journey in the world of colors and paints. Split into several modules, this course offers step-by-step learning that is easy to follow along with.

As an example, the first lesson of the Color Background module looks at which colors work best for North/ South-facing rooms and aims to create a color scheme for an entire house.

Other modules included in this course are how colors affect moods and how to narrow down paint choices. While this is a more niche-specific course, it is jam-packed with value for those wanting to learn more about color selection.

  • Quick information split into short lessons
  • 6 added downloaded resources on color theory
  • Made by a proven Udemy course creator and interior designer
  • Suitable for home decoration learning
  • Offers a certificate of completion
  • Completed by more than 7,000 students


17. Interior Photography: How to Best Capture Space (Skillshare)

Interior Photography: How to Best Capture Space

Interior photography plays a crucial role in how spaces are presented to clients. Taking a good picture is required when showcasing the best interior designs. This is the main reason why this course is so important for beginners.

It starts with a module on essential gear. Taking up space and framing their shot both get their lessons. Setting up the camera has a dedicated lesson. Students then learn about using a bounce flash and properly setting the white balance. The course concludes with information on vignettes.

The strengths of the online course:

  • Presented by an international photographer
  • Enjoyed by over 2.000 students
  • Suitable for beginners and intermediates in photography
  • Only focuses on indoor photography
  • Shows students how to manually set the white balance
  • Includes examples of real interior design photos

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this guide on online classes within the interior design industry has been helpful for you and steers you in the right direction to your new passion, job, or career.

If you want to upskill further, you can also see some of our standout posts here!