Top 11 Best Online Event Planning Courses & Certificates [Free Guide]

Best Online Event Planning Courses
Best Online Event Planning Courses

If you are looking for the best online event planning courses and training in 2024, you’re in the right place!

With the below courses, students will learn how to plan for weddings, corporate functions, music events, marketing, promotion, venue selection, budgeting, and more.

Also, with many of these classes, students will receive downloadable resources, course projects, and certificates of completion. Let’s get started!

Top 11 Free Best Online Event Planning Courses & Certificates 2024

1. Event Planning: Where To Start (SkillShare)

skill share class event planning

First on my list is a fantastic event planning course that covers it all! It takes students through all the steps of a general event from the planning stage to execution. Most modules are short, averaging only 3 minutes in length which makes it very easy to absorb.

This course is also taught by a current event planner/ manager (Hanna Ashcroft) which gives real-world experience on the event planning process and what to expect.

Some of the lessons included are setting an event budget, finding a venue, thinking about audiovisuals, and equipment rental. The longest module looks at the date and venue of the planned event which can be important as the venue can set the overall mood of an event.

As for the price of this course, it is completely FREE when you signup for the Skillshare 1-month trial. As an added bonus, this trial also gives access to many other event management classes plus 1,000’s more!

  • Nearly 500 enrolled students
  • Includes a final project looking at event venue issues
  • Compares large events with small events such as weddings
  • The course is available through Skillshare
  • Can be followed by 2 extra event planning courses from the same author
  • Made for beginners or those about to host their first event

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2. Marketing For Events: How To Create Sell Out Events (Skillshare)

event planning marketing class

Next up on my list is another standout course hosted on Skillshare that is just over 1 hour long and goes into great detail on the marketing side of promoting an event.

Some of the marketing techniques covered in the class include how to use free social media tools such as Facebook events, Meetup, and Eventbrite resources. It also includes tips for wedding exhibitions all the way to local pub meetings and how to promote events like these by leveraging social media.

As this course is hosted on Skillshare, users get access to a 1-month free trial which allows users to take this course plus many others in the event planning category for essentially nothing!

  • Over 1 hour of learning
  • Split into 7 manageable modules
  • Made by Sue Keogh, an experienced digital marketer
  • Includes behind the scenes information on what makes a great event
  • Suitable for a better understanding of free online marketing techniques
  • Includes information on ticket sales
  • Successful Events: Event Planning, Marketing & Management

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3. Event Planning Foundations (Lynda / LinkedIn Learning)

Event Planning Foundations course online

Next on my list of best online event planning courses is a great pick taught by Valerie Berry that is hosted on (now LinkedIn Learning) that has been taken by over 60,000 students!

This short course is split into 10 manageable modules with a total duration of just 50 minutes. Like the above-mentioned classes, this one too is aimed at beginners or those interested to break into event management.

Some of the core modules of this class include how to properly negotiate a budget for an event and also how to plan a menu on a budget.

Other useful information includes a look at various locations for popular events, organizing transportation to and from the event, and staff management.

Being hosted on LinkedIn Learning, new students get to take advantage of a 1-month FREE trial to get access to this course and 10,000+ more! There’s also an event planning certificate of completion included!

  • Made for beginners, the course has over 60.000 views
  • Planned and presented by an international logistics expert
  • Teaches students how to organize a menu
  • Looks closer at transportation to and from a certain event
  • Succinct presentation based on short modules

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4. Event Planning, Marketing & Management Course (Udemy)

how to create and event training udemy

Next up is a comprehensive online event planning course that is delivered by Alex Genadinik. This class already boasts more than 5,000 students and it is one of the best-selling courses on Udemy.

Some of the elements of this class include information on event staffing, insurance liability, how to track attendance, how to get press coverage for an event, how to plan out all the components of an event, and tons more!

As this course is just over 4 hours in length, there are many more modules that cover the basics all the way to the more detailed components of managing an event.

Overall, this course is easily one of the best online event planning courses available which will advance you in this career path! Just don’t forget to get your event planning certificate of completion upon finishing this course!

  • One of the affordable best-selling courses on Udemy
  • Comprehensive modules with over 4 hours of learning
  • Includes 31 downloadable course resources
  • It offers a certificate of completion
  • Applicable for business events, festivals, IT events, charity, and outdoor events
  • Made by an author with more than 150,000 students


5. The Ultimate Guide to Successful Event Planning (Udemy)

Ultimate Guide to Successful Event Planning udemy

This budget-friendly Udemy course focuses on clients and their role in any event planning business. It teaches students where to find clients and how to keep them with top events regardless of the industry.

With nearly 800 enrolled students, this event planning class offers modules on how to properly set a price for event service, how to work with clients from the inception of an event, how to select venues, mitigate risk, create an event planning timeline, and how to employ design strategies.

In total, this online course is 4 hours in length and also includes 20 additional resources, lifetime access to class materials, and a certificate of completion for event planning!

  • Made with 4 hours of presentations and 20 additional resources
  • Teaches future event planners about event timeline
  • One of the few courses offering information on pricing for an event service
  • Offers information about the importance of high-end clients
  • Teaches students how to create a client welcome package
  • Offers quick guidance about potential careers in event planning


6. Online Class: Event Planning 101 (UniversialClass)

Event Planning 101 online course

Up next on my list is a comprehensive course that also offers a certificate of completion with a unique serial number attributed to each student. Based on points, it allows students to get a final grade which tells them just how ready they are to become successful event planners.

This course also recognizes the importance of various events by their category. It looks into corporate events, weddings, and party celebrations. Most importantly, it leaves students with actionable steps that give them direction on how to start a personal event planning service.

There’s a final test a student needs to pass at the end of the classes. When the exam is passed, a certificate is issued under the Continuing Education Units.

The certificate is also accredited by The International Association for Continuing Education and Training. So for an online event planning course with an accredited certificate, look no further!

  • Based on a points system for each module’s assignments
  • Includes career advice and how to switch careers to event planning
  • Teaches basic marketing skills to apply in event planning
  • Offers a certificate of completion
  • Accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training
  • Over 9 hours of learning included in the modules


7. Certificate Program in Event Management (IEM)

online Certificate Program in Event Management

At $445, this course is one of the most comprehensive (and expensive) on this list. Run by the International Institute for Event Management, this class uses the same self-paced programming seen on most other similar courses.

In total, there are 3 main modules split into sub-modules to study. In the first module, students learn about event managers and the requirements of the job including corporate events and social events.

The second module is all about planning and strategizing from venues to invitations or contracts while also looking at the early stages of an event. Information on risk management is also included in this module.

The third and final module looks at corporate event management. Fundraisers and tradeshows are part of these types of events. Future event planners can also learn how to properly plan a corporate team building event at the end of this module.

  • A comprehensive course focusing on small and corporate events
  • Suitable for career shifts into event managements
  • The course is payable by installments
  • Continuous learning with extra courses in wedding planning on offer
  • The learning platform includes a blog with the latest news in event management
  • The course allows international enrolments


8. Event School Online Event Courses (QCevents)

QC Event School Online Event Courses

There are 4 professional event planning courses on offer at QC Event School. Instead of teaching various types of event planning together, it separates corporate, private, and wedding classes. It also offers a larger event and wedding planning course.

Many of the skills of these courses are transferable. Students can apply similar principles from corporate planning to wedding planning. However, each type of event has its particularities and it can be useful for students to specialize in what they feel is appropriate to their interests.

Advanced courses are also on offer at QC Event School that take a comprehensive dive into the ins and outs of live music events such as concerts or even destination wedding planning. These classes mainly stand out from the rest as they benefit from the guidance of a personal tutor.

  • Includes real-time help from 11 experienced event planners
  • Specialized in various event planning niches and courses
  • All assignments benefit form 1-on-1 feedback
  • The courses can be downloaded to a computer, tablet or smartphone
  • All courses can be paid in monthly installments
  • Certifications are accredited by the Better Business Bureau


9. Learn How To Plan a Great Event (Udemy)

Learn How To Plan a Great Event (Udemy)

Packed with learning materials, the course has a length of 4 hours, on-demand, similar to most other Udemy courses. It allows students to learn at a personal pace. Most importantly, at the end of the course, students can write a convincing event plan.

Priced at only $11.99, the event planning course includes interviews and real-world examples. From the research stages to marketing and promotion, it teaches the basics of what event planners have to deal with.

For example, in the sponsorship module, students can learn a few tricks from a Steven Haines interview. The organizer shares insights on sponsorship deals inside the Stern Grove Festival.

Interestingly, students also learn how to write a proper risk assessment for their events. This is easily one of the best online event planning courses!

  • Includes interviews with popular figures in event management
  • Includes 4 articles and 10 downloadable documents as extra resources
  • Teaches student about risk assessment
  • Includes a module on safety in sports grounds (UK only)
  • Teaches students about various team roles in large-scale events
  • Highlights the major directions of the event industry


10. Writing An Event Marketing Plan (LinkedIn Learning)

writing an event management plan

Writing everything down is a must for proper event planning. This 30-minute course teaches students how to lay down the marketing foundations of an event. It simplifies the process by separating event marketing into 3 main stages.

The course discusses the minimum resources needed to market at the event. As already seen by over 30.000 students, it looks at the basic methods of event promotion. Direct mail or door-drops are techniques that still work in local event marketing. Alternatively, the course includes a few good tips on Facebook marketing techniques.

A few other smaller channels are discussed as well. Students get to learn about SMS marketing and its importance. Corporate events benefit from LinkedIn marketing and there’s a short module covering the topic as well. Twitter and Instagram marketing techniques conclude the important advertising section of the course.

  • Teaches basic marketing principles for small and large-scale events
  • Heavily focuses on online and offline marketing techniques
  • Teaches students how to market an event through e-mail
  • Goes over basic branding principles
  • Includes key points to offer to delegates
  • Mainly suitable for beginners in online event planning marketing

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11. Making Your Event Stand Out From The Crowd Class (Skillshare)

how to plan an event online

Offering a first-hand experience in event marketing, this course focuses on postage and signage marketing techniques. As a basic part of large scale events, creating promotional posters is part of the branding process.

Offering a better perspective into professional events, the course leaves students with a better idea of identity and branding. Students get to learn more about tickets and invitations as well. Brochures, signage, and other merchandise are covered as well. All of these skills are transferable to various types of serious events.

Over 600 students have already completed this Skillshare course. Interestingly, it is a course for all levels. Beginners get a glimpse into the marketing of an event while experienced event planners get to refresh the information they might already know.

To learn more, check out some of the other online classes and training that I have covered.

  • Written and presented by a top illustrator and designer
  • Teaches the basics of event branding
  • Showcases proved methods of creating appealing posters
  • Includes information on how to deal with event merchandise
  • Teaches students how to transfer these offline methods to the online world
  • Includes actionable class projects

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