Learn How To Get The Interview | 30 Accounting Resume Objective Samples!

Screen Shot 2019 11 07 at 15.12.09 pm Learn How To Get The Interview | 30 Accounting Resume Objective Samples!
Accounting Resume Objective

An accounting resume objective statement is one of the lesser-known secrets to expressing your value and interest as an accountant to the potential employer, in a way that gives them a sense of your experience, skills, and desire for applying for the role, in just one or two sentences.

The examples below give you a wide range of accounting resume objective statements that you can use, so take a read-through and notice which ones are the most relevant to your experience and desire to include them on your resume.

This will heighten your chances of employment success. Below this list is an additional list of accounting skills to include on your resume, which will add to the value of your CV when your potential employer reads your well-thought-out resume.

30 Accounting Resume Objective Samples!

Accounting Resume Objective

Example 1: Highly experienced accounting expert looking for a new challenging role at a reputable firm. Bringing more than a decade of expertise to assist with account entries, data recording, compiling and analyzing information, and creating effective systems of data management.

Example 2: Looking for an accountant role with a growing firm to assist with operational systems of modern accounting styles. With a hard-working and inspired attitude, my background of innovative ideas and is shared in recommending policies, procedures, and accounting operations to best suit the firm’s needs.

Example 3: Highly organized accountant seeking a role in a company that values self-motivated workers. Taking my years of experience in administering payroll, managing accounts, recording, compiling, and storing information, and other duties. Enjoys demanding work to meet deadlines and work at high volume with the rewards of being challenged in my role.

Example 4: Well-organised accountant with more than 5 years of dedicated experience in the field of tax accounting. Offers insight into financial reporting, specialized in tax knowledge, additional to being well-versed in regular accounting systems. Loves to strategize in new systems to create more efficient ways of accounting for the company’s benefit.

Example 5: Looking to assist an accounting firm with financial transactions in their business. Bringing accounting experience of auditing documents, maintaining procedures and policies, adjusting journey entries, and preparing tax returns. Seeking to grow my abilities as a top accountant at this stage in my career growth.

Example 6: Seeking a new position as an accountant in a reputable firm. Track record of conducting billing and reconciling leggier statements, as well as administrating payroll accurately and timely.

Example 7: Looking to offer my skills of effective accounting for business in a new position at a growing firm. Takes expertise in controlling expenditure and income to assist with client’s needs of finding the most efficient ways to conduct their business. A customer-oriented approach is taken to the role to also ensure satisfaction with clients and customers of the company.

Example 8: Exceptionally skilled accountant looking for a position at a firm that is open to finding the most effective operations. Taking deep insight from past roles into recommending modern systems of accounting to offer skills of problem-solving, analytical, and critical thinking skills to innovate accounting structures within the firm.

Example 9: Motivated and dedicated accounting seeking a new position in a challenging and busy office environment to demonstrate my multitasking abilities, while maintaining the accuracy of work every time.

Example 10: Highly organized accounting desiring to work with a renowned firm to handle accounting work in accordance with the company’s systems and values. Versatile in the skillset of accounting with years of experience in small and large business accounting. An open and curious mind looking to grow and learn, taking feedback well, and enjoying the process of growth within my work.

Example 11: Talented accounting expert with high-level knowledge of financial reporting systems looking for a new role. Brings skills of analyzing documents, accounts, and transactions, managing financial reporting, and unique data storage systems. Ability to problem-solve and assess current systems to create clear solutions to ineffective strategies.

Example 12: Seeking the position of an accountant at a top firm to assist with finance, general ledger, tax accounting, legal financial documents, and intracompany accounting. Takes more than 5 years of experience in the field to the role to ensure the highest quality work and accuracy every time.

Example 13: Applying for an accounting role to enhance my growth as a top-level accountant with a large company. Experienced in corporate financial reporting, treasury accounting, receivables, employee payment accounting, and legal documentation accounting.

Example 14: Brings exceptional accounting abilities with high volume transactions and complex finances to any accounting role. Looking to obtain employment with a reputable company that seeks an experienced, motivated, and hard-working accountant for the long term in order to enhance the growth of the company and create new and effective systems of operations.

Example 15: Seeking employment with a senior accounting firm to take my accountant expertise to a new level. Loves challenging roles, with self-motivated and highly dedicated energy to carry of financial operations to the highest standard possible. Brings years of accounting experience in different industries and looking to gain new insights and skills to enhance the operations of your company.

Example 16: Wishes to obtain a long-term accounting role with a company that values a strong work ethic and communication skills. Enjoys a team-based environment with the ability to communicate both verbally and written professionally and clearly when it comes to conveying financial information and problem-solving in accounting systems.

Example 17: Applying for the position as a senior accountant to monitor compliance with policies, assess procedures and guidelines, manage funds and maintain internal controls from multi-fund sources, plus more. Interested in the systems of accounting within the firm and how to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of systems for better workflow and outcomes for clients.

Example 18: Talented accountant looking to take solid knowledge of a range of versatile bookkeeping into a new role. Strong attention to detail, enjoyment in multi-tasking, clear and direct communication skills, and experience in a range of accounting roles.

Example 19: Looking to obtain a role as an accountant for a firm that values innovation in accounting. Taking insights into modern accounting techniques with high-level functioning in IT systems and vast knowledge of software and data programs utilized for effective accounting procedures.

Example 20: Desires to obtain accounting position to demonstrate hard-working ability to problem solve and handle complex financial tasks within an office environment. Provides high-quality full-cycle payable assistance for the company’s financial needs in a range of accounting tasks.

Example 21: Experienced accountant seeking employment in a dynamic accounting firm office environment to assist the team with a range of financial tasks. Strong ability to operate IT accounting systems and applications, as well as work with general financial procedures and employment and tax-based accounting.

Example 22: An ambitious individual seeking to assist an accounting firm in obtaining the role of a general accountant. Bringing diverse skills and experience to the job with over 5 years in the field of different accounting firms from small business and individual accounting, to a large company, employment, legal, and corporate financial accounting.

Example 23: Hard-working accounting professional with more than 10 years of experience in the field looking for a new role. Brings an expert level of ability in interpreting, managing, documenting, and storing financial data for large-scale companies. Versatile skill set working with IT software

Example 24: Motivated individual seeking to obtain employment with a firm that demands the highest quality accurate accounting operations every time. Brings strong mathematical skills, as well as deductive reasoning, problem-solving, critical thinking, and attention to deal.

Example 25: Looking to exercise diverse accounting skills in an office environment. Taking to the role a love for challenging tasks to handle complex financial reporting and interpret data from various sources to organize, manage and file accounting information in the most effective procedures.

Example 26: Detail-oriented accountant seeking an opportunity to be employed with a reputable company that seeks an IT expert to take high-level technological understandings to the role. Years of experience using general and complex accounting software and programs.

Example 27: Seeking to obtain accounting role to utilize skills of developed financial interpretation, data management, file storage, and communications between office and client in all financial matters. Friendly, outgoing, and energetic personality assists with the team-based office environment and customer relations.

Example 28: Looking to secure a position in account management, sharing more than 5 years of experience in advanced accounting systems. Also brings abilities of effective communication, critical thinking, and a love for unique problem solving into the role.

Example 29: Seeking to secure a position with a renowned accounting firm to offer high-level expertise and familiarity with industry-standard software and programs to take on budgeting work, payroll, tax accounting, transaction execution, and more.

Example 30: To obtain a valued accounting position where I will be able to demonstrate my skill, experience, knowledge, and desire to learn with a company that will give me an opportunity to develop in my career.

Accounting Skills (additional to Accounting Resume Objective samples)

As well as objective statements, it’s vital to include a list of accounting skills on your resume to demonstrate your specific expertise and what type of skills your experience has afforded you with. 

Below is a list of different accounting skills that employers will be looking for, regardless of the accounting role. Read through the list below and assess which statements are true for your experience and skillset, and include a small list of these skills on your CV. 

This will give you the best chance of success in expressing the value of you as a potential employee in your application.

  1. High level of proficiency in QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, and Ceridian to use in accounting tasks.
  2. Accuracy in work with attention to detail, detecting errors and issues in financial statements and taking problem-solving abilities to rectify issues.
  3. Prepares financial statements of different kinds for senior management.
  4. Strong time-management skills to prioritise with multiple tasks to meet deadlines and work requirements.
  5. Experienced a processing payroll, accounts payable and receivable, and more employment accounting tasks.
  6. High level of cash receipt and card payment understanding, even with companies that have high-volume consumer operations.
  7. Can effectively reconcile complex ledger reports and bank statements, with the ability to detect inconsistencies and rectify problems where needed.
  8. Strong oral communication skills to interact with co-workers, management, clients and customers.
  9. Approaches assignments with a mentality to serve both customers and the company to maintain a balance of outcome for both parties.
  10. Strong understanding of tax reporting and GAAP compliance requirements.
  11. Professional written communication skills and fast typing speed for document creation and internal communications.
  12. Sensitive to confidentiality in files and maintains discretion where needed.
  13. Team-player in working with others to create new systems and structures, whilst co-working on particular assignments.
  14. Available to work long hours and overtime to ensure the projects are completed within desired time frames for clients and customers, where possible.
  15. High level of mathematical skills to cross-check data and financial documents before and after calculations by programs and software.
  16. Organisational abilities to keep personal work on track, additional to overseeing staff and co-workers and assisting with their work projects where needed.
  17. Managing deadlines, workloads, and colleagues with experience in scheduling projects and delegating work.
  18. Methodical approach to problems and use of critical thinking to handle complex issues that arise in data collection, data analytics and file creation. 
  19. Financial forecasting and risk analysis experience.
  20. Meeting and interviewing clients in a professional and friendly manner.
  21. Can provide tax planning services in accordance with current legislation requirements.
  22. Highly experienced in compiling and presenting reports, business plans, budgets, and other financial statements. 
  23. Auditing financial information from different sources to ensure consistency and accurate financial data for different companies and individuals.
  24. An open and curious mind willing to listen, take on feedback and continue to learn for enhancing abilities as an expert accountant.

If you’re looking for even more help and inspiration, check out our in-depth list of accounting resume skills and tips.

Final Thoughts

There are many people in the world working as accountants, and many more graduating every day or looking to find a new role as an accountant in their career growth. To stand out from the crowd when you are applying for your next accounting job, be sure to include an objective statement on your CV. To learn more, check out my guide on the best online Quickbooks courses that you can take for free!